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  1. 10 hours ago, LF2 said:

    So are you proposing we have a Tony Khan on a pole match, or a Jake Hager bucket hat on a pole match? If it’s the later it’s got to be Hager vs MJF since he stole that look this week.

    Oh man, the 4 corners on a pole match from WCW...

    For AEW you get:

    A signed photo of Danhausen 

    A guest spot doing commentary on Rampage

    Hager's Hat 

    The AEW Cross Atlantic Titanic Passage Title 




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  2. 2 hours ago, Belgian_Waffle said:

    When was the last time anybody did a tuxedo match on television (or not on television)? Jeff showing up prepared in a full white tux and Orange pissing him off by showing up in a tie dye suit or something... Jeff loses and he's wearing TNA boxers...lots of material there...

    Tuxedo T-Shirt

    He still wants to be formal but he's here to party.

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  3. On 3/14/2023 at 6:20 AM, Craig H said:

    Serious question, if you were going to Moneyball this shit and bring in some consultants from here, past or present, to come up with storylines and then work with people with production experience to format it all, who would you pick? And no need for naysaying anyone's picks. No one needs their feelings hurt and no one needs to be shit on.

    I already mentioned Schneider, just because he has such a wealth of knowledge about storylines and wrestling history, but Matt D would be another pick, again for his wealth of knowledge for wrestling history and logic...just keep him away from booking Hangman. Gregg has a lot of good ideas as well and would be someone I would recommend. Gregg does a good job of thinking as someone in the audience or someone at home and what they would want to see or what may turn them off and a lot of his solutions are pretty simple to implement. 

    I think there are more than a few others I'd go with and I hesitate to also nominate myself, but I do think it would be really fun to give it a shot. I just think we all have a mind for what works and what doesn't. It would be interesting to see what would happen. 

    And come on Mookie, you work for TK, give him some names from here.

    Is Ben still around? We can finally get that hobo army story. This is how we build Mark Briscoe to take the title from MJF.

    That or Piranisi? If only for a weekly "AEW Fashion Watch" segment.

  4. 17 hours ago, The Natural said:


    Roman Reigns on RAW the night after WrestleMania XXXIII after beating The Undertaker there.


    Great list but want to highlight this one and ask the board - 

    Is "It's my yard now." the greatest 'words for impact' promo of all time?

    There's all time great promos, but the weight of 4 words was incredible.


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  5. 9 hours ago, HumanChessgame said:

    Elias reminds me a lot of Damien Sandow, partially because of looks and physique but also in terms of his mannerisms and inconsistent booking. Sandow got really over with his intellectual savior gimmick and his team with Cody was doing well, then they made him Miz's stooge then a bumbling heel. Elias was doing well enough with his singing asshole gimmick (see the Seattle promo) and is competent in the ring, but they just made him a bigger and bigger goof.

    I always get LA Knight and Austin Theory mixed up as they both just strike me as guys Johnny Ace would have hired and been high on during his run - in shape, generically handsome wrestlers who can talk well enough but are totally uninteresting once the bell rings.


    I remember in NXT Elias had a surname - Samson - I thought "That's juuuust close enough to do a 'long lost brother' reveal.

    A Sandow/Elias tag team could have been great. Sandow the pompous, spoiled, much loved brother & Elias the artistic rebel who left home to be his own man.

    This is why the whole "Creative has nothing for you" line is such BS. There's always SOMETHING you can be doing to get a character developing.

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  6. 3 hours ago, Niners Fan in CT said:

    Watched Bash at the Beach '96 again while we're here wondering whether it's gonna snow or not.  It's really amazing how the closing segment all came together with the crowd organically becoming more and more pissed where now everyone is throwing trash..   There's no way WCW could have thought that it would have worked out THAT well with the crowd participation.  

    What are some other moments you can remember where the crowd takes a cool moment and elevates it to legendary status? 

    Off the top of my head -

    The pop for Austin helping Foley.

    WHAT? - Not a moment but it's become all time vernacular.

    The entire YES Movement, but specifically Bryan turning on Wyatt in the cage.

    Wyatts v SHIELD faceoff.

    The opening bell standoff between Danielson and Omega.

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  7. 1 hour ago, Chaos said:

    Also, seeing Elias in his current state as a character just bums me out because I'm a mark for that gimmick. I'm especially a mark for the heel aspects of that gimmick, and the dude is competent enough as a worker. Some of those matches as Ezekiel were really fun. 

    After THAT promo in Seattle I thought Elias was going to be an upper mid card guy for life. From memory he used to hit a pretty sweet flying elbow in NXT and the 'Drifter' gimmick had a both comedy and danger built in. Should have been a slam dunk but then, how many times have we said that over the years?

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  8. Not only would a vaccine not be a sure thing, but through the season it's been made clear that getting an infection is kinda the least of people's issues. Taking spores out of this universe makes the cordyceps far less of a threat and thus reduces the "save the world" angle of a vaccine.

    People are the issue.

    If you run into a clicker, you're just dead. Same with a bloater. If you stumble outside a QZ and into some of the runner types then the infection is a side effect if you manage to not have your throat gouged out or head ripped off.


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  9. 7 hours ago, cwoy2j said:

    Or just have a DQ. I know with Bovada, you just bet on who wins, straight up. Doesn't have to be a pin. If you pick a guy to win and he wins by DQ or countout, you still win your bet. If it's a non-finish or something, it's just a push and you get your money back.

    The link that got put up with SportBet in Australia specifically says Countout or DQs don't count.

    Even if it's a small, capped limit, it seems insane that we can gamble on a PRE DETERMINED outcome.

    I know it's been a thing in the NFL for years but this is getting out of hand!

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  10. 3 hours ago, GuerrillaMonsoon said:

    For those wondering what it looks like:


    Surprised they even have ROH markets up too.

    Remember that one year Michael Cole won a WrestleMania match?

    That's what legalized gmbling will give us.

    Omos is a 4-1 outsider vs Brock? Let's have wrestler X cause the distraction, Omos hits the Sky High, gets the pin and we all collect. Brock can then hit him with 25 suplexes and F5 him through a table afterwards to get his heat back.

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  11. 3 hours ago, Technico Support said:

    YES.  Holy shit, I was so confused wondering at one point why one JAS guy was attacking the other.

    Also, I don't really like or understand the BCC anymore.  I mean, I thought they were supposed to be this superior fight team, which was cool.  But now they're just kinda assholes and bullies.  They're 80s Cobra Kai: awesome fighters training together, but then they abuse their skills and act like dicks.  Moxley begrudgingly respecting Hangman after Sunday was great storytelling.  Moxley doing a 180 and backjumping him on Wednesday just undoes all that and it makes him a heel.  Speaking of Cobra Kai (and now I'm talking about the TV show), if that's what they're going for, then Yuta being earlier seasons Hawk -- the dork who gains fighting skill and overcompensates by becoming a bully -- is cool, I guess.  But yeah, unless the whole stable is turning heel, their characterization is rubbing me the wrong way.  Here's hoping the 180 this week is just the setup to next week's six man and then we'll have a mutual respect love-in afterwards and this program is put to bed.

    I wonder if we don't get 6 months of heel-ish BCC followed by Danielson returning to try and kill the monster he helped create?

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  12. 11 hours ago, zendragon said:

    They need an on air authority figure they can trot out occasionally for these sort of announcements, like say Paul Wight is "executive vp of the competition committee" so he can do it

    I actually like this a lot.

    Wight is enough of a physical presence to carry that authority, has a long history in the business, and the WMD/KO Punch is a great answer for any heels who are thinking about taking a swing when he rules against them.

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  13. 1 hour ago, Zimbra said:

    Most every "oh no their limb gave out" spot looks bad, but that man just threw himself headfirst at the canvas to make it work.  I'm not a Lethal fan but rats off to him for that.

    There was a time in wrestling where this phrase could have actually been spoken haha

    "You see the bump that Lethal took? Rats off to him for that. They'll nurse him back to health."

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  14. 8 minutes ago, Fighting a man with a perm said:

    Lethal really committed to the failed handspring, kudos to him! Really can't understand the people doing "let's go lethal" "lethal sucks" chants. Do they just love duelling chants and want any opportunity to do them? It's not like Jay lethal is some cool heel up against a stale or force-fed Babyface. Is it just contrarianism?


    I think wrestling fandom works in a sort of "Reverse Dark Knight" logic -

    You either retire a villain or you wrestle long enough to see yourself become the mutually respected veteran.

    With kayfabe dead people can appreciate the artist as much as, if not more than, the art itself.

    That you gave kudos to Lethal for the selling on the handspring is evidence of this.

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  15. 4 hours ago, Tarheel Moneghetti said:

    I figured the Shazam connection was explained earlier in the show (only saw the announcement).

    Or maybe the belt was going to be named the Shazam tittle.

    Or maybe Orange Cassidy was going to yell “Shazam” mid-match and be struck by lightning (I know he’s over, but I’d be ok with this).

    Tony is surprisingly low-key on-screen.  I kinda expect manic energy and a hyper-excited delivery and rarely get it.  I actually think he’d sell the product better if he came across as more excitable.

    OC yells "Shazam!" 

    Lights go out 

    Lights back on 


    It's Batista from his "Chono-titsa" era with the blue jeans and dark aviators!

    Spinebuster. Batista Bomb. 1-2-3.

    STILL your International Champion, Orange Cassidy!

    OC-titsa gives the thumbs up and leaves with the Best Friends, all playing it completely straight, while Danhausen is losing his mind trying to work it out.


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  16. 4 hours ago, Tarheel Moneghetti said:

    So what does Shazam! have to do with renaming the All-Atlantic to the International title?  Especially since “international title” is about as generic a name as there is.  I was confused.

    That was bizarre.

    The way he kept looping around from "Winnipeg -> Level Up -> Shazam -> International -> Winnipeg" followed by the abrupt ending... massive ADHD vibes.

    No issue with that at all but damn dude... You hire people to explain this stuff for you.


    While I've lamented the repeat spots during shows, I've not yet complained about ring gear. Tonight was my breaking point.

    SOMEONE had to grab Top Flight and put them in a different colour scheme. Wearing long black pants with a gold trim, against the JAS who wear... long black pants with a gold trim, was a small thing but it says a lot.

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  17. 8 hours ago, odessasteps said:

    Maybe an unfair comparison, but if FTR come around a few years earlier, are they Damian Wayne and Mike Booth and not the beloved descendants of Mid Atlantic Wrestling and Old School values?

    (Not a criticism of any of the four guys)

    Even their start in NXT wasn't perfect.

    Scott Dawson was a job guy for job guys before he started teaming with Dash Wilder.

  18. 1 hour ago, A_K said:

    To adopt a more serious tone for a moment... * SNIP *



    As negative (and almost nihilistic) as all this is... It's hard to counter argue.

    I think the turning point was when Punk came in. He went through Darby, Kingston, MJF, Page and Mox in the span of 12 months without ever really putting anyone over. Maybe they had plans for the title run but it was as one sided a run as AEW will probably ever have.

    Eddie Kingston has great heat with Jericho. The long term story seemed to be that Eddie was desperate to make Jericho tap out, even if it was at the detriment to his team. 6 months of shmozz booking later and we never got the blow off.

    Jericho in general has been really frustrating. The Inner Circle transforming into the JAS hasn't really presented anything different. I thought they'd be doing a sort of mock style, playing up all the tropes of WWE with a little wink and a nudge but it's really just Chris, Sammy and Hager doing the same thing but with a different tag team to take the falls along the way.

    They paid big money to PAC to do not much of anything.

    They bring in Miro, Black and Andrade as 'under utilized' guys from WWE. Now, I've argued the position of "Not everyone has to be world champion" but these three should be doing a hell of a lot more than they have been. Are Miro and Andrade even with AEW anymore?

    They were building Jade Cargill into a star. I actually applaud the work they did with her up to around 30 or 35-0 but the last few months have been pointless. Why is she not the #1 contender for the Women's title? Why do the likes of Baker, Storm, Saraya etc not go after this title?

    You have FTR with the AAA, NJPW and ROH titles but never pull the trigger to have them holding your titles as well? Even for a short term run? How do you miss that opportunity?

    You build Wardlow turning on MJF pretty perfectly. Then what?

    Buying ROH seemed like an opportunity to create a developmental brand with a bit of history/legacy. Why is it popping up on AEW TV and not as one of the weekly YouTube shows? 

    It seems to be a common theme in AEW - The build/chase is done fairly well, if not excellently, but then there's no follow through. No plan for what happens next.

    When you have a roster this stacked you want to make sure everyone gets some shine, sure, but at the same time you can't have people wandering aimlessly for weeks/months while you work out what they are going to be doing.

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  19. 34 minutes ago, Elsalvajeloco said:

    I cannot imagine being up under those ring lights while fully dressed for the better part of four years.

    Also, it's amazing he managed to sweat profusely when half his offense in matches > than 3 minutes was restholds.

    It's something my wife has noticed about Samoa Joe in AEW; The amount of sweat he drips when he puts people in a chin lock. She's joked that it should be his finishing move. Just grabbing them and dripping sweat on their faces until they give up.

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  20. On 2/17/2023 at 1:18 PM, Elsalvajeloco said:

    I wonder if Vince or any of his acolytes like Bruce or Cornette ever thought about ending the IRS gimmick and going for something less dated. It was fine in 1991 and 1992. 1993...not as fresh but we're transitioning from Hogan to a younger generation so it's halfway acceptable. This fucker is still walking around in a white dress shirt, slacks, and suspenders when 1995(!) rolls around looking like a cosplay office manager. I know they're working with minimum charisma to begin with, but part of creative is to make due with what you have. So at that point, Varsity Club Mike would be a slight step up.

    Having watched the OSW boys go back over this era, I'm more concerned with the uncontrollable sweat this man produced.



    Pics/Gifs of IRS Sweating | Freakin' Awesome Network Forums


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  21. 16 minutes ago, Cobra Commander said:

    Johnny Knoxville gets a WWE title match so Sami can get his win back

    We laugh but Sami vs Logan Paul, or even Sami/KO vs the Paul Bros, would be a huge deal.

    Casual friends of mine LOVE Logan Paul in WWE. He's getting people to check things out.

  22. Don't know what happened there but can't seem to fix it on my phone...

    Anyway I think you could have had a Sami v Cody title match that would mean just as much as (if not more than) Cody vs Roman.

    I have next to no interest in seeing Cody end this run. He absolutely does not need it.

  23. Spoiler

    Cody congratulating Sami but talking about how he's destined to win the title now. That being #30 was a sign that it's meant to be. Really dismissive, patronizing, "I'm the face so everyone love me" type stuff.

    Then Cody slips on a banana peel at Mania and Sami retains. Maybe a Figure 4 roll up or something.

    Rematch at Backlash and Sami wins again, this time with Cody's foot on the ropes or something.

    Cody then takes a step back and we get the KO match being built up for SummerSlam. KO can say that Sami stopped Roman at the Rumble but that doesn't make put them on the same team and that doesn't mean that KO is gonna just lay down.

    Hard fought match and Sami wins.

    Post SummerSlam we do the KOTR. Jey Uso wins it, beating Cody in the Finals. Now we get main event Jey 2.0 vs Sami Zayn late in the year.

    You could certainly crown Jey here but let's ride Sami for the 'best year of his life' and he retains.

    Give him 1 more defence vs say... Balor/Rollins/Theory at the Rumble and then build to Mania.

    Cody wins the Rumble again. This time from number #4 (a number nobody has ever won from) and THIS time he's super face Cody, talking about how last year he thought the story would just unfold for him. That, like when he first came to WWE, he assumed that being the son of Dusty Rhodes meant greatness was a given.

    But now he's realized that everything he's ever achieved in his life, all the accolades he can list all the titles he can name, all the companies he's put on the map... All that was because of hard work.

    Because if Dusty taught him anything it's that there's no shame in being the son of the son of a plumber.

    Mania 40 - Sami Zayn vs Cody Rhodes 3 in the main event. Make it 2/3 falls with Cody saying "there will be no slip ups this time".

    And boom, you get Cody rebuilt in a much more relatable way, you get a year of Sami not knowing 'when the rollercoaster is gonna stop', you get a logical return of Main Event Jey and you have a year of fresh work in the main event scene.


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