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  1. 19 hours ago, Craig H said:

    JR has repeatedly made digs at pronouns before to mock Vince railing against not using pronouns. This was just another instance of that. I’m surprised you all haven’t heard him say that before. That’s why I think he would never go back to work for Vince because he’s always making that dig at him.

    And this time he was doing his Jim Barnett impression . I gotta say, I enjoy old JR in that train wreck way I love awkward announcing.

  2. 4 hours ago, Technico Support said:

    LOOOOL they turned Lacey Evans heel?  Didn't they do a bunch of vignettes about her overcoming a broken home, drugs, and all kinds of adversity?  This company, man. 

    They had to turn her heel. The crowds didn't care about her story and didn't care about her. 

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  3. It totally feels to me that Khan is trying to lean into a little ROH nostalgia for the glory days. Claudio as champ, Briscoes in the Main Event, Nana not only debuting but in charge of an Embassy that comes off as a real threat, and even putting the six man belts on Castle and The Boys who now have names.  And I get it. All of those choices popped me, because I'm one of those old school ROH fans. 
    I do want to see more of The Rightous. I love their take on this Southern Hippie Jesus Freak Cult gimmick. At least that's what I took from it. That one dude does a hell of a Ray Traylor act.

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  4. 1 hour ago, HumanChessgame said:

    I respect Tony's ambition but he's just got too many irons in the fire. It also sounds like he's too concerned with being seen as one of the boys and doesn't want to be the bad guy. Unfortunately being in a position of management means that you occasionally have to do just that as far as letting guys know you don't have the place for them that they want, or maybe not a place at all. Having the backstage atmosphere be a positive place people like to be and giving wrestlers latitude to do what they want comes with the price of people wanting spots on the card or angles that just don't work out for the bigger picture. Avoiding people and hoping they'll just stop showing up when you stop paying them instead of just flat out telling them they're future endeavored isn't a way to run things.

    Tony just needs to put together a committee that shares his vision (providing he has one) for ROH and just step back and concentrate on his other projects. Let them handle the booking and operations and run things by him periodically to sign off or whatever. You've got Sonjay and Daniels there who are well suited to the role and bringing Delirous back is also an option. You know who else I'd bring in for the back end of things? Jimmy Jacobs. He's a veteran who was around for the boom period, was on WWE creative (I don't know what ideas were his, but he obviously knows how to be part of a writing committee) and is a really creative guy. He'd be a good asset backstage.

    Jimmy Jacobs was behind the Jericho/ Owens angle with the Festival Of Friendship, is one thing. 

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  5. 8 minutes ago, HarryArchieGus said:

    Caprice said it in relation to FTR having home field advantage. I was using it as a quote to try and make sense of such a dead crowd. 

    Maybe I'm just high, but that crowd was pretty hot and just had low points. They were quiet during the beginning of the main event cause they knew they had to save it based on the stip.

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  6. Ah, Caprice said that during the main event towards the beginning cause the crowd was tired. That show was hot from the pre show on. Eventually any crowd is going to get burnt out for a bit. It was a shame that it was the Women's title match where they had to work their assess off to get ALL THOSE DUDES in the crowd back alive, was put in the death slot. But who cares? That show fucking ruled!

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  7. 18 minutes ago, odessasteps said:

    You just need to crush some apples, Hodge style, to get the Claw over again. 

    Shit, gimmick an actual baseball to be crushed by a claw and we have Veer's finish that'll make him. He's pretty good so far, and I really like him a lot. And that would work perfectly with his character.

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  8. 10 minutes ago, Craig H said:

    I will never understand why anyone gives a shit what someone charges. It's kind of none of anyone's business to begin with. Also, fuck it, let folks make as much money as they can.

    Right? It's all based on, "Well I wouldn't pay that, so why would someone else?", when that is irrelevant. Get that money while you can.

  9. 4 hours ago, davekool666 said:

    So I was looking at some more wrestling podcasts and found these four, and was wondering if they were worth the download.

    Kliq This with Kevin Nash

    Foley is Pod

    Oh, You Didn't Know?

    Don Muraco.

    I really liked the first ep of the Nash pod.

  10. Main Event was awesome, but the only thing I'd have edited out was the " Is Swerve gonna swerve Lee?" spot in the middle of the match. We've moved on, and it killed the crowd for a second or two. 
    Is Daddy Magic's Cokehead gimmick his impersonation of Tony Khan on Adderal , like he's Mike Myers or Mark McInney doing Lorne?

    I also would have turned off TK's live mic a lot faster than they did as he was jacking it during the main. I can't be the only person who heard that?

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  11. I'm halfway through this show and it's been awesome in all the best ways and bad ways. Hook dressed up like Kid Unabomber about to shoot up a school was a choice.

    Followed by a breaking kayfabe "sandbag" gimmick that no one cares about.

  12. On 7/4/2022 at 7:18 AM, Control said:

    I didn’t know where else to post this, but my “good news” comes from reading the replies to this “journalist”  claiming that legalized marijuana has led to an increase in scromiting:


    As a prodigious enthusiast of scromiting, don't knock it til ya try it.

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  13. I'm so happy I decided to get this show. I'm getting over covid so I figured, "Fuck it. I'll order the show and watch some wrestling here sitting in my recliner." That show blew me away. Off the recliner! Out of nowhere that became one of my favorite shows in a long time.

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  14. On 4/25/2022 at 3:50 PM, BloodyChamp said:

    I’ve never seen either of those shows. Are they on DVD somewhere? 

    They did release a dvd with some of them.

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  15. The best way to ID the racists and misogynists in online Trek Fandom on Twitter is the Sybok test. If someone is fine with Sybok as a shocking new sibling of Spock but hates that Burnham is a shocking new sibling of Spock is a bit of a tell.

  16. On 4/15/2022 at 3:47 PM, Chaos said:

    Yeah, I'm trying to figure out if I can swing Wrigley or Citi Field. There being no Southeast dates really bummed me out. Atlanta is usually a gimme.

    Bobby and Billy both denied it's the last show on Twitter though. I'm a little more worried that Mayer is kind of wanting to focus on solo stuff again because I think they had envisioned D&C turning into a Mayer vehicle once Bobby and crew were done, which a tandem of Mayer/Russo/Oteil/Chimenti/???/??? (Hamilton? Billy Strings? Hartswick? Nicki Bluhm?) would be a fun experiment. 

    Dead and Co this weekend in Boulder were awesome, especially Saturday night. 

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