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  1. I think Darby manages to juuuust sneak past Joe here and we get the return of Wardlow to MDK the champ afterwards.

    When is Wardlow due back?

    I could also see Darby sneaking a win and a new challenger appears. Swerve maybe?

    Speaking of which; Where is Keith Lee? Are we getting Swerve vs Lee or not?

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  2. I'd have Cody go for the WWE Title. Sami wins the Chamber to get a shot at the Universal title.

    Night 1 is Cody v Roman & Sami v Solo. Cody wins and Solo also gets a shock win (ala Owen at Mania 10) before he injures Sami

    Night 2 we get Sami v Roman. Sami wins & Roman goes on hiatus afterwards.

    Post Mania we have Cody v Rollins on Raw and Sami vs Solo on SDL as a first title program.

    Reality is they will put KO/Sami vs The Usos and we will have to settle for that as "catharsis" vs Sami booting Roman's teeth out with a Helluva kick on his way to a world title!!

  3. Fantasy booking for both rumbles - 



    I want Sami winning the Men's Rumble.

    I want Roman saying that Sami is definitely Ucey, but nobody wants to see an uncompetitive match in the Main Event of WrestleMania. So how about we do the match in Montreal. "I'll even let you throw the first punch" so some other cocky remark.

    Cue weeks of KO (who maybe got hurt in the Rumble match) getting to Sami again. "Are you really just gonna lie down for him? In our home town?" followed by Heyman, Solo and Jimmy on the other side saying "You're gonna get main event pay for 3 seconds of work!" and Jey saying "I know you gonna do the right thing Uce."

    Sami then puts up a hell of a fight but falls short and Roman kicks him to the curb. Maybe by deliberately injuring him like he did to KO. We then get Sami/KO vs The Usos for the tag titles at Mania. If Rock was coming in to face Roman then I'd actually have Sami take the title here and do Rock v Roman without it. Sami would then defend against Cody in a face v face match.

    I expect that we get Cody winning and facing Roman.

    On the women's side I really like the idea of Alexa Bliss winning and going to SDL to join back up with Bray. Let her take the title from Charlotte with some spooky stuff that can help cover her inability to work long, competitive matches.

    On the RAW side we get Biance Belair vs Rhea Ripley. It doesn't need the Rumble to build to it. Bring in the Street Profits/Edge to help combat the rest of Judgement Day (I want Montez vs Dominik and I really like the idea Dolfan had of Ripley MDKing Beth Phoenix on the way to mania) and away you go.

    Reigns v Rhodes - WWE Title
    Belair v Ripley - RAW Women's
    Flair v Bliss - SDL Women's

    The only other match I want to get at Mania is GUNTHER v Sheamus, the final battle, with Shamus getting his maiden IC Title run and "Mania Moment *tm*" by becoming a Grand Slammer.


  4. Great show but my desire for an agent or filter for match layouts continues.

    We had Reverse/Poison Ranas is the first two matches and multiple Buckle Bombs across the show.
    It reminds of the scene in The Wrestler when the guys are all "You can't work the arm tonight. We're working the arm. Why don't you work the neck?"

    Edit your stuff people.

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  5. 23 hours ago, Log said:

    We need Danielson/Jarrett with JJ in full-on Memphis bullshit mode. Danielson as Lawler might be a Danielson we’ve never seen. 

    I was not a fan of JJ coming in but he's perfectly fine in this midcard role.

    It's honestly what Jericho should have been doing with the JAS stuff from the start.

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  6. So Danielson is just working through the rainbow of wrestling styles yeah?

    Takeshita - NJPW style
    Bandido - Lucha style
    Cage - Hoss/WWE style

    Not sure how many matches he has left but we still need a flippy Impact/X Division style guy, a British World of Sport guy and a 70s/80s "punch em in the mouth" Memphis style guy...

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  7. 2 minutes ago, The Natural said:

    I wouldn't be surprised if Triple H says fuck it and leaves. Can't blame him.

    It's fucking crazy to think but Cole, The Revival, Andrade etc are all 'his' guys arent they? Like, they fucking love him and Shawn from the NXT days.

    Tony could do worse than give Hunter ROH and a 2 hour Youtube/development show every week and just let him go to work.

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  8. I'd open with Hangman and MOX, maybe even have them brawling in the back to start the show and then flow into the ring and start from there.

    Trios Titles should main event. No idea how it will go. Thought The Elite were going to steamroll them in the comeback match. The obvious thing would be The Elite winning and Death Triangle breaking apart into Pac v Fenix with Penta forced to pick a side.

    Tony doesn't always do the obvious though and even when he does, he can take a lot longer than you would expect.

    Very excited to see how it all plays out!

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  9. 44 minutes ago, Cobra Commander said:

    that swerve is almost too predictable by now though? like Toni's the scrub that just has to be knocked out of the match so that the real star takes her spot

    Sasha/Mercedes is probably gonna have better luck than Saraya/Paige at being cheered by AEW fans vs Britt/Hayter, but it wouldn't hurt to have a somewhat not convoluted path to pivot in a few months if fans keep cheering Britt and Hayter in this feud

    Instead of Shida beating down Toni, why not have Shida reach out to her "contacts back home" to team up with Mercedes?

    Saraya/Storm v Hayter/Baker v Shida/Monet 

    That could give you multiple big name women's matches between now and Revolution.


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  10. 3 minutes ago, The Natural said:


    Jungle Hook.

    If Vince was around they'd be called "Hook Boys" and run a gimmick where they using those old school comedy hooks to drag people who's promos go too long.

    They'd spend 3 months feuding with Triple H & Seth Rollins before getting their heads shaved and being sent back to NXT.

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  11. Also fuck Jericho. 

    I'm not a fan of Cornette but he was right; The Action Andretti match was for Chris, not the kid. I don't think the JAS has made anybody they feuded with any more over.

    The biggest winners are Daddy Magic promos and Hager's Hat.

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  12. They got me on the tag match. 

    I legit threw my phone down and yelled "Fuck off Jarrett!" My 7yo daughter reminded me to not swear in front of children haha 

    Super happy for Darby too. Now do SOMETHING with him beyond getting beat up for Sting. Wardlow coming back and trying to break him in half with powerbombs would actually be fine for Revolution.


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  13. What I want -


    Sami wins the Men's Rumble. Roman talks him into a match at Elimination Chamber instead. Rock interference leads to Sami pulling an Eddie and winning the WWE Title. Roman still Universal Champ.

    Then redo the NXT ending with KO celebrating with Sami before trying to cripple him and turning heel in the process. KO can claim that Sami spent months licking Roman's boot and is an embarrassment as Champion. Sami Zayn vs Kevin Owens for the WWE Title night 1. Sami doesn't appear live until that night, doing all his promos via satellite.

    Roman vs The Rock night 2. Cody can wait until MITB, SummerSlam or the return of KOTR.

    Alexa Bliss wins the women's rumble and goes to SDL to face Charlotte, pairing back up with Wyatt in the process.

    We can get to Ripley vs Belair without the Rumble IMO.



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  14. Just now, LoneWolf&Subs said:

    I don’t know if I want to see Hobbs back there yet. I really don’t know where Hobbs stuff is going, but I hope it’s a face turn.

    Give me Hobbs as the new Wardlow.

    Fantasy booking - 


    He doesn't need to talk, just let him smash both guys for the double DQ. Then he beats Wardlow 1 on 1. Then he takes the title from Joe.

    Wardlow then starts doubting himself and then MJF gets in his ear about a heel turn. DONT TURN HIM OR DO THE MATCH THOUGH. Just let it simmer while Wardlow has some more competitive matches working up the card.

    Ideally I'd get to Wardlow vs someone like Darby or Jungle Boy for #1 contendership at Revolution in March with Wardlow vs MJF happening at Double or Nothing 2023, 1 year after their first match.


  15. On 12/28/2022 at 3:33 AM, LoneWolf&Subs said:

    I’m interested in what the plan is for Wardlow tomorrow. If they believe in him enough to give the belt right back. Joe’s been an absolute killer in this run, and I wouldn’t want it to end, but it wouldn’t surprise me with how AEW books that the babyface doesn’t walk out with the belt to win it all. Which leads me to believe that they either go double DQ, or Wardlow wins by countering the Kokina Clutch for the surprise pin, that way we get a rematch with a decisive win.

    I think we see Hobbs out there breaking both guys' backs. Hopefully with the return of the Bullfrog Splash as well.

  16. On 12/22/2022 at 8:20 AM, Kevin Wilson said:

    God I hope no one ever drills me on why my favorite wrestlers are my favorite. Some connections are intangible and no two people are going to have those same connections. And honestly its not really anyone else's concern anyway, like who you like. Unless you like Akira Taue or something, then you should do better. (I'm kidding, please don't ban me)

    Sure, but now let me tell you why R-Truth is the perfect pro-wrestler...

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