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  1. 20 hours ago, Jerome Miller said:

    Between the giant animated gifs, the "shared articles," and the dumb ass ads, Chrome is so slow when trying to load any article on Deadspin.


    Both Deadspin and Awful Announcing have become poster children for the need for some sort of regulation of Internet advertising.


    if you have a better idea for us to make money, I'm all ears.

  2. Very big caveat re: Fielder, which plays into our A-Rod discussion from the other day.

    Gotta get the rest of that ~$103 million. If the Rangers don't have insurance on the contract....sucks HARD for them.

  3. 1 hour ago, piranesi said:

    So what's the thing where they reflexively say something incredibly ignorant and regressive that they assume will resonate with "sports bros" or whoever their perceived audience is?

    I was kind of calling that a hot take, but maybe I should just go back to calling it "being a racist/sexist/homophobic asshole/douche/cuntfart."

    That's potentially soooo many words though! 


    I personally call them STRONG OPINIONS (all caps, obviously), but you can call them hot takes as well.

  4. A hot take is something people say to get a rise out of people, even though they probably don't believe the opinion and it doesn't have any basis in reality.

    For example - saying Derek Jeter isn't a top ten Yankee ever is a hot take. Saying he's not a top 20 Yankee ever is a MOLTEN take.

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  5. Let's check in with the Arizona Diamondbacks.


    County Supervisor Andy Kunasek sent a letter to Diamondbacks President Derrick Hall as the dispute reached a climax in April, describing the baseball business as "evolving into a parasitic enterprise." He accused Hall of selling a "false narrative," slandering county board members and doing "irreparable harm" to taxpayer confidence in government.

    As Kunasek delivered the letter to the team, he directed a profanity-laced storm at Hall, calling on owner Ken Kendrick to "take your stupid baseball team and get out" and go back to "f--king West Virginia," according to team notes that Kunasek does not dispute

    This is fine.

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  6. The issue is that Time Warner launched the Lakers RSN a year or two earlier, and they want the providers to double dip. If they bundled them for a lower fee per network, this wouldn't be an issue.

    They totally misread the market, especially given the fact that there are two established Fox RSNs in the market already. I'd be pissed if I lived in LA, but I'd get it. They're not just clashing over a few cents here.

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  7. Correct. They're on the hook for the $21 million or whatever next year too. It's not unheard of for this to happen - shit, the Mets ate $21 million on Jason Bay a couple years back. The Dodgers are eating roughly $30 million on Carl Crawford this year and next.

  8. Just now, grilledcheese said:

    I was wondering about how this will all work out. NYY is still on the hook for his salary, correct? If he is released, they pay him until another team picks him up, at which point the responsibility to pay becomes the new club's. Since he won't be picking up with anyone else, don't they still have those dollars on the books for next year?

    They're releasing him on Friday. The contract is guaranteed. If another team signs him, they only pay him the pro-rated portion of the league minimum with the Yankees paying the rest.

  9. Yes. They did quite well. The Lucroy/Jeffress deal gave them more quality over quantity compared to the nixed trade with Cleveland, and they got Lucroy's long-term replacement in the Smith trade.

  10. 19 minutes ago, Craig H said:

    Is Joe Smith any good? The Cubs gave up nothing for him, but I've heard everything from he's old, fat and not good to he posts a good ground-ball rate and will be a useful bullpen addition.

    He's fine. He's a typical trade deadline middle relief addition.

  11. Smith already blew out, so maaaaybe not. Although yes, that trade was widely panned at the time.

    Also, how worthless of a player is Jason Heyward for not winning that game with a walkoff homer and instead just doubling and scoring on a squeeze? Pathetic.

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  12. 4 hours ago, evilwaldo said:

    Remember all of they hype surrounding Cuban players?  Everyone appears to be regretting those deals now.  Mostly Dodgers.

    Even Jose Abreu has struggled to some degree since that rookie year. But the Dodgers gave money to three guys that were complete, absolute busts - and one more that's an insanely talented headcase.

    Also, the money the Padres gave the Braves with Kemp was the money the Dodgers initially gave them with him, so no "extra" cost from SD.

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  13. I firmly believe Rivero will have a higher fWAR over the rest of the season than Melancon.

    No brainer trade for the Pirates since paying closers is dumb.

    Matt Kemp is washed, but Hector Olivera is a shitty human who can't ball at all. Good riddance.

    Havent dove into the Lucroy trade yet, but Cleveland was getting nothing from catcher. He'll help them, not that they need much help in a pitiful AL Central.

    Also, Wade Davis is getting an MRI on his elbow. Imagine if both him and Holland needed TJ in back to back years...again, never pay relievers.

  14. Everyone's opinion on retired numbers is different. Mine is that it's the highest honor that a team can give a player, and should be reserved for legitimate legends. The Mets apparently feel the same way, as the only numbers they've retired are Stengel, Hodges, Seaver, and now, Piazza. I'd much rather a team reserve the honor for icons rather than dish it out to simply "greats" - that's what the team Hall of Fame should be for.

    Some teams, like the Red Sox, actually have specific criteria for retiring numbers. SRSBIZ.

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  15. 1 hour ago, El Dragon said:

     I can certainly buy someone not valuing Gio as a top 30 prospect.

    This is a person I want to meet so I know never to take their opinions seriously.

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  16. I'm not sure which side would be more insane - the Nationals for offering it, or the Yankees for declining it.

    I wonder if they'd decline it because they don't think it's enough, or because they don't want to sell.

  17. They're talking to the Royals about Davis. KC apparently asked for Giolito this week and rightfully got laughed at. They're also talking to the Pirates about Melancon, who would likely come cheaper, but Pittsburgh isn't going to just give him away.

    This could all be solved by just letting Reynaldo Lopez pitch out of the pen...

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