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  1. They totally need to shoot Omega v Mox at korakuen with the storyline of Kenny wanting the match on his terms in his back yard. Then they can stick around for the US title match at the dome and Kenny can begin the year build for next years dome with Ibushi.

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  2. Both guys really came to play. The selling was top shelf and the home stretch Miyahara vintage. Great match is a great match but the vested interest would have certainly popped the blood pressure!

  3. I’m curious as to why the talk of fake laughing? It wasn’t Fallon. Seemed pretty clear that Schiavone and Excalibur were having a great time.

    If it wasn’t for you that’s fine. But if you wanted something genuinely creative and not at all taking itself seriously, job done. I’ve been laughing about it ever since.

    Now someone strap Corney to gimmick and alert the local facilities.

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  4. That main event was DDT-tastic. Bonkers, creative and genuinely laugh out loud funny. Exactly what we needed after the last few days, and none of the cinematic trappings of the WWE or Hardy compound efforts. I like my wrasslin’ played straight but it’s pointless right now and I could watch that over and over. A billion stars.

    Genuine respect also for AEW taking the time to talk about Hana. Total class.

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  5. I must confess, a rousing chorus of who gives a shit about Matt Hardy’ does my heart good.

    A bit of mid-card shtick with Chris Daniels is fine for what it will be. 

    I guess we can pad time until Jeff is free for the match with the Bucks and then we can all move on to our jobs at the performance Center.

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  6. At this point Cornette has no option than to either get over his dislike of modern wrestling or quit working the gimmick. 
    That tag match was an easy 5*. Comparing it to a past classic such as a Midnights match is redundant as wrestling has moved on so much since then. For modern style, that was near perfect. There’s an element of emotion and it’s expression that Omega is responsible for that’s never been injected the way it is in his big matches. That match had pacing, layout, story and build that totally took the viewer along. Big near falls, but nothing excessive and all adding to the drama. 

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  7. I like Uncle Dave. I’ve always found him interesting and fairly on the money. That said, listening to him is like pulling teeth. I can’t fathom spending $30 to hear him go ‘umm, err, let me check my notes’ for 2 hours.

    The 1/1 Z1 is always the New Years hangover show especially as it’s usually at lunchtime. That said, Hino and Okabayashi are guaranteed to leather the piss out of each other so that would probably make your trip to Korakuen there.

    I’d try and go to the AJPW on 1/2. AJPW shows are almost always my favourite shows when I go to Tokyo due to the great wrestling and clean finishes. Doubling up with the evening BJW show is always a done deal for me. Always sold out, hot crowd and usually a couple of tip top matches.



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  8. On 11/13/2019 at 10:52 AM, Craig H said:

    Dave and Bryan, among other esteemed writers, keep saying that Omega and Mox were covered in blood after the barbed wire bat and broom stuff. 

    For starters, Dustin in the Cody/Dustin match was covered in blood. Omega and Mox barely bled and when they did it quickly stopped.

    Mox and Omega suffered hardway cuts that quickly stopped. Dustin gigged deeply and hit an artery. Big difference. AEW is going to be a little more giving but they have sponsors and rules. They are not intentionally going to have a total bloodbath.

  9. Precisely. These guys spent weeks promising barbed wire carnage and violence and that’s exactly what the paying punter expected. The hell are you complaining about?

    Cody and Aldis are the best storytellers in the game right now. The stip telegraphed the finish but creates the chase and more possibilities going forward in an interesting and embellishing fashion.

    This company is delivering on all promise and value for buck. 

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  10. It’s left field for them. What they do is push genres, messages and speak out. ‘The kids’ need bands that use their platforms and that’s why they are important right now.

    But hey, getting off track; great show! Shibata’s surely doing a tag at wk right?

  11. 11 hours ago, Curt McGirt said:

    Is he still rocking the jacket? Inquiring hardcore punk obsessives need to know. 

    Also rocking a 1975 ‘People’ t in honour of the years best single and pop’s most important band. Legend.

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  12. So about that card for Royal Quest. Bloody hell, if Melbourne got a show like that Festival Hall would easily do the numbers they were hoping for. That’s how you put on an overseas show to make a statement.

  13. You guys make good points but it’s not really what I was getting at. This show had the skirts, the refs and ring announcers. It was very much a NJPW show. The issue was it was lazy. In conception, promotion and work. As nice as it would be, I can’t expect the whole roster. So fine, use locals, but use them, create draws from guys that already have a local following. A string of matches built on wrestling and not just lazy sequences immediately makes a decent show. 

    I’m not saying everyone has to work like Ospreay, but it’s that attitude that needs to be promoted in the roster. You can’t take this stuff for granted. 2000 in a 4-5000 seat building is a fail.

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