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  1. My tournament bracket -

    2003/04 WWE Eddie Guerrero vs 2022 AEW Bryan Danielson 

    This match would be story telling at it's absolute peak. The counters, the mat work, the Lucha mixed with the Strong style... 

    2007/08 WWE John Cena vs 2011/12 NJPW Hiroshi Tanahashi 

    It's 'peak' Ace vs 'peak' Ace. Cena was great in this time as a hated man who worked as a super face. Tanahashi was the ultimate "fave of a company" and the I think he could take Cena to the absolute limit. 

    1993/94 WCW Sting vs 2012-14 WWE Brock Lesnar

    Sting's best ever work (IMO) was as the athletic underdog vs Vader. Lesnar's work when he first returned to WWE was next level. Before the Suplex City stuff started up he was really good at working his size and strength advantages into interesting matches. 

    1993/94 WWE Bret Hart vs 1999/00 WWE Mick Foley 

    I really loved Bret's work vs bigger guys in 93. The Razor match at the Rumble, the KOTR matches, the Diesel match... Foley in 99 was a madman and his turn as Cactus Jack made Triple H a main event star. I think these two could work a pretty vicious little match here.

    Not sure on the semis and finals just yet... Will come back to it one day.


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  2. I think if they build it up properly then MITB and the Chamber can be "events" like the Royal Rumble.

    Id love the PLEs to build to each other -

    Rumble winner gets a shot at Mania 

    Chamber match is the champions Rumble - Defend your belt and earn your Mania Main Event 

    Q/KOTR gets a title shot at Summer Slam 

    Do the 5 man/woman tags for Survivor Series NIGHT 1 along with the World Title matches. Night 2 (or fuck it RAW/SDL) is the mid card titles + a battle royal for "Ultimate Survivor" who gets a title shot at the Rumble, Day 1 or the first Raw/SDL of the year as a big TV main event, however you want to hype it.

    MITB is fine on its own if you use it to promote your upper/midcard into the main event and give the world champs the night off.




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  3. So Sami has to win the Rumble now yeah?

    Sami wins, Roman is all "I love you Uce but you ain't WrestleMania Maint Event level. Let's do this at Battleground/Elimination Chamber/PLE in Feb."

    Sami is reluctant but says "Sure thing boss!"

    Cue weeks of Jey telling Sami he better lay down and make it easy. KO begging Sami not to waste his chance etc 

    Rock comes back and helps Sami win.

    Cody Rhodes wins the Chamber match for the Mania shot.

    Rock v Roman on one night, Sami v Rhodes for the title on the other.


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  4. I keep saying it but they need to get the tag belts onto FTR before AAA or NJPW book their own titles away.

    Having that shot of FTR with all of the gold is too good to miss.

    I\d be down with them taking the titles at Winter is Coming, showing them off at Wrestle Kingdom, then dropping them back to The Acclaimed early in 2023.

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  5. 50 minutes ago, Ziggy said:

    I think Swerve has really helped AEW with that considerably. I believe he has actually really networked with people in hip-hop as his has made a serious attempt to pursue his own ventures as an artist outside of wrestling. 

    WWE has really missed the boat with tapping in with that market because most mainstream artists they work with are past their social relevancy or when they get someone that is. They are put in a role that the non wrestling fan can't take seriously. You got people like Wale and to a lesser extent Peter Rosenberg try to bridge that gap by having guts on his platform.

    AEW does a much better job featuring people like Ross and Trina and people like that who are actual wrestling fans. It was cool seeing Fabolous come out with Swerve and Keith Lee to the ring. Outside of thar one time with Snoop AEW doesn't have those forced "SportsCenter" "Extra" type moments WWE likes to have to get some outside attention.

    In the realm of hip-hop, sure, but let's not ignore WWE getting massive stars like Bad Bunny, Tyson Fury and Logan Paul all over their shows.


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  6. I think Jade gets a run in WWE eventually.

    She's not the greatest worker but she carries herself like an absolute megastar and with the WWE production budget behind her, the on screen presentation would be incredible.

    Her Mania gear/entrance alone would put her over most of the roster.

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  7. 4 hours ago, StuntmanCrowley said:

    As far as I'm concerned, Kingston is the best worker in AEW.  I agree with the sentiment that he deserves a World Title run more than anyone and I'll be honest, i initially wanted him to have a short-ish, fluke win just for the pop, but i think he deserves more.  Whether he wants more is another story all together, but no one is more deserving.

    MJF holds the belt through 2023 and early 2024.

    Kingston earns a shot at Double or Nothing 2024 and finally takes the title from that SOB... only to immediately have the Casino BR winner cash in on him and take it away.

    Could be a dastardly heel, could be a face that you want to turn. It cannot be someone who 'deserves' it. As much as I'd love a Miro/Andrade/Black/Claudio type there would be a part of the crowd cheering them.

    It needs to be an absolute dickbag like Swerve, Ethan Page or... wait for it... Kingston's buddy Ortiz!!

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  8. 8 hours ago, A_K said:

    Woah. "Let's forcibly shut down discourse because I don't like the sentiment!". Not sure that's the way to go to be honest. "Cunts", "clowns" .. anything else to throw out there? Pass over a comment or debate to the other-side; AEW gets credit (e.g. - Kingston / MJF would be a compelling storyline from two people who have built out unique & over characters), the question of why the tv audiences have abandoned in droves deserves conversation too (just as it did frequently & deservedly when the shoe was on the other foot with WWE). The world need not be candy floss or ash.

    Civility wins the day.

    But what you're forgetting sir, is that @AxB is actually a Clegane...

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  9. Do we know when MJF's contract is up outside of '2024'?

    I'd love for him to hold the title for the full calendar year of 2023 and begin to threaten walking out as champion if Tony doesn't pay him "more money than any wrestler in history".

    This leads to a flurry of challengers culminating in Eddie Kingston taking the title from MJF in early/mid 2024.

    During 2023 I'd think defending vs the other "pillars" (Darby, Sammy and Jungle Boy) is a must, as well as a Danielson match and getting back into Wardlow's orbit. I think Kenny as the 6th gives you a great defence to build up to every couple of months with the occasional TV match in between.

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  10. 3 minutes ago, zendragon said:

    I remember Bully Ray adjusting his pants to the point where it became a meme. I wanted "Hitching up the britches" to become his version of lawler dropping the strap

    The OSW Review guys used to run a count on how many times he'd adjust his gear during their TNA PPV Reviews.

    I think they carried it over to one of Ronda's matches as well.

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  11. I don't think people are cheering MJF because he was doing heel stuff. Nor Jamie Hayter

    Fenix and Swerve both got booed for it earlier in the night.

    People were cheering for them because they are AEW. It was a huge reinforcement and message to Tony that we watch AEW to see AEW people and that, as fun as the debuts and signings can be, we want fresh faces on top for a while.

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  12. 41 minutes ago, LF2 said:

    That’s another issue I have with recent booking. How many speciality weapons do we need?

    Sting: Baseball Bat

    Jericho: Baseball Bat

    I’m sure there might be a few more I’m forgetting at the moment too. 

    Ok see...

    If they wanted to lean into the memes and have fun with this, Jericho vs Sting: Baseball bat on a Pole match, is a fucking great TV main event match. If it then leads to a PPV match between Sammy and Darby to determine a #1 contender to MJF then that's great story telling.

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  13. I'd be fine with a "Best of" series if it was built up.

    Right now The Elite should be pissed with Pac and Fenix and there's your basis for a rematch at Winter is Coming.

    Booking a Bo7 series right out of the gate makes no sense from a kayfabe/logic standpoint and screams: "We wanna do 6 starz! ZOMG U GUYZ!!!"

    And I say that as someone who was clapping like a circus seal at the 4 way super kick between the Bucks and Luchas.

  14. Loved the first two matches + Storm v Hayter 

    The rest of the show can get in a bin. 

    Cody Rhodes has very clearly been an enormous loss for this company from a creative POV. 

    Take out the great cage match, The Elite being... elite, and the Storm v Hayter slugfest (which should have ended three times before it actually did) and this was a TNA PPV.

    Why is Saraya kicking out of every move the women's ace hits her with after a 5 year injury hiatus?

    Why are the TNT and TBS titles defended on PPV? Cut this show to 3 hours and put those belts on TV only.

    Why are we get a fucking best of 7 series between two teams that have a reason to fight other than "We think we are better"?

    Why is there ROH on my AEW show when ROH have their own PPV in 3 weeks?!?

    Why did every second match have a Tombstone Piledriver?

    Why are we giving PPV time to Jeff Jarrett and Jay Lethal?

    If Sting isn't in shape then don't book him. Wrestling in a skivvy makes this look so cheap and I actually think the partnership with Darby has done more harm than good now.

    I'll keep track of AEW but I'm cancelling FITE for a while. This was a fucking SLOG to sit through and I really don't care enough to tune in every week at this point.


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  15. Will stay silent once the main show starts but I'll say this - PUSH KINGSTON YOU COWARDS!

    If it's the one thing AEW achieve in the next few years, Eddie winning the World Title cannot be fucked up or stalled on.

    This man is one of the last "real" talents we have.

    He's Foley.

    He's Dusty.

    He is a CAN NOT MISS talent.

    Please don't fuck this up Tony.



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  16. 12 Months ago AEW was on top on the world.

    Somehow they've managed to lose their way right as WWE have become as interesting as they've been in 5+ years.

    I don't know if Hunter has Tony spooked or if it's all just happenstance but AEW need to pull something out to steady the shit.

    Bringing in ROH and half the 2006 TNA roster hasn't helped in any way.

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  17. 32 minutes ago, Gordlow said:

    I am pretty sure that at one point both @DEANand I had Bunny on our Top 10 Current Female Pro Wrestlers lists at the same time. She's just so naturally hate-able as a heel. But, as long as Tony Storm is mashing her ass into someone's head at max velocity I am happy. Hopefullly Bunny is well and back on TV soon.


    Settle down Gordlow-netico!!

    +1 Bunny fan here too.

    If Starks is out of the tournament then give me Bandido v Archer in the finals. Ethan Page needs another month or two to keep building some main event credibility.

    I think Bandido going on a run and facing MJF at WiC would be a perfectly fine main event to close out the year and give MJF a title defence that isn't an automatic rematch or vs a 'Monster of the Week'.

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  18. 27 minutes ago, Infinit said:

    What about Austin and Rock vs Roman and The Usos? Lol

    I don't hate this.

    Bonus points if it ends up a 6 man with Owens on team Rock/Austin after last year, not because he loves Austin and Rock, but because Jey kept picking on his friend

    What happens to the belts though? I assume the Usos and Roman have dropped the titles at this point?

    I'd love Sami to be the one to dethrone Roman between now and Mania. Cody wins the Rumble and we get super face v super face at Mania.

    Not sure who takes the tag belts though. New Day are sparking things up again, the Brutes are there abouts... Split them again and get a set on Judgement Day somehow?

    Have to give WWE credit, there's a lot of intrigue around the top of the card and most of the title scenes heading into the new year.

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  19. 27 minutes ago, John E. Dynamite said:

    Oh man. I blinked fot a second and saw this weird scenario where Sasha ends the streak and wins the AEW TBS Championship and the entire reigns is carried by a "The Banks Statement" pun. All other TBS Champions must play into the acronym. Abadon being nicknamed "The Big Spooky". Toni By-Gawd Storm. Matt Riddle in drag as "Thunder Bro-Sa". I can see for miles.

    As much as I enjoy Sasha I would HATE if she's the one to end the streak. It needs to an AEW talent.

    If Statlander can get back in time for the 50th match I think that would be perfect. Build it up for weeks with Triple H "I have been rebuilt" style montages. Jade cutting promos about how she put her on the shelf for a year, next time she'll put her out for good. Baddies barred from ringside - Maybe do it in a cage?

    I think it would be awesome.

    Either that or you have her slip on a banana peel on a random ep of Dynamite vs Skye Blue or Yuka Sakazaki something.

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  20. The beginning of the end for WCW.

    Bret Hart walking into that company should have been a massive, massive boon. Hart helping Sting kill the nWo and then building up a match between them to determine the 'real, undisputed' world champion was a no-brainer.

    That Bret didn't win the title until almost TWO YEARS later (only to immediately vacate it) is one of the all time bonehead booking moves.

    You had all the heat and hype that the super smark IWC/tape traders could possibly give you and you pissed it all away.

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