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  1. I still need to get the tlaloc and the fabien exotics
  2. Scout n shotgun is my bread and butter. Unless im playing shores of time then its scout n sniper and try to hold b and c. But I have the old school hung jury dead orbit used to sell that had firefly and triple tap with max stability. Mida works well too, fwiw.
  3. I think the IB helmets are by far the coolest looking in the game, but I dont have any trials of osiris helms, so I cant be for sure. I do like the trials chest armor I have on my hunter
  4. Hit rank 5 on all characters, got another mg, scout rifle, and a pair of fucking gloves for my hunter....whatever. I got multiple helms to help me get my exotics up to 335...I think im going to do golgoroth tomorrow or late tonight to get that knocked out. Ive got about 350 strange coins saved up and xur didnt sell shit that I need. Didnt use the 3 of coins much at all this week...I think after this run ill be easing into a much more casual play style as well
  5. I agree with WoL, but there is a degree of personal satisfaction I get from shoulder charging someone I cant help but run striker.
  6. Wasnt light level, im 335 on everything now...tripmine nerf was what happened. Im not sure why I was sticking people with fusion grenades and they werent dying
  7. Banner started today, ive already gotten a bond for my warloxk that I needed, a 335 cloak for my hunter (which I infused into my 334 banner cloak) and a couple of scout rifles, one of which had some decent perks, the other at least had explosive rounds. Ive played a few games, crucible doesnt seem to be too broken....well, no more than its always been JT. You know how it is with weapons n shit, there is always a flavor of the month...first it was ARs, then thorn, then pulse rifles, now auto rifles are usable again. Theres always going to be lag when the connection is peeer to peer and not d
  8. Had tostart a 2nd one to finish bounties...im very much hurr dur durr today, no coffee yet on ,5 hrs sleep. Sorry for spamming board
  9. Oh yeah, we ended up going something like 4 wins 5 losses. First time ive completed a card
  10. Yesterday was a big crucible day for me, got the weekly crucible bounties done on my hunter and warlock and completed the trials of osiris bounties on my warlock. Thats my first real attempt at trials. I am not a fan. it gave me very shitty pulse rifle with a shitty roll for the gold tier. Gotba patience n time from the weekly bounty on my warlock, and a satire....satiriene rapier? From the crucible rank package. Decent roll on that. Trials can go (eat a bag o ' dicks) kick rocks.
  11. Get a one, you will like it. Right now I have a pretty good group of people playing it.
  12. 49 calcified fragments found on my hunter, just needing the golgoroth challenge mode
  13. At 250 you should be fine for heroic strikes.
  14. Do the heroic strikes, they have matchmaking. And buy as many three of coins as you can from xur tomorrow, Chaos
  15. Shit happens so much, and I hate lfg for it. Sometimes though, you fall into a group that can actually do shit and kill shit. About three weeks ago I lucked into a group where we didnt wipe until oryx and only wiped I think 3 times total doing the oryx challenge mode. We fucked off for an hour last night trying to get it done, detonated all 16 bombs and oryx no sold it and kicked us in the dick fbefore I finally had enough and tapped out. Tonight we dropped in and that prick to one and done his ass. Not even so much as a $10 spot on the dresser for a cab to saturn, his bitch ass is still o
  16. So much coe completed today, all three characters with 3-4 exotics, one of which was a 335 truth, to infuse into my 334 truth. Also got the dark drinker so I have all 3 exotic swords at last. Finally got damien through the hard raid, and I got the hunter harrowed [email protected] 335 to unlock the shader, which looks kinda cool. Didnt get anything good, another lucky raspberry that will go into something somewhere. Also got a totems cp so probably gonna hit it up again tomrrow with slimyelbow who finally got another xb1
  17. Eh, not really. Im kind of immune to the bs from bungie by now. As far as how its playing on xbox, same as ever good and bad. Ive got some buddies that said they did the oryx challenge mode last night and didnt get shit. Today we detonated all 16 bombs on his ass and he no sold it, then hulked up and made a comeback, big boot and leg dropped us. Thats kinda normal shit, I suspect someone didn't kill their knight, but im the guy holding down 3 and one side of the map usually by myself. Also, I caused a wipe once due to a crude joke. Damien was bragging about his m
  18. I did too, and kinda disappointed that it wasnt. I totally work blue though
  19. Being able to select the missions on heroic difficulty is a nice feature. The last time the spindle mission was the daily I ran it a few times to help DVDR clan members Damien Death69 and InlineStang66 a spindle and also thejim a spindle as well, but where I already had gotten one on my hunter, I didnt get one for him (i infused it into my beast 1000 yard stare back when they were dropping at 310). I did pick one up for my warlock though.
  20. One more thing, Paradox is the daily heroic, so if you want the No Time to Explain exotic, today is the day to collect those ghosts and kick some taken in the dick in the vault of glass. There are plenty of youtube videos out there on what to do and where to look for stuff.
  21. .Cleaned up what ghosts I can get, I only have one left, and thats in the ps exclusive strike on venus. I was missing two in the summoning pits, so I started the malok strike and got those pretty quick, another was on a light in the circle of bones and one in ... fuck I cant remember. Qnyway I luckily had a save on the black garden and the ghost I was missing on mars proper was grabbed in about 45 seconds. The last one was on Phobos and damn its been a while since ive watched those cutscenes.I forgot how long they were, I had enough time to take my morning constitutional after a sip of coff
  22. I need the golgoroth challenge mode fragment...im not sure if ive collected 49 fragments on one character...and it looks like there are 4 ghosts on the moon I havent picked up either.
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