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  1. 50 minutes ago, Casey said:

    I’m pretty sure Punk quit WWE, and wasn’t “pushed out”, but go off king.

    Why did he quit though?

    He and Vince/Hunter clashed over his booking. They told him to do business or walk. It was an ultimatum.

    The point I was making is that his leaving WWE was because of backstage issues related to how he and his friends were booked. Now it appears the same issue is coming up in AEW with Khan/Elite subbing in for Vince/Hunter.

    If it's a work it's a poor one as it makes Punk look like the whiny, unprofessional loser WWE always said he was.
    If it's a shoot then Punk needs a good slap but I fear the Tony loves the Pipebomb era Punk too much to do anything about it.

  2. IF IT'S A WORK then they fucked up choosing Punk as the one to call out Hangman and the Elite.

    MJF would be the perfect guy to sit there as champ and say "Fuck the cool kids for not letting me in and fucking with my money/contract." It plays into his thinking he's the biggest star in AEW but also rings a lot more true because he's an AEW guy.

    Like it or love it, Punks persona will forever be tied to being pushed out of WWE for not wanting to do business their way. At the time we sided with him. We wanted justice for the 'indy darlings'.

    Having him bitch and moan about backstage shit in AEW turns this from a one time issue with Vince/Hunter into a pattern of behaviour. It makes it look like he took his ball and went home and didn't come back for 7 years because he wasn't going to get his way in any relevant promotion.

    IF THIS IS A WORK it's a terrible one because in a post kayfabe world we want/understand that harmony in a workplace is important. We want these guys to be able to go to work and enjoy themselves. It's the literal reason so many of us were happy these guys got out from under Vince.

    It wasn't about being world champions, it was about being able to perform with their own creative flair.

    There's been spot fires here and there backstage with AEW but now it feels there is a very clear divide forming between "Punk's guys" and "The Elite & Co".

    NOBODY wants an AEW Civil War storyline. We do not need to go down the path of a "WWE Guys" stable and re-hash of the fucking nWo... again.

    IF IT'S NOT A WORK then Punk should be flat on his back at Grand Slam dropping the title. Put MJF over and fuck off for a bit to work out what the hell he's doing. Be part of the team or take your ball and go home again. AEW was fine before you got here, it'll be fine after you're gone.

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  3. 7 hours ago, Curt McGirt said:

    Awwww I just thought of something sad. Brody and Buddy are like the Butcher and the Blade on steroids. It's not fair. 

    These 4 would actually be a sweet midcard stable.

    It would give us Bunny & Julia Hart in the eventual Women's Tag Title tourney as well.

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  4. 12 minutes ago, Chaos said:

    Random tweet that has some of it. 


    What an absolute bitch.

    I'm sure he sells plenty of merch but the honeymoon period is well and truly over with this guy in my eyes. I was ecstatic to have him back but he's no better than Hogan and Hunter when it comes to backstage politics and without someone to reign him in all his worst traits are showing.

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  5. 2 hours ago, EVA said:

    I love that he’s actually gotten the seatbelt over as a finish. Crowd went up for it.

    The day that he pins Moxley with it for the Title will be huge.

    The day that P-P-P-Powerhouse Hobbs becomes the first man to kick out of it will also be huge.

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  6. I'm all for people getting paid.
    I'm all for multiple promotions having multiple titles.

    If I'm watching AEW though, why is Claudio defending the ROH World Title on Rampage? Why is Dustin Rhodes wanting this title and not the actual AEW World Title? Are they equivalent in terms of pay and status? If the ROH Titles are that highly regarded then why aren't the Tag, Pure, Women's and TV titles being highlighted?

    Having 15 titles doesn't make these matches more interesting or prestigious. If anything it makes them more predictable. Dustin was never winning that match. Take out the title though and there's a chance he could have upset Claudio to start a program.

    In the last 12 months we introduced the TBS, AA and Trios titles to the AEW roster, as well as all the ROH Titles AND the AAA/NJPW Titles floating in and out.

    It was cool when Kenny was the Belt Collecter, building himself up as THE World Champion in North America. It dilutes things (IMO) when you have Mox and Claudio both claiming to be World Champion, Wardlow/Joe/Yuta/PAC/Hook all holding midcard titles, Multiple sets of tag titles from multiple promotions, Multiple women's titles... And this is all before you get to the 'Interim Champion' debate.

    I keep saying it but the ROH stuff needs to be confined to Dark. Turn that into the ROH Show, clarify the roster split, and keep everything clear. Then when you do Battle of the Belts every 6 months it actually has a purpose with the ROH guys being highlighted vs their AEW counterparts.

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  7. I hate the Saudi shows for obvious reasons but if you are going to take their money to book 60yo guys from the 90s/early 00s then just treat that show like it's non-canon and move on.

    With NXT UK evolving into NXT Europe, I wonder if the Steph/HHH era of WWE might be looking to invest in that global expansion we read about years ago?

    We might see NXT APAC, NXT South America, NXT Middle East, NXT Africa etc

  8. 12 hours ago, Log said:

    I heard that CM Punk was mean to Hangman and Hangman was mad but also Hangman said a mean thing to Punk and punk was mad and that’s why he said the other mean thing and that MJF left and that he’s mad and CM Punk made Colt Cabana disappear and CM Punk is leaving and that Principal Skinner and Ms Crabapple were in the closet making babies and I saw one of the babies and the baby looked at me. 

    I heard that Hangman said Punk would crack any minute purple monkey dishwasher.


    Whadaya mean the Khan's are out of money? 
    They only have enough money for the next 3 signings!?!

    TK: I... I don't have your money. It's in Punk's house a..aaand Jericho's house!!

    Eddie Kingston: What the hell is MY money doin' in YOUR house Chris?!? * URAKEN *

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  9. 2 hours ago, Krone Meltzer said:

    You know, it would be really ironic if the guy (CM Punk) who's whole mission statement upon debuting was about the fresh young new stars AEW had that he couldn't wait to work with. 


    Punk has become everything he hated back in WWE.

    In his first year he's gone over young/fresh talent in Darby, Kingston, MJF & Page and then had a couple months off without dropping the strap.

    He's a part time, special attraction, guy. He doesn't need the belt to have an impact.

    Compare that to Danielson and it's absolutely night and day.

    Let's be real, the pipebomb wasn't about getting more opportunity for young talent. It was Punk being pissed off that he wasn't the main event.

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  10. I'm gonna go against the grain here: I didn't like tonight's show overall.

    Danielson v Garcia was epic and I love the tease in the aftermath.

    Outside of that though I felt kinda... meh.

    Kenny's return is huge but he looked pretty beat up. I know it's more on me but I couldnt tell if this was worked and so I spent the whole match feeling like he'd come back too early and shouldn't be in the ring.

    Also the more I watch AEW, the more their rushed production really bothers me.

    Having everyone in the booth talk over each other, JR missing about 6 different story beats the other guys were setting up, Excalibur blasting through the "coming up tonight/next week" stuff four times in 10.2 seconds...

    Is Punk meant to be heel now?

    How do you miss the belt shot in the main event?

    How do you miss the aftermath in the main event?

    I was forgiving at first but AEW's been around long enough to improve. They are clearly settling for a standard here and, for as good as the in ring product is with AEW, their production team really lets them down.


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  11. 6 hours ago, Craig H said:

    Ending Roman's, uh, reign before WM seems stupid on so many levels.

    As someone cautiously dipping their toe back into WWE again, I want him to hold onto both titles until WM and only lose them to Cody or Bron, preferably Cody. WM is the best stage to put someone over huge and make a huge star. While you could argue that Cody already is a huge star, I think it would still mean a ton to put him over at WM. For someone like Bron though, there's a lot of ifs. I think he needs to be hot out of the gate on Raw or SmackDown, do something huge like winning the Royal Rumble, and continue being hot until WM. That's a lot to ask for someone who is currently an NXT guy, but I also think it's doable.

    The last thing I want is Roman vs the Rock.

    Are they splitting the titles or is the unification permanent?

    I could see them splitting the titles off to Drew (Universal) and Seth (WWE), with Seth defending against Royal Rumble winner Cody Rhodes.

  12. 22 hours ago, Curt McGirt said:

    Just came up with a silly little fantasy booking idea to get reps in for the women: Have them feud with the Knockouts on both Impact and the AEW shows. A little interpromotional feuding never hurt anybody and you are gonna get way better matches with the honestly better talent on the other side. 

    That's actually a brilliant idea.

    It would open up a whole new avenue for Jade to continue the streak as well.

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  13. 1 hour ago, Jiji said:

    And btw I fucking love AEW. I just wish it did some things better, the women's division is a serious one for me and many others. 

    I actually think that if they swapped the TBS and World titles the women's division would be pretty damn good.

    Rosa has either been hurt, mailed it in, or actively stiffed/injured people in her matches and shouldn't be held up as the top of the division any more. Having her, Storm, Hayter and Britt fighting over the TBS title would be fine though.

    Then you have Jade as the Women's champion, telling Tony to go and sign all the new talent he can. She's already steamrolled most of the current AEW women's roster so now, as the champ, she wants to test herself against the best in the world and also send them immediately to the back of the line when they arrive.

    Meanwhile, you have Kris Statlander hanging in the background rebuilding herself to finally get a shot at Jade. Maybe for the match that would send Jade to 50-0? Or have Jade go 50-0 and then look to make Kris her "Imma go 1 better than Money Mayweather" match?

    Ruby needs to find a partner to help fight TayJay as well.

    There's 3 decent women's angles all going on at once. All the pieces and stories are there. I just think the focus is on the wrong title holder in terms of importance.

    Jade > Rosa

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  14. 6 minutes ago, The Natural said:

    Thinking about life and there's times you don't know what will happen down the line. Hindsight is a wonderful thing so the saying goes but I don't think so as you may have chosen wrongly and regret doing so.

    At the start of 2022, we'd never have thought Vince McMahon would go. Now knowing that, what would have happened to wrestlers who were fired? Letting William Regal go was such a fucking stupid decision. Regal can do it all: wrestle, teach, commentate, face, heel, manager, comedy, authority figure etc. If AEW didn't snap him up, you'd have thought he'd be one of Triple H's key figures.

    TAFKA Cesaro, would he have finally got a big push under Trips and won the world titles wrongly denied to him by Vince McMahon? I'd like to think he would but that's potential naivety on my part.

    Would Adam Cole/Kyle O'Reilly/Bobby Fish stayed knowing in less than a year that Vince McMahon was gone? Probably.

    We live in a very different wrestling bubble if, instead of NXT 2.0, Vince decides to walk away.

    It'll be fascinating to see how AEW handles things if/when people genuinely ask for their release because they have great relationships with Triple H/Cody.

    I could see Miro and Lana going back and getting a massive world title/main event push.

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  15. Give me Statlander vs Skye Blue (or equivalent) to start her build towards taking the AEW Women's title.

    EDIT: Assuming that's actually her direction. I wonder if Kris and Athena might actually butt heads for the TNT Title first...

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