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    Wait, is someone actually arguing Spider-Man has a better rogues gallery then Batman? Because the fact we are already on the Lizard in the movies is a great example that it has no depth what so ever.



    Batman has Joker, Two Face, Ra's, Penguin, Riddler, Bane, Killer Croc, Poison Ivy, Harley, Catwoman (more middle ground, but still), and even decently useful guys like Hush. A lot of villians in the lower class of Bats Rogues Gallery like Clayface would be above average in most others.

    Green Goblin, Doc Ock, Kraven, Electro, Lizard, Kingpin, Vulture, Mysterio, Morbius, Sandman and that is off the top of my head. 



    King Tut, Egghead, Marsha Queen of Diamonds, The Archer, The Siren, Bookworm, False Face, The Minstrel, Ma Parker, Zelda the Great, Louie the Lilac, Lola Lasagne, Lord Pfogg, Lady Peasoup, Shame, The Puzzler, Chandall, Mad Hatter, Minerva, Cabala and Cassandra Spellcraft, Nora Clavicle and The Clock King.


    Not to mention the main players listed by El Dragon.

    Adam West era Batman > all.


    Sounds like an upcoming heel turn for Bryan. 


    I'm thinking it'll be a fake turn where they tease the same thing that happened to Kane, but in the end, Bryan and Punk get the drop on the Wyatts/Shield and clean house. Turning Bryan or Punk would be monumentally stupid at this point since they're the purest main event babyfaces (in terms of reaction) and fluctuate between the top 3 spots in overall heat with Cena.



    I want it to be like Temple of Doom where Bryan has let himself get captured on purpose so that he can get close enough to poke Kane with a fire stick and scream 'Wake up Kane! Wake up!"

    Kane then becomes the hero of the story by feeding Bray Wyatt to crocodiles.

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    Ill be so heartbroken if this never happens...


    You know what? I think Cena/Orton is kind of poetic. They were two of the biggest stars of the Brand Extension Era, and if they unify these belts, they'll officially close it out. It's not a fresh matchup, but it's an interesting context. Of course it would probably be better for someone newer to be the one to win both belts and and be leader of a new era - but I don't even know what that era would be.

    They need someone to play Jericho to Cena/Orton's Austin/Rock.



    The obvious one has to be Bryan yeah?

  5. Don't think Dark City is regarded as bad by anyone or anything, but it's not as popular as it should be. It's still the best-looking film I've ever seen by far.



    God, I love that movie. So sad that no-one has ever heard of it.

    I'll defend Gremlins 2 and the Rush Hour trilogy forever. I don't care what anyone thinks. If they are on, Im watching.

  6. I have no idea if anyone here watches TUF but can someone explain to me how 2 guys can fail to make weight so badly?

    It just blows my mind that these guys walk around at 150-155 and then cut to 135 for a fight. That can't be healthy right? Is there some sort of tactical advantage? Wouldn't it make more sense to cut to 145 and fight there? Or even try to train a little more muscle onto the body and just fight at a natural 155?

    Im obviously showing my total lack of understanding about fight prep here but I just cant get my head around these two guys walking around at 150+ when they know they need to be under 136 in a matter of days.

    Can someone with a better knowledge of camps and fight prep please explain to me why these guys would cut down to such a low weight rather than fighting at something closer to a 'natural' size?

    Thanks in advance.

  7. I found that recent nWo doc to be totally underwhelming.

    It's basically -

    Nash and Hall left WWE.
    Hogan is the third man.
    Story was all about Bichoff pumping himself and nWo up as a brand.
    Too many people in nWo - No names of who should/shouldn't ahave been in.
    Wolfpac was a mistake.
    nWo went on too long.


    I get that's what happened, but the thing is - we know all of this already. What's the point of doing the doc to cover information that has already been covered in other docs. Even the Monday Night Wars doc basically ticked all of the above.


    What about going back to the first WWE draft, and running through all the brand split PPV's from the "SmackDown 6" to "Raw is Hunter" to the end of times with guys like Kenzo, Dupree and Rev DVon getting big pushes??


    Hey don't knock the Rev Devon gimmick. I thought it was a great gimmick and his theme music was awesome. "He's callin my name!"



    He and Christian really needed to form a tag team with those themes hahaha

  9. The Fabulous 3 Birds sounds fantastic.

    What else can they do with this? Would it be too far to mock the bWo as the 3Wo with Slater as Nova as Hogan, Drew as Stevie as Nach and Mahal as Meanie as Hall?


    What about 3CW with them making fun of guys like Sandman, Sabu and Dreamer?

    3NA with them as Jarrett, Styles and a midget in a trash can?

  10. Screw that. I want a total directional change in the show.

    Govener protects his new family while Rick gets more and more crazy, causing people to start switching sides. Carol is obviously the first to join "New Woodbury" and she could take her girls with her. Then a couple more come across, ending with the ultimate move - Carl turning his back on his dad and taking his sister to join the Gov.

    Then you can build Rick back up into a sane person before he goes to rescue them all.

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  11. Maybe I misunderstood the episode, but I thought last night pre-dated everything we had seen of the Governor before.  I thought the girl was his zombie daughter that he had chained up.


    Nah, remember: he was blinded at Woodbury by Michonne, and was rocking the eye patch last night.


    Well that, plus they showed Governor burning the town and at the end of the episode when he and the little girl were in the grave, he was seen by one of his guys who responded with a "holy shit". I guess we find out next week why the Governor split with his lieutenants.

    The way I read the opening was that THEY split from him. They could see he had lost his edge and that he just didn't care any more which made him a liability.

    I actually loved this episode. It felt like a great change of pace to have some real development in a character. I also loved the intimate setting. When he was putting the old man to bed and you could hear the walkers upstairs... Creepy stuff.

  12. I don't know how wrestling schools work but if you needed to show a student footage of someone who believes their gimmick then Luke Harper is number 1.

    That guy IS a damned flesh eating, gator wrestling swamp monster. He is the long lost son of Captain Spaulding from "House of 1000 Corpses"

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