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  1. Bare bones show, with most on their way to Hawaii. It shows.
  2. Good show, Nia Jax did a good job of hanging with Asuka, and Balor losing to Samoa Joe again pretty much kills that program. Meltzer said the two guys with Ellering were Selmani and Dhinsa, MMA guys I think. The Asention 2.0?
  3. knocking Ali, talk about cheap heat.
  4. Meltzer says Smackdown starts going live July 19th, with a brand split before that. They're finally starting to do something with the show, I hope it lasts this time.
  5. That was a strange stretch near the end, they brought in Rollins just for that?
  6. Sounds like a good full show, wonder what happened in the Dana Brook match.
  7. Flair had another meltdown at the Boston airport, TMZ has a story on it, the pics are sad. He started bleeding, I guess like he did at the announce desk monday. http://www.tmz.com/2016/04/27/ric-flair-airport-drunk-cops-cut-hand/?adid=tmzdaily_eme_1_2016-04-27_s2
  8. From Meltzer's spoilers: In a match missing from Main Event, Titus O'Neil beat Tyler Breeze, Titus making his return. A Cody chant broke out during the Stardust match. A anti smoking ad aired featuring Titus & Ziggler Dark march: Ambrose beat Owens.
  9. Not a bad show considering most of the crew is on it's way to Europe.
  10. I assume it'll be a mostly update all the angles show.
  11. During Main Event, Ryder defeats Stardust with a top rope elbow drop. The big Ryder push has begun. Maybe? Okay smackdown I guess, Ambrose not getting any heat on Lesnar may indicate he's winning at Mania.
  12. AJ gets attacked by the Ascension? I hope they're not turning the Miz again.
  13. More interested in the women's match on Main Event. Wonder how they'll play off the ending of the Ownens/Ambrose match.
  14. Poor Jimmy Uso, but the rest sounds entertaining.
  15. I think they're put Owens and Ambrose together, I don't see Ambrose at the top and neither does Vince. Meltzer has been saying for the longest time, Reigns needs a manager someone to talk for him, because he cannot. And who knows what will happen if some of the injured manage to return, Orton, Cena, Rollins.
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