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  1. 1 hour ago, TheVileOne said:

    I'm hesitant to say that Saraya was a bad signing after things worked out with Sting, so we'll see. Bobby Fish and Tony Nese were bad signings. 

    Nese has been fine as a low card heel that can get competitively beaten up.

    Fish got signed to help get KOR and Cole signed.

    I think the 'bad' signings were locking in all of Miro, Black, Andrade, Cole, Lee & Swerve with no real plans for them outside of Cole doing the "Elite vs UE" which won't happen now.

    The roster is absolutely stacked which is awesome from an in ring POV but it means we end up in situations like FTR or Darby/Sting kind of... floating around... And feeling aimless.

    How they haven't had FTR smash through and win the titles again,  while they hold all the gold, is beyond me.

    All it takes is AAA or NJPW to say "hey we want our belts back" and you miss the opportunity.

    I love that AEW has put a legit #2 option into the western/US market but Tony needs help planning this shit out so that there's clear progression for more characters and that the 'moments' actually stick rather than being lost as he goes onto the next project.


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  2. 1 hour ago, The Great ML said:

    I never understood Paige’s gimmick. She sideskips down the ramp and yells, “this is my house.”

    How revolutionary.

    She started as the "Anti Diva" and then never had to evolve because the NXT mutants got hold of her.

    As soon as she turned 21 she was on the main roster, being pushed as the face of the 'Women's Revolution' tm.

    Then the Horsewomen, Asuka, Shayna and Ember came along and just blew her out if the water workrate wise.

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  3. 6 hours ago, Eivion said:

    Decent personality as heel but better in the ring as a face. Was never especially good in either category, just average-solid. Kind of always thought people rated her highly more because she was a second gen female wrestler coming up from the indies. People tended to rate indy women higher than WWE divas regardless of how good or bad they were back then. Nattie got similar love initially only for people to eventually realize she was kind of mediocre though she has been generally solid the past few years. Saraya never overstayed her welcome like Nattie due to injury so she was less exposed when the NXT horsewomen and Asuka came up.

    She was also a pale, raven haired kid, in a locker room full of tan, blonde, fitness models.

    The NXT crowd ADORED her and that probably saw her get a push up the card and onto the main roster waaaay ahead of time.

    Put her in NXT during the Bayley-Asuka-Baszler run and she's lost in the shuffle.

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  4. Jericho stooging as the ROH champion is exactly where I wanted the JAS to be. Low-mid card comedy stuff that just gets under people's skin.

    Happy for the Acclaimed. Should have won after the boom box - Blockbuster - Mic Drop spot. What happened to Caster there? Did he fall or did Swerve push him and the production team missed it?

    Main event was... fine. The Death Rider is anything but these days. It's a Butterfly suplex and not a very good one. Stick to the Mick Foley DDT Jon.

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  5. 11 hours ago, madl said:

    I haven’t thought JR was at the top of his game since….. I dunno, early days of JR/King, probably before.  But, I still feel like the AEW hate is overblown and kind of obnoxious, so I’m hoping he somehow manages to stay in the booth another ten years or so.  

    It's only been the last couple of months for me TBH.

    But when Ford licked Willow's face you had the team all expressing varying levels of disgust/shock and then JRs sitting there mocking them screaming "She licked her face. She licked her face!" in the most obnoxious voice.

    It's almost like he hates being there at times.

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  6. 46 minutes ago, Greggulator said:

    So one of the things with something like the Athena stuff:

    When something like that happens, is it Athena’s fault for not selling? Or is it the opponent’s fault for not thinking in advance about what body part to “injure” when you consider the other person’s moveset? Why try and work on someone’s knee if the face’s offense are things like a springboard or a knee strike?

    It feels a lot easier for a heel to attack a limb like a shoulder where you can still do a lot of  nasty work then have a face change their moves? 

    It's a fine line isn't it?

    It felt like Deeb/Baker had a run down of the story - Injure Athena as the FIP, hot tag to Storm followed by Baker/Deeb cheating to win and the Hayter spot post match.

    I can see a case for what you're saying but, specific to this match, someone as intelligent as Deeb should be working the leg specifically to take away Athena's move-set.

    "Grounding the high flyer" isn't a hard concept to grasp but when matches are called on the fly more often than not, it can lead to some weird interactions.

    It really goes back to an issue that I think is greater than some wonky spots/selling/logic and that is AEWs continued issues with production and polish.

    WWE would book that match to the nth degree and it would feel a little hollow. We could all basically call the spots and theory of the match coming.

    AEW though are so... I want to say 'in the moment' that there's no consideration for something as small as "I shouldn't use springboards & knee strikes after having my leg worked".

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  7. Most of the show felt like a bit of a slog but that main event was some great pro-wrestling.

    Great story telling with Jericho just being that step slower, that slight % weaker, that little bit desperate.

    Compare that to the women's tag where Athena had her leg worked on to open, then hit a springboard off the second rope and made the hot tag following a Meteora knee strike...

    Also was the crowd just not there for this show? Even my wife commented on how quiet the show was compared to normal. Is this an Albany thing liked steamed hams?

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  8. 21 hours ago, The Natural said:


    I just hope there isn't a swerve that Garcia helps Jericho win. I don't think that will happen as I think it leads to Garcia vs. Jericho. I just really want Danielson as AEW World Champion but I've got a feeling Khan will put it on Moxley who doesn't need it. Put the top title on the best talent you have in Danielson and give the belt stability.

    We all dance around this but if stability is what they want then Danielson ain't it. He's one bad bump away from giving us another Interim Champion.

    I thought this was the perfect chance to crown Darby and really put the focus back on 'AEW Guys' with a program between him and MJF following Full Gear.

    Now I think we get Mox cementing himself as AEW's 'Top Guy' leading to MJF taking the title at Full Gear.

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  9. 8 hours ago, The Natural said:


    Like the blend of the two eras.

    Just needs the skulls.

    I kid.

    Sugar Skulls as a compromise?

    Hunter gets his metal/death motif but we keep the colourful feel and put a greater focus on luchadores for a year.

    Then we rebrand again but instead of 'skulls' we get 'skols' and a year of Scandanavian bear fighters throwing bombs at each other ala Steiner v Goldberg.

    Theeeeeen we go from 'skols' to 'skills' and it's a year of NXT 'Pure' rules with the best technical grapplers the world has to offer.


  10. 6 hours ago, porksweats said:

    Ideal world - Facing 

    Reality - Teaming

    Darby, Sting & Muto v Pullman Jnr, Anderson Jnr & "A Mystery Partner"

    Bell rings and Muto IMMEDIATELY mists Sting in the face, leaving Darby 1 on 3.

    Sting makes the big heroic return, hot tag, pins Pillman to send the crowd home happy.

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  11. AEW should bring back "Spin the Wheel" for a TV special every now and then.

    They have a roster that loves to ad lib and work without restriction so having them get a match stip right before walking through the curtain would be awesome. If they don't want to risk that then you spin the wheel on Dynamite for the match on Rampage.

    Just don't rig the wheel like WWE did. If it means we end up with a random Toni Storm v Bunny barbedwire tables match, or FTR v The Acclaimed in a Davey Richards on a pole match, then so be it.

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  12. 2 minutes ago, The Natural said:

    I understand holding the AEW World Tag Team Championship change for Grand Slam Dynamite 2022. I'd have called the audible and put it on the Acclaimed while the match was happening vs. Swerve in our Glory at All Out 2022.

    It would have been huge but I don't think anyone could have seen that coming.

    I honestly think it was meant to just be a one and done match but the reaction means a pivot to a short feud and The Acclaimed getting a run.

    Full credit to Swerve and Lee for embracing the heel turn as well. Can we use this to change their team name to "Strick-Lee Business" now?

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  13. Fuck it.

    Allin beats Sammy.
    Danielson beats Jericho
    MJF costs Mox

    At Grand Slam Darby wins the World Title (because unlike Punk, Danielson puts people over) and we have Mox/Kingston MDK'ing Jericho/Sammy with Eddie finally getting Jericho to tap out. MJF watches on from a sky box and we build to him v Mox at Full Gear.

    MJF goes over and we get a great build for the World Title between two AEW 'Pillars'. MJF can even pull the 'You wouldn't have that belt if it wasn't for me' promo. Him taking out Sting backstage would be huge heat as well.

    I know people will want Bryan as champion but I love the idea of him always falling just a breath short and not winning the AEW Title until he's right at the end of his run.

    "You don't put the title on Andre" and all that.

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  14. I want a Buddy/Brodie/Julia v Butcher/Blade/Bunny feud that ends in a 6 person lights out match.

    The following Dynamite they all do the handshake of mutual respect end turn into a super group - Brodie as the leader and occasional World Title contender, Buddy the midcard guy putting on bangers for the TNT or AA titles, Butcher and Blade as the tag team with Bunny and Julia ending up in the Women's Tag Title Tourney that's going to come along sooner or later.


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  15. **Cold open...**

    Yo... Yo... Listen...

    Acclaimed comin' out here to spit to you

    What's legit 

    CM Punk didn't get fired 

    Nah, he just straight up quit. 

    Started pickin' fights 

    And then tried to run away 

    The next place you'll see him 

    Is curtain jerkin' TNA 

    It's time to put the strap 

    On a homie with some real fame 

    Ya main event tonight 

    For the title






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  16. 5 hours ago, Jiji said:

    I mean MJF and Caster will likely say something. Cranky Jericho and Mox may make a comment about it as well having to come in on their week off. 


    The media reporters layin' out
    All the backstage heat
    You were screamin' for Scotty Goldman
    When fronted by The Elite

    How's ya foot? Take it easy
    We ain't tryin' start an insurrection
    I just wanna make sure
    I'm not gonna catch your staph infection

    The Acclaimed raise the game
    Like we got cheat hacks
    You better call doc Amann
    For some Z-packs


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  17. Jericho v Moxley for the title?
    Will it be interim or full status?

    In other thoughts - 
    Does Ruby Soho get to punt Sammy in the dick 10 times on live TV?

    Will FTW ever get a shot at the tag titles or are The Acclaimed going to get a rematch?

    What's the plan for the Trios Titles now that Elite vs Undisputed is off the table?

    Does Wardlow have anything to say about MJF walking back in as the #1 contender when he's been undefeated as TNT champion since their match?

    Can't wait to hear JR telling everyone at home about why the storytelling of all these matches is irrelevant and how finishing moves are stupid. 

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  18. 1 hour ago, southofheavy said:

    There's also the staph infection that could've killed him, medical malpractice, and Vince saying "I'll owe ya one, pal" too many times. 


    1 hour ago, matwarz said:

    I think you need to actually listen to Punk document the whole affair on Cabana’s pod and get the actual facts. Everything was documented, backed up and indisputable given WWE caved in, paid Punk everything he was owed and backed down from a court case they were going to get slaughtered in. He had every right to be bitter and broken when he quit that company.

    To try and clarify:

    I'm not looking to defend WWE here.

    The point im making is that if this is a shoot, Punk is now developing a very negative position in his 2nd major promotion and is directly attacking the people that built that promotion.

    If it's a work then it's leaning into the absolute worst aspects of smarky kayfabe BS.

    I'm supposed to believe Cody Rhodes couldn't book the "Cody-verse" but Punk gets to do this?

    Maybe I'm screaming into the wind but it's not engaging or making me want to see what happens next. It's quite the opposite actually where I kind of want Punk to go away now...

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