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  1. 27 minutes ago, AxB said:

    Was Rob Lowe the one who got in the controversy about how he tried to make a sex tape (with a bulky, early 90s VHS Camcorder) without telling his sexual partner at the time he was filming it? I know it was one of those Brat Pack lads. It was supposed to ruin his career.

    No, it was far worse. He made a sex tape with two women and one was only 16 while he was in town for the 1988 Democratic Convention. 

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  2. I haven't watched a full NXT show in years before tonight and this show delivered in a big bad way. There was some stuff that made me roll my eyes, but overall it was a great show. Dom vs. Trick was a personal favorite because Dom has become an amazing performer, and Melo vs. Dragunov was fucking great.

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  3. Smackdown was a home run. What a great show! I could go on and on but two things. One, Jimmy Uso has low key become my favorite character. He was kinda floundering for a bit during the Bloodline civil war shit, but now he's awesome as a chaos agent crazy heel.

    Two, the way they weaved in the Lashley/ Profits stuff in the talk show with Rey vs Escobar, one of the best matches I've seen in a long time, was brilliant. It cemented the Profits heel turn while explaining why Escobar forgot about being upset about losing. I was waiting for the heel turn and instead the LWO are strong and cursing in Spanish backstage in the trainer's office. It was so well booked, and the whole show was as well. 

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  4. LA Knight makes more sense. I got fooled by all the " Hey, Rock was on the show last week that did huge numbers from Denver that Johnny didn't take his nephew and his pals to" hype.

    To be honest, is that the best thing Covid has done? It would have been fine if Knight rescued Cena tonight. But it's totally better to end with Cena laid out and eventually Knight is revealed as his new partner.

  5. Just finished the show. I love that they rehabbed Jimmy Uso's  character really quick from the confusion that was the end of the Roman/ Jay match to him being a force of chaos within the Bloodline who's violent and crazy and Solo is down with. 
    And it's gonna be Cena and the Rock vs. Jimmy and Solo at Fastlane, right? 

  6. I'm halfway through the show and just watched Asuka vs. Iyo. That fucking kicked ass. Even the outside interference was just a tiny spot and the knees to the back of Asuka's head into the ropes looked rugged. I yelled "Fuck!" out loud here on the back porch and immediately felt bad for the neighbors because it's 10:45.

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  7. On 9/20/2023 at 7:51 PM, Matt D said:

    That was probably my favorite single episode of any live action Star Wars TV but then I’m of the exact sweet spot age for Ewoks.

    9? You don't have the Benjamin Button do you? ✌️

  8. I hate to see that anyone lose their job. But none of these surprise me. Even Dolph, when I really think about it. I think the only surprise to me would be R Truth. They m sure that's one of Vince's demands.
    I'm more surprised that the rest of Hit Row wasn't let go. Either they see something in Fab and The Adonis or they don't want to fire even more POC in one day? Who can say in this kooky era of firing people just as you make a billion.

  9. I've gone to every WWE and AEW show in Denver or close to Denver for years, and have brought my nephew and his pals to every WWE show here for the last three years . THIS was the one I skipped because I spent ALL my entertainment money for three days at the Dead shows in Boulder this Summer. I couldn't afford to get tickets to the Wrestling. I don't regret that... but right now I'm pissed. I would have loved having the kids be part of that crowd. The Denver wrestling crowd rules and is awesome and I'm so happy to be part of it. 

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  10. I watched Ridley Scott's "Kingdom of Heaven" last night after hearing a recommendation on a podcast I love. I really, really liked it and I had never heard of it. It's got a great cast including Liam Neeson, Orlando Bloom, Jeremy Irons, Brendan Gleeson, Ed Norton, Alexander Siddig, and more. I read a little about it after and now I want to see a director's cut. 

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  11. I've always been a fan of the idea of factions and gangs in wrestling. It just depends on if I care about the people in the factions. This show went full 1997 with Gang Warz about to start. But this time it's with stars, and not DOA and everyone in the Boricuas besides Savio. I'm a Bobby and Profits man, myself.

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  12. 1 hour ago, Curt McGirt said:

    Dude City Gardens is legendary, even had its own documentary made about it. A concrete bunker practically made for hardcore shows. Jon Stewart used to bartend there! And take in mind, Ramones in '89 had nearly outsped the bands that were current, they had cranked the live tempo up to minutes faster of a full set. You experienced quite something there.

    It was awesome. I hate being smashed up in a crowd, so the only spot where I had enough room was all the way to the left in front of the speakers, right by the bathrooms and the door to go outside and get some of that Trenton fresh air. I had to fold my earlobes into my ears and secure them with the bandana I had around my head. Oh, and The Dickies opened, and they were a blast.

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  13. This is all fascinating. I spent my youth at Dead shows and The Wetlands in NYC. The Wetlands scene had its wild moments being right outside the Holland Tunnel in the 90's, but violence wasn't part of it. The threat of violence if you wandered too far away was definitely there. I did go to City Gardens in Trenton to see the Ramones in 89. That was fucking insane. The mosh pit bloodied my pal Court, and my best friend Brad who was a bad mother fucker loved it. " Dude! I punch these motherfuckers and they love it!" That place was legendary. It was the ECW Arena for punk shows, but in an even worse part of town than South Philly.

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  14. 1 hour ago, EVA said:

    During the Elite/BCG 6-man, I couldn’t help noticing how hard Jay and Juice were working Rick Knox to cover for the Elite’s extended teamwork sequences. Details guys.

    That goes to show how good Juice and Jay are.  They worked around the worst ref who doesn't do anything and tried to make sense out of it.

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