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  1. Loved the show overall but man, I wish Liv won the Chamber.

    I don't think Becky & Rhea is going to be that good in ring. Becky's been looking a little robotic recently. Very much looks like she is thinking about her next spot.

    I think they could have done Liv v Rhea and Becky v Bianca v Tiffany in the undercard pretty easily.

    Full credit to Orton as well. He had my wife convinced he'd legitimately injured his back and that he was meant to win... right up until Logan hit him with the knux.

    Can't wait to hear AJs promo about the 30 hour flight he took just to smash LAs Mania dream hahaha 

  2. 11 hours ago, Cobra Commander said:

    anybody wanna give an estimate on the % of people at WM40 who aren't Philly residents? that might be left out of the equation although the out of town might not be dramatically different from the crowd that shows up for arena shows when you consider all the British dudes

    Because the British fans are known for their quiet, docile nature?

    If anything, the hardcore nature of WM fans might mean the crowd is even MORE aggressive in its "Fuck Dwayne" vocalizations.

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  3. 1 hour ago, Casey said:

    so Punk & Cody both don’t get to finish their story. Booker of the year Triple H everybody.

    Roman making once in a lifetime history is more important than Cody finishing the story at Mania. While I fully expect Cody to take the title at Mania, I believe the story can keep going for a little while longer.

    Punk only just came back after being sacked from his "comeback" in AEW. He should be on 12 months good behavior, minimum. No way I'd be putting the belt on him so quickly.

  4. 4 minutes ago, SirFozzie said:

    they have to finish the story. If it doesn't, then Cody Rhodes will have the stink of Wrestlemania failure on him for the rest of his career.

    Do a legit Dusty finish.

    Cody wins but his feet are under the ropes. Shoot it from the right angle and ignore it live. Send the crowd home happy.

    Then Heyman spends a couple of weeks arguing with Aldis about it before getting the results overturned, the belt handed back to Roman, and the 1300 day run out back in place.

    Depending on Roman v Rock next year you give Cody his last shot after Roman breaks Hogans record and Cody finally wins.

    Mania next year is Cody v Punk, Roman v Rock.

  5. Gotta go with the hot hand:

    R-Truth wins the Rumble.

    Priest then cashes in on Seth and the build to Mania is all about Judgement Day trying to convince Truth to lay down.

    At some point they just beat him down and a week later (maybe right before Mania) semi serious Truth cuts a promo about how he's gonna take the title and then bring Judgement Day down.

    Cody wins the Chamber to face Roman.

    Seth scrambles to prove his fitness to fight Punk, who 'takes over' as the locker room leader of RAW.

    Drew v Sami Zayn

    Gunther v Bro... John Cena with Cena trying to win the Grand Slam before his time is up.

  6. If they run Rock v Roman at Mania then I see it being made a No DQ/Tribal Combat thing with shenanigans galore.

    Jimmy, Jey, Solo, Rikishi... Maybe even Afa & Sika coming out to admonish the 'kids'?

    Use it to debut Ava Raine on the SDL roster?

    From there though you cannot have Cody wait another year for his shot.

    He needs a shot at Roman ASAP following Mania.


    I'd give him a 1 on 1 at Backlash.

    Cody gets the pin BUT his feet are under the ropes.

    Heyman can spend a couple of weeks cutting promos against Aldi's, threatening his job etc and eventually "The Board" decide to render the match void and return the belt to Roman with the streak in tact.

    Cody then spends the year obsessed with getting Roman again. It's HBK v Taker. He's gonna hit hurdles from every angle. No tag team distractions, no midcard matches. He's after the #1 contender spot only.

    He will try for MITB, the Rumble, the Chamber etc put him through the year from hell. Seriously HARD TIMES.

    I'd even go meta and have him declare that he signed a 3 year contract. That his deal is up the night after Mania 41 and that if Roman wants to get rid of him for good he will put his contract up for the Title.

    Cody wins, he's the champ.

    Roman wins and Cody will walk away.


  7. I saw Gunther talking up the HBK v Razor ladder match and it got me thinking:

    Could a ladder match at Mania 40 be the way to take the title from Gunther?

    Ilja goes over then on RAW you have Ludwig all "Hey when are we going after the IC Title boss?"

    And Gunther hits him with the "I've got bigger plans..." vibe. Then you send him after the WHC.

  8. I'm nowhere near Punks biggest fan.

    I've said multiple times that he's turning into everything he hated when he left WWE.

    He wants to be the main event. He wants to overshadow guys that deserve it more than he does. He wants things booked his way or not at all.

    I still fucking marked out.

    If Hunter can actually get this douche to play ball, if Punk can slow down and stay healthy, if he can ride the line of smark/shoot WITHOUT actually cutting the legs off his opponent in a promo...

    Then this could be amazing.

    My only caveat: DO NOT let this signing derail the Priest World Title run.

    Unless Priest is cashing in on Punk, there's no need for Punk to win the title any time soon.

  9. 11 minutes ago, Cobra Commander said:

    so which two young guys handle most of the work for Edge's team in the Christian/Luchasaurus/Nick Wayne six man tag? Maybe Sting will let Darby hang out with another old man. And then some other babyface that is probably really obvious but who I can't remember.

    Are the Hardys healthy?

    Daddy Magic and Cool Hand Ange still exist?

    Rey Fenix + the not injured FTR guy?

    Are the Dark Order heel, face or gone?

    Who am I kidding? It'll be Sting and Darby.

  10. While I appreciate that the story is always moving to the next step, it does feel strange seeing Cody win a 'side mission's title and newly pushed singles star "Main Event" Jey jerk the curtain in a tag team...

    6 man was fine. Did they mention that Carlito was running late at all? Weird that he left team hanging so long. Profits should have won though. Already a rocky relationship with Bobby.


    Thought Charlotte was winning to set up Jade's debut. Glad Sky retained.

  11. I'd have Pillman about a 35 then.

    Being brutal, if his name wasn't Pillman he probably doesn't get a shot but he's also had a really stop-start career. Working with Double A in AEW should have been the start of a decent push. Him going after HoB and trying to 'save' Julia was a massive missed story but that's AEW for ya.

    I think with proper structure around him he can at least be a solid hand on the main roster or a decent player in NXT.

    He's only 30 so he's got heaps of time.

  12. BPJ is exactly the type of guy that should be in the PC and on NXT.

    He's ok in the ring, needs some polish with his promos but has a name that people will tune in for. He gets his reps in for a few years, helps make some other people that will be given a shot at real stardom and then head back to the indy scene. Even if his ceiling is NA Champ, that's perfectly fine. 

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  13. My dream booking is that Seth's back finally gives out & Nakamura takes the title. Keep the anime villain gimmick going.

    Rollins wins the Rumble, finally gets his shot at Mania, and Priest does the Rollins what Rollins did to Reigns.

    We can get to Reigns/Cody/Rock/Whatever without the Rumble.

    There talk in the Aussie media that Rock is going to be at Elimination Chamber so we will see how that plays out.

  14. 12 hours ago, just drew said:

    Yes. Yes I am secretly A List actor and all around fantastic dude Dave Bautista. I have nothing better to do during the SAG AFTRA strike than engage with you. And making one comment in jest means I'm fixating. Also, because I know it's the question on everyone's mind; it's huge.


    Rent. Free.


    Anywho, I saw somewhere above someone said that Benjamin and Ziggler wouldn't "move the needle." And that person was absolutely right. What they would do is get the people who are- or will eventually- move the needle ready. Imagine what Sammy Guevara could learn from Shelton Benjamin. TAFKA Dolph Ziggler could make everyone from Jack Perry to Hobbs look like stars. Then there's the dream matchups you could have with Mustafa Ali on the roster. He and Buddy Matthews being granted the freedom AEW's in ring style provides would be absolutely bonkers. I'd love to see him play underdog for Hobbs and Miro. Jay White is at the top of that list, too. Shit, there's 50 guys on the AEW payroll I think he could have a 20 minute banger with. Komander, PAC, Ricky Starks and/or Big Bill, et al. And this is coming from someone who sees no value in good matches for the sake of good matches. Ali makes me give a shit through his selling and his distinct babyface fire and psychology. I think he's gonna go down as a top 5 on WWE's "how the fuck did we miss on THIS guy" list. Prodigious worker. More than adequate babyface promo. Great look. Fantastic human being. Not only would I hire him, I'd put gold on him the first chance I got.


    Also, I'd hire Dana Brooke. For reasons that don't concern anyone but me. Sorry, I couldn't help myself.

    Hi Dave.

    Just wondering; If Ali is a Top 5 "How did we miss?" guy, who do you have as the other 4?

  15. I started following wrestling in the Attitude Era and, at the time, I didn't believe that Scott and Rick Steiner were related. Couldn't be possible. They looked nothing alike.

    The first time I saw Scott without shades on I realised how wrong I was...

    For a guy that presented as a tough, shit talking bodybuilder, Scott Steiner has some of the kindest eyes you could see. 



    Scott Steiner - Career, Bio, Married, Age, Net Worth, Height, Facts


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  16. 12 minutes ago, Raziel said:

    So, next active belt up with a long standing record is the US Title.  So, who gets a year and a half reign to pass Luger?

    I'd love Lashley to get it as a thank you for his career but if you're going to 'make' a new star with a record run then Breakker would be the obvious one.

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  17. Wonder was the plan is with Priest and MITB?

    I was certain we were getting a cash in when Rollins retained and he was crawling on his hands and knees in "celebration".

    Very good show overall though.

    Wonder what the plan is for Jey on Raw? It feels like the Bloodline story has gone way off the rails...

    I hope they keep Swagsuke speaking with subtitles and putting up Anime shorts before his matches. That stuff is star making and, when he's motivated, Nak can still be a star for WWE.

    Let him take the title at Fastlane and you can build Rollins healing his back for a Rumble return so that it's not so obvious that Cody is winning again.


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