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    So that ending was just mental, right?  Like if anyone who wasn't following closely tuned into the last 15 minutes, that must have seemed like the most bizarre sequence of events and character reactions.


    This angle is being booked according to the Werner Herzog school of philosophical ecstasy (yes, I watched the TCM show about FRITZCARRALDO tonight)...Like, I could hear his voice:


    "The giant has made the mistake of claiming humanity in the natural world, a world made up of only fornication and asphyxiation.  His folly is to believe in the fairy tale of morality that we learn as children so that our parents might sleep at night without fear that we will kill them.  The small bearded man has embraced the pain and the chaos that is the order of the world.  He will thrive and breathe deeply until his slaughter which will happen soon.  Which will suffer more?  Undoubtedly the giant."


    You are A-#1 and the best piranesi. 


    I caught the end. Cody promo was fantastic, then they had the super squash. I thought Orton was gonna prop him up for an RKO actually. Folks really need to be patient, I have no idea why this would make you stop watching entirely.


    It won't.


    I asked this last month but I think it got lost amongst the postmodernism:


    Is there a Best of WCW Saturday Night set anyone knows of? Or best of WCWSN/Pro/Worldwide?


    There is definitely no "official" set, but I know you can find torrents of complete episodes. 


    An "unofficial" best of the B-shows" comp, of only the Saturday & syndicated shows would have potential for some good stuff. 


    Those sets would be a dream.  I'm sucker for those shows over Nitro and Thunder because of the odd match-ups and appearances.  I always loved that futuristic, sci-fi designed Saturday Night set and the show open too.

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  3. That Hogan strap promo isn't too bad but who the hell came up with that name for the match?  Just call it a strap match.  I do love hearing Hogan say "a-cha" every time he swings the strap at the floor.  Also, I'd love one of those yellow on red Hulkster shirts for the gym.  The yellow letters really stand out.


    The Prince doesn't look so good looking, btw.  Maybe that was the idea, I don't know. 

  4. Swagger doesn't have half the charisma or presence Sid had, for one thing.  Sid wasn't amazing but at times, he looked like a draw and came across very well.  Swagger has proven after all these several years that he just isn't very interesting or worthy of a top spot.  The way they've booked him in the past doesn't matter, he just isn't extremely good.

  5. I hope Bryan doesn't just keep coming at these guys with nothing to back him up.  He'd be a pretty big idiot not to come armed next time for these guys.  Of course, I'm using logic here.


    Chances this leads to a War Games match in a few months at that new PPV (Battleground) with The Shield, Orton (maybe HHH) vs. Bryan, Big Show, Ziggler, Henry (maybe Punk/Christian or another 5th guy)?


    I would love that, but don't see it happening. A Survivor Series match at that PPV is more likely.


    Wow, 3 more months of this would be terrible, if it led to SS!

  7. It'd be great if Dolph ended saying fuck it and helped DB.  Tonight, he'd have gotten a huge fucking reaction and gained some great momentum going forward.  Of course, he'd be fired so they'd need something to cover him.


    Some of you are forgetting that Bryan is supposed to be an underdog.  Him getting beaten up two weeks in a row is ok.  If it happens again and again and again, then there's a problem.  However, right now he is fine.  Did you hear his reaction tonight?


    BTW, why do wrestlers feel like they have to paint over someone's car to get revenge?  Why the hell don't they just act like men and take a baseball bat to the damn thing, like an ordinary person would do?

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  8. After I yelled at my daughter for staying up late secretly in her room I had to try to explain to her why the good guys were all "wimps" and I just couldn't.  i get what they are going for and I understand it and in a sense it is working at making Bryan a super face (not that he really needed the help).  But they are incredibly thin on babyfaces right now and at this point he only guy in the promotion who I would even think about cheering for as a fan is Bryan.  If Show knocks out HHH it will be lovely, but it will also probably feel like too little too late.


    I liked Bryan v. Rollins parts but a lot of it really annoyed me and man do I hate top rope Germans as a rule.  Rollins crazy bump was great though.  And Orton v. Del Rio was good.


    On the other hand RVD is fucking horrific.  Just awful in every respect.  And that divas match.  Ugh.  There were some awful, awful botches this week that were just hard to look past.  


    My wife being in the room for the Heyman/Punk segment was something.  She wanted to know what the gay lovers quarrel was about and it was impossible to explain to her.  I thought it was a terrible, awful segment but I'm sure it will get love because people worship at the altar of Heyman.  And that's mine  For my taste I'll take Zeb's hatemonger promo every time.  


    As a whole I thought the show was really bad

    How the hell are they thin on babyfaces?  That's all they have right now who are credible.  The heels are the problem since hardly any of them have been protected except The Shield and Orton.  Guys like Del Rio are bums right now.  At least, since WWE has always been face centric, the fans at least take the faces somewhat seriously.

  9. I don't get really into things much these days but I really wanted Big Show to fucking say enough is enough.  I was getting pissed and he should've decked them and said fuck it, I'm the Big Show.  That crowd was nuts for DB and that German Superplex came at just the right time.  Also, Triple H is coming across like a MAJOR dick and I love it.  He better get what's coming to him sometime down the road and it better be at the hands of Bryan.


    Why are they still not pushing Darren Young as a singles guy? 

  10. Watching 1995 Saturday Night from January and Hogan sure is corny.  We had a Vader interview where he kept saying the "demon is pain."  I don't know what that meant but he sure looked awesome.  Mean Gene is usually pretty forward in getting guys off his back during interviews but when Vader got in his face, he made sure to use the term please. 


    Beautiful Bobby fought Dave Sullivan.  Bobby had an awesome mullet and Sullivan looks like a bloated, ugly Hogan with a little more hair.  I was sure Evad was going over but his brother Dave came in and cost him the match and I haven't popped that hard in ages. 


    Dustin Rhodes fought Carl Fergy in a nothing match as Blacktop Bully, Meng, and Col. Parker watched.  Parker really had an awesome stable around this time with the Bully, Meng, Dirty Dick and Bunkhouse.  Parker apparently was responsible for bailing out Bully from jail and getting him his truck back.  Awesome.


    We're up to Harlem Heat v. Stars and Stripes for the tag belts.

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