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  1. Are we counting controllers? I've had rage issues (I have found a plant-based remedy for this though). Without controllers I'm well north of $300, with I'd estimate $500-ish... $600 if we count 360 controllers too.
  2. Cute, i spent that on the ghost edition on 360. Then a standard copy & hdd for a second 360. Then an XB1 copy. Then a ttk edition I gave away as a Christmas gift when Oryx was still a thing. Then there's the dlc, don't get me started on dlc. but my Hunter looks sexy af in that VoG armor though. With the beta only days away, and having not really played in 3 months due to gardening and remodeling my gf's (7 years~!! She quit smoking~!! With chantix ~!! FML+!!) house, i took some time to knock the rust
  3. #triggered HEY I can't argue either point, as I am both of those things. So are all the bunkers the same? Is there a reason not to buy the cheapest one?
  4. I approve this message for Destiny and/or GTA. Anytime Creed... Show has nice trigger control though, i will give him that. I can see that in the pic. I kinda agree about the titans though, sorry Phil. What does bungie do to fix the fist of panic? Make it a roaming super of course. (Also, ward of dawn isn't completely gone. There's a ghost in the machine.) The rest of his "prowess" talk is the speech of a broken man. To quote a legend of the squared-circle: "I break this jabroni back, fuck him in the ass, make him HUMBLE!"
  5. 1:47 deathsinger challenge, 2nd actual attempt from orbit (slimy died immediately on 1st run, Idk how he died that fast), and we only had 5 alive from shriekers on.
  6. How many feet tall is your pile of shame now? Andromeda will barely be six months old
  7. I didn't forget, you just didn't bitch as much here as JT or myself. We were pretty harsh on it. That being said, I still haven't preordered it. I probably will, just for beta access and make my decision after that.
  8. Destiny is now 2.5 years old, it has been one of the most updated games I've ever played. Bungie is constantly taking feedback from the community and trying to fine tune the game to give everyone the best experience possible. The reason people are still playing is because bungie is constantly updating and fixing destiny. The base game still plays and controls great. Yeah, they have fixed updating lol. Sure, they have made mistakes along the way, but there is no perfect game. Can you give me an example of something in the game currently? Or is this loot cave? Wi
  9. I wouldn't go that far Phil, destiny has been out for three years? I've only played about a year and half of that. I've taken a few 6 month vacations from destiny. Kinda torn on actually getting destiny 2 myself. As far as a mmofps goes, I haven't seen anything hold a candle to it, it just handles so beautifully I keep coming back to it.
  10. Fuck that guy. My panic grenade hit the roof then stuck and I followed that up with a panic "jump straight in the air." If he is going to fall for that, he deserves to get punched in the neck a few times. I was killing more and killing faster with the Vision than that sorry sum bitch was. He was worthless other than being a distraction/bullet magnet. I was having fun being a dick blinding people then punching the entire team to death (see B flag on twilight gap). To be fair, I didn't create a titan until skolas was a thing.
  11. Shit, I messed up trying to get a screenshot and hit a double screen grab just so I could send one to you lol. It doesn't work as well anymore after they nerfed it into the ground. Vision of Confluence is the best gun I have again. I've been playing some Iron Banner the last couple days. It was my first real foray into PvP since the 1st iron banner of year 3. I still had not reached rank 5 in year 3...until today. I got both my hunter and titan to maximum rank with Lady Efrideet. This is a video of clips from my hunter. The titan video should be up shor
  12. I have another mythoclast now, fwiw
  13. The Atheon fight boils down to timing, communication and coordination...and liberal use of sleeper simulant, nighthawk golden guns, tether, & a weapons bubble.
  14. Atheon was easier than templar... until I did the relic holder goes left, everbody else right strat. I never got the foil in y1, but I did have a few 'light of the abyss.' Those were way more common than the foil, which it was easier to find a leprechaun riding a unicorn than someone with a praetorian foil. I might have seen 1 drop that I remember out of all the VoG runs i made.
  15. I ended on 5-6 runs through atheon yesterday, the only weapons I didn't get were praedyths revenge, legendary fatebringer, corrective measure mg, and the mythoclast. Final run of the night last night, and damien's 1st 390 atheon kill, the mythoclast of course drops for him. He had never gotten one. I got the titan helmet, Hunter boots, 2 praetorian foil (1st time i got one of those) 2 legendary and 2 adept praedyths timepiece, 2 legendary vision of confluence and 1 adept version, adept fatebringer and 2 atheon's epilogue adept, found verdict, and the hezen vengeance.
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