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  1. Actually theres a tad bit more to it. They brought back a bunch of weapons and accessories. They eliminated the Tact Shottie, reg smg and rapid fire smg and a few misc. Brought in a scopped assault rifle, tactical smg, supressed smg, pump shotgun, combat shotgun, disco ball, shockwave grenade launcher. Plus when the bus takes off, jets fly under and land in random spots. Each onr is guarded and they have new highgraded weapons and each jet location has a special superpower you can use throughout the game.
  2. I can second that, regarding XBox games at Dollar Tree. I dont remember what titles, but I saw three different games, but its a YMMV thing. One dollar tree in PA had a bunch of new dvds and the games, but another had nothing. Not the right thread, but theres also wrestling dvds in the recent shipment at DT. Got ESPN 30 for 30 Doc on Flair, Survivor Series '13 and the Summerslam where Daniel Bryan returned against Nexus
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