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  1. Don't know what happened there but can't seem to fix it on my phone...

    Anyway I think you could have had a Sami v Cody title match that would mean just as much as (if not more than) Cody vs Roman.

    I have next to no interest in seeing Cody end this run. He absolutely does not need it.

  2. Spoiler

    Cody congratulating Sami but talking about how he's destined to win the title now. That being #30 was a sign that it's meant to be. Really dismissive, patronizing, "I'm the face so everyone love me" type stuff.

    Then Cody slips on a banana peel at Mania and Sami retains. Maybe a Figure 4 roll up or something.

    Rematch at Backlash and Sami wins again, this time with Cody's foot on the ropes or something.

    Cody then takes a step back and we get the KO match being built up for SummerSlam. KO can say that Sami stopped Roman at the Rumble but that doesn't make put them on the same team and that doesn't mean that KO is gonna just lay down.

    Hard fought match and Sami wins.

    Post SummerSlam we do the KOTR. Jey Uso wins it, beating Cody in the Finals. Now we get main event Jey 2.0 vs Sami Zayn late in the year.

    You could certainly crown Jey here but let's ride Sami for the 'best year of his life' and he retains.

    Give him 1 more defence vs say... Balor/Rollins/Theory at the Rumble and then build to Mania.

    Cody wins the Rumble again. This time from number #4 (a number nobody has ever won from) and THIS time he's super face Cody, talking about how last year he thought the story would just unfold for him. That, like when he first came to WWE, he assumed that being the son of Dusty Rhodes meant greatness was a given.

    But now he's realized that everything he's ever achieved in his life, all the accolades he can list all the titles he can name, all the companies he's put on the map... All that was because of hard work.

    Because if Dusty taught him anything it's that there's no shame in being the son of the son of a plumber.

    Mania 40 - Sami Zayn vs Cody Rhodes 3 in the main event. Make it 2/3 falls with Cody saying "there will be no slip ups this time".

    And boom, you get Cody rebuilt in a much more relatable way, you get a year of Sami not knowing 'when the rollercoaster is gonna stop', you get a logical return of Main Event Jey and you have a year of fresh work in the main event scene.


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  3. 26 minutes ago, GuerrillaMonsoon said:

    For those saying they had to give Sami the title. What's the story moving forward with Sami as champion?

    Maybe Owens turns on him? A match with Jey? Heel Cody?

    They're not awful options but there's still more to be done with the Bloodline storyline which has better options. 

    Lesson hopefully learned from how much Bryan getting the title had zero story afterwards. He was always going to feud aimlessly with Kane.

    I would have gone with Sami vs Cody at Mania.





  4. 7 hours ago, hammerva said:

    From watching the main event, I don't think Bron Breakker is as over as the WWE thinks he is.  The only reaction it seemed he got was when he did Rick Steiner stuff.  It helped him that Grayson is really good at being hated

    I think that he's cooled off because he is main roster ready. Nobody expected Waller to really be a threat so the investment isn't there 

    Bron probably should have come up in the Rumble and maybe won a spot in the US Title Chamber.

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  5. On 2/2/2023 at 10:09 AM, Gorman said:

    In Steel City Wrestling, we had a "Lord of the Dance" title that could only be defended in three-way and four-way dance matches. I think Quack was the only holder. I always pushed it on commentary as a "World" title since it was the only one (as far as I know).

    That's actually pretty awesome.

    Single fall matches or elimination style?

  6. On 2/2/2023 at 9:39 AM, Robert S said:

    A 2/3 falls title is something that even Tony Khan did not think of. But considering that all other matches are for some title, I can see why you automatically added the "(c)" here.

    I wanna say it was... Gulak? that pitched the idea that the cruiserweight belt being defended in 2/3 falls only. Just to try and give it something other than "little man" belt.

  7. 7 hours ago, chriskbrown50 said:

    I have no clue what Darby Allin's body will look like down the road but these bumps are really cringe worthy. I think there is a rational fear of his health overall. Mikey Whipwreck anyone?? His shelf life just seems so limited. Watching the action sports guys from my era like Tony Hawk walking around now with a cane or Matt Hoffman is his future or worse. 

    Jeff Hardy is right there for him to see his future if he keeps doing this.

    For all his influence and power I hope Sting isn't sitting by and letting this happen, or worse, ENCOURAGING it. He needs to be slowing Darby down or talking to Tony and getting Darby re-booked as a special attraction that only works a few matches a year.

  8. 19 hours ago, The Natural said:

    AEW cuts (pun intended) to Jon Moxley blading. AEW's done that before like Chris Jericho in the first Blood and Guys match. There's other examples of it as well.

    This sounds like a very different stipulation for Le Sex Gods...

  9. If I'm WWE I pivot big time and put the title on Sami here.



    Spend the next few weeks with Jey wanting to support Sami but not confident enough to turn on Roman.

    Along the way he's also getting into Jimmy's head about how Roman treats them and maybe they need to be their own men etc

    At the PPV we get the Usos giving Sami the Nod of Approval tm* ala the Bucks and Hangman.

    Roman costs the Usos the SDL Titles to say Braun and Ricochet and at Mania we get Roman/Solo vs The Usos as "The Bloodline Explodes!"

    Bring the in the elders to try and keep the peace, maybe Roman annihilates Rikishi along the way... Make the Mania match NO DQ and let Jey get some juice...

    Then the Main Event is super face Sami vs Homelander Cody talking about how he's destined to win this title, how being #30 in the Rumble was a sign it's meant to be etc

    Throw in Rey v Dom, Gunther v Sheamus v Drew for the IC title, Lesnar v Lashley 3, Ripley v Flair 2... Going to be a pretty awesome Mania I think.


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  10. I think Darby manages to juuuust sneak past Joe here and we get the return of Wardlow to MDK the champ afterwards.

    When is Wardlow due back?

    I could also see Darby sneaking a win and a new challenger appears. Swerve maybe?

    Speaking of which; Where is Keith Lee? Are we getting Swerve vs Lee or not?

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  11. I'd have Cody go for the WWE Title. Sami wins the Chamber to get a shot at the Universal title.

    Night 1 is Cody v Roman & Sami v Solo. Cody wins and Solo also gets a shock win (ala Owen at Mania 10) before he injures Sami

    Night 2 we get Sami v Roman. Sami wins & Roman goes on hiatus afterwards.

    Post Mania we have Cody v Rollins on Raw and Sami vs Solo on SDL as a first title program.

    Reality is they will put KO/Sami vs The Usos and we will have to settle for that as "catharsis" vs Sami booting Roman's teeth out with a Helluva kick on his way to a world title!!

  12. Fantasy booking for both rumbles - 



    I want Sami winning the Men's Rumble.

    I want Roman saying that Sami is definitely Ucey, but nobody wants to see an uncompetitive match in the Main Event of WrestleMania. So how about we do the match in Montreal. "I'll even let you throw the first punch" so some other cocky remark.

    Cue weeks of KO (who maybe got hurt in the Rumble match) getting to Sami again. "Are you really just gonna lie down for him? In our home town?" followed by Heyman, Solo and Jimmy on the other side saying "You're gonna get main event pay for 3 seconds of work!" and Jey saying "I know you gonna do the right thing Uce."

    Sami then puts up a hell of a fight but falls short and Roman kicks him to the curb. Maybe by deliberately injuring him like he did to KO. We then get Sami/KO vs The Usos for the tag titles at Mania. If Rock was coming in to face Roman then I'd actually have Sami take the title here and do Rock v Roman without it. Sami would then defend against Cody in a face v face match.

    I expect that we get Cody winning and facing Roman.

    On the women's side I really like the idea of Alexa Bliss winning and going to SDL to join back up with Bray. Let her take the title from Charlotte with some spooky stuff that can help cover her inability to work long, competitive matches.

    On the RAW side we get Biance Belair vs Rhea Ripley. It doesn't need the Rumble to build to it. Bring in the Street Profits/Edge to help combat the rest of Judgement Day (I want Montez vs Dominik and I really like the idea Dolfan had of Ripley MDKing Beth Phoenix on the way to mania) and away you go.

    Reigns v Rhodes - WWE Title
    Belair v Ripley - RAW Women's
    Flair v Bliss - SDL Women's

    The only other match I want to get at Mania is GUNTHER v Sheamus, the final battle, with Shamus getting his maiden IC Title run and "Mania Moment *tm*" by becoming a Grand Slammer.


  13. Great show but my desire for an agent or filter for match layouts continues.

    We had Reverse/Poison Ranas is the first two matches and multiple Buckle Bombs across the show.
    It reminds of the scene in The Wrestler when the guys are all "You can't work the arm tonight. We're working the arm. Why don't you work the neck?"

    Edit your stuff people.

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  14. 23 hours ago, Log said:

    We need Danielson/Jarrett with JJ in full-on Memphis bullshit mode. Danielson as Lawler might be a Danielson we’ve never seen. 

    I was not a fan of JJ coming in but he's perfectly fine in this midcard role.

    It's honestly what Jericho should have been doing with the JAS stuff from the start.

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  15. So Danielson is just working through the rainbow of wrestling styles yeah?

    Takeshita - NJPW style
    Bandido - Lucha style
    Cage - Hoss/WWE style

    Not sure how many matches he has left but we still need a flippy Impact/X Division style guy, a British World of Sport guy and a 70s/80s "punch em in the mouth" Memphis style guy...

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  16. 2 minutes ago, The Natural said:

    I wouldn't be surprised if Triple H says fuck it and leaves. Can't blame him.

    It's fucking crazy to think but Cole, The Revival, Andrade etc are all 'his' guys arent they? Like, they fucking love him and Shawn from the NXT days.

    Tony could do worse than give Hunter ROH and a 2 hour Youtube/development show every week and just let him go to work.

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