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  1. 1 hour ago, odessasteps said:

    Liked the gags about the 70s show. 
    ‘’Disappointed in the Emil heel turn, as expected. 
    i wonder if they tried to get Byrne for a cameo. 

    I don’t think it was a real heel turn.  The implication was that he was with Intelligencia, but I took it more as they just booked a private event at his place and he didn’t know what kind of group it was.

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  2. On 10/7/2022 at 12:08 PM, Craig H said:

    Yeah, that's fair and makes sense. I wasn't thinking about Damage Control, which I tend to hate as a foil.

    I still think the authorities, whether Damage Control or not, showed up incredibly quickly given all that she did was punch a video wall (even if it apparently also somehow did structural damage).  It wouldn’t surprise me given the nature of the men’s rights troll villains if it’s revealed she was essentially swatted by Intelligencia and the authorities were already on their way.

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  3. I completely forgot Intelligencia was a briefly a real group, so it could be MODOK or the Max Thinker (which could bring Awesome Andy, fitting with the Slott comics they seem to be drawing from), but given the way the show is going I wouldn’t be surprised/kinda hope it’s Red Ghost.  I’d love to see the outrage if the MRA guys ended up getting turned into apes. 

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  4. The courtroom stuff isn’t very accurate, but a)this isn’t even close to being the worst courtroom stuff on TV or even superhero stuff (looking at you, The Flash), and b) this is pretty clearly being played for laughs, so personally I give it more leeway than something trying to deal with things seriously and failing miserably (you again, The Flash).

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  5. If this is one of the worst episodes, then this will end up being a perfectly fine show.  Not great, not bad, just fine.

    I did think the CGI looked the clunkiest it has yet, with some pretty mechanical movements and some funky lighting, particularly the Wrecking Crew fight.  After the credits, I was thinking how I wanted more Titania when I realized we’ll probably get that next week with her presumably being behind the Wrecking Crew.

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  6. Presumably it’s old footage of the fight just now surfacing, and Emil/Jen will have to explain how he got in and out without being noticed, etc…

    I liked this episode. So far it’s been decent world-building. I was amused by Titania, super-powered influencer.  Jen losing via mistrial due to jury prejudice was actually a realistic response to what happened.

    I wonder if Mephisto is one of Emil’s seven soulmates (in all seriousness, I’m assuming it’s Elaine and the Thunderbolts).

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  7. Apparently “people” online are mad Jen was able to control the Hulk side so easily when it took Bruce so long to do so. It seems pretty obvious to me that the No-Prize explanation is that’s because Bruce took the brunt of a full on gamma explosion while Jen just got a couple of drops of gamma-radiated blood mixed with hers.  Why would anyone expect the exact same reaction to occur in that instance?

    In unrelated news, there’s this:

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  8. This was apparently originally supposed to be like the sixth or eighth episode, but they thought it would give the audience more emotional connection to Jen to be the first.

    Everything I’ve read makes it sound like they were really struggling to find the right tone and balance (apparently they even had comic book editor notes that Jen eventually started arguing with at some point of the writing/filming stage). 

  9. I read another review on Twitter of the first four episodes that sounded similar to @TheVileOne’s above, so I’ve been more hesitant about this show than any other MCU show this far, especially with the legal aspect.  That said, I was pleasantly surprised by the first episode.  The “You use it. Implied endorsement.” “Don’t lawyer me.” exchange was low key some of the most realistic lawyer banter I think I’ve seen on TV, and the limited firm/courtroom stuff was all fine. 

    A lot of really good sitcoms took a season or so to find the out footing, so I won’t be surprised if this is an uneven season. That’s doubly so if they really did start out writing it as more of a legal drama.  I doubt we’ll get my ideal MCU Night Court version of the show, but it has promise so far.

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  10. 8 hours ago, RIPPA said:

    Nexstar is officially becoming the owner of CW

    They are buying a 75% stake from WB/Discovery and Paramount (each will split the remaining 25%)

    The sale is supposed to close sometime during the third quarter

    According to the Nexstar CEO, the average age of the CW viewer is 58, so they’re changing their programming to target… the 58 yr olds they’re already attracting?

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  11. 31 minutes ago, Blue Dragon said:

    I didn't watch the series but DC Superhero Girls is cancelled.

    IIRC, it was created by the creator of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. My daughter never got into it because of change in the animation style from the prior SHG show.

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