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  1. Anyone know if Claudio/Kingston REALLY have heat? Or is that just silly?

    Well, aside from the weird Switchbalde win, that was the best show in a long long time.

    Mox bleeds because.... why not?

    Shibata poses with Orange.

    Taz was pretty damn golden the entire night.

    JR complains when the story line for the US Title is being explained.



    What a top to bottom amazing card.

    Pre show was really good at well.


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  2. re: Yuta's size. He was on a PWX show here in NC I went too. Athletic guy, but short of 6 foot and lean and thin. New gear would work for him, but he's got skinny legs.


    Props to the camera team of this weeks Rampage helping to make me forget that table was there for the ending of Adam and Adam. I totally forgot about it and legit was surprised.


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  3. Was also at the show - didn’t think the crowd was any less quiet than the two AEW shows I’ve been to in Charlotte. 
    It was my first time at this building and I hope they come back because there isn’t many bad seats. I had a seat camera side behind the production stuff and could hear the trash talking in the ring, so, super close for a great priced ticket. 

    Some jerk was cat calling during the Shida/Deeb match. He got a great “shut the fuck up” from another fan. 

    Weird moment happened in the crowd during the Punk match. Some random older fella in a purple generic Lucha mask was standing directly in the aisle in front of me (I had the seat closest to the aisle in my row). Homie is just standing there directly in front of me. I’m tallish so I hate standing up at these shows because I know I’m blocking someone so I asked the guy to move. He realizes he is blocking me, apologies and gives me a fist bump. He moves to the side. Now blocking others. Just standing there in the aisle. I hear the guy behind me ask the person he was with if she could see to which she said yes but the person next to them couldn’t. Old Lucha man was closest to me so I asked him again to move. Told him he was blocking people. He said, it’s ok. Don’t worry. I asked him again to move and he replies, “I’m part of the show.” And then ignored me. 
    Went and got security and the guy left. So weird. 

    Speaking of weird. Was the dude with the box on his head on camera? Front row to the right side of the ring? During Rampage some fans my side were yelling at him like it was Kip Sabian but could have sworn it wasn’t?

    Dark main event was awesome. Luchasauraus was waaaaay over. Just a fun Match. 

    Casual fans near me were confused who was who in the Sammy/Garcia match, didn’t help their gear was similar .

    Adam Cole is so damn over.

    Kyle O Reilly does littlE things so so well  love him on the outside.


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  4. 2 minutes ago, Raziel said:

    That was a really good pro-wrestling show. 

    Danielson and Miro went out and had an actual King's Road match in the year 2021 holy shit

    Everything on the show delievered at minimum.  The Trios and Atomicos matches way over delievered.


    However... Lethal is not a popular signing, and that pretty much seals that Marty is gonna show up sooner rather than later.

    Did Lethal have a “me too” issue also?

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  5. 15 hours ago, matt925 said:

    I’m gonna see him at west coast pro on Friday, and gonna get there early to meet him. Was he selling shirts or other merch, or just there to meet n greet?

    Photo and a pre signed autograph of a beyond gorilla photo. 

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  6. Minoru Suzuki was on the PWX show tonight in NC. Lance Archer v J D Drake was on the show, as well as Robbie Eagles. Killer Kelly was advertised and did a meet and greet but wasn’t cleared to wrestle. 

    Show was fantastic. Kazi ne nari live is amazing. I got a photo with Suzuki. Life is good. 

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  7. Cole is such a dick. Everyone knows it, but even seeing him in the ring with Kenny, it was never gonna happen for Cole in the main roster. Great move for him. 

    Can’t wait for Mox to finish his NJPW summer and get back to his comment about all these outsiders showing up and confronting them. 

    eddie needs an immediate rematch. 

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  8. Well that was an incredible show. Tag was insane. Wish Eddie won but was protected. Mox fighting outsiders is amazing. Kazi ne nari was nailed. Orange Cassidy gets fired up. Britt hits Panama Sunrise. Fantastic main and punk looked fantastic too. And double debuts. Amazing. All the stars. 

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  9. 6 hours ago, peterien said:

    Seeing that dork Brock Lesnar Guy or whatever his fucking name is and frank the clown almost ruined it for me. Almost. 

    Great to see Punk back, he looks rejuvenated.

    Hah, every time I see Brock Lesnar guy i'm annoyed. How the hell does he get those tickets? Where was Frank the Clown?

    This was great!

    We want Dragon!

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  10. 54 minutes ago, Phantom Lord said:

    That was a good show. But the main event kinda made me wonder what is the limit. It got a little hard to watch. But deathmatch stuff was never really my cup of tea. I honestly think they should have saved Gage for last with Jericho. The hardest/most sadistic labor of them all.

    Aside from that, I thought it was good show. I hope Dash didn't break his arm in a horrific way in the match against Santana/Ortiz. 

    Dash had a good cut on his forearm. Maybe a gash. 

  11. Crowd was on fire the whole show (was there). Dark order is over huge. Everyone was super bummed when Page took the fall. 

    Cody got booed. 

    dax was cut pretty good but didn’t seem like it was super serious. They checked every turnbuckle after. 

    main was nuts. Huge MDK chants live. Jericho gave gage a lot and that was wild. What a great show to see live. 
    the floor seats to the right of the hard camera had at least 10-15 more rows added than the last time they were here. I sat there last time and there was a pretty big gap back there. This time it was chairs almost to the wall. 

    oh. Huge pop for tanahashi and then Mox calling bullshit on his challenges 

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