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  1. Really, the show wasn't too bad if you take out everything after Brock's elimination.  That first match was pretty damn good, and the tag match was good too.  The Divas match and the US title match were solid but not as good.  There is something off, to me, about Charlotte. 


    AJ's name being said so many times by Cole was surreal, even though he didn't do really anything.  The crowd wanted a Styles Clash, and of course, they didn't get it.  Jericho's gut is reaching Matt Hardy levels, and I'm surprised they didn't make him wear a shirt.  He basically did nothing for the entire match but look old.  I'm already sick of Braun and the constant protecting of him in this match.  The guy can barely clothesline someone properly.  He's good at standing there like a geek and probably flipping tires outside the Performance Center, or something.  Even Brock sold for this idiot.  It's nights like this that I get so infuriated at Vince for shoving guys like him down our throats, and not giving people what they want.  The Roman show continued and he got booed like crazy.  I found myself hoping he'd win, just for the glorious reaction.  HHH winning was predictable and lame, and they could have probably gotten to their Mania program without him winning the belt/strap/WWE World Heavyweight Championship of Championships.  They had another opportunity to totally establish a mid-card guy like Dean, or Owens, or even Bray, and they didn't.  Now, we're guaranteed more of Monday Night Reigns until past Mania because I pretty much guarantee Reigns is winning the belt at the show.


    I assume it'll be Bray/Lesnar, as well for Mania, and god knows who Taker is going over on.  Maybe Owens.  I also forgot to mention that I'm happy that Sasha is hopefully getting the strap soon, she's money.

  2. I only caught the main event, and boy was it dreadful until the home stretch.  The finish was a little soft, I thought.  I enjoyed the beat-down afterwards more than the match.  Roman looked pretty bad ass with all the chair shots and kicking the shit out of Triple H.  I'm very curious to see if they can follow-up on this thing.  With a guy like Reigns, booking is the key to his success, since Roman himself ain't doing anyone any favors.  If they can't make this work after that beat-down, it's back to square one.

  3. I loved the shit out of the book segment with Owens and Ryback.  Besides the premise of it, Ryback sounds fucking like he is reading from a script right in front of him.  Owens, the big badass, is cutting down Ryback for being an intellectual.  No one even got hit with the book though.  Owens should have clocked him with the book and revealed he had some tiny steel plate inside the pages.  Ryback really seems like the type of guy who would have done much better if they had just given him bullet points and he just came out and cut a promo.


    Also, I now want either/or Owens/Ryback to come and read books and poetry every week.  The Poetry Corner with the Big Guy!

  4. I've managed to get through around 40 episodes of 1997 RAW in the last month or two, and it's been a wild ride.  I've got two more episodes of the year and I'm already put off by DX for most of what they do.  I get that their gimmick was to be guys who fucked around and didn't take much seriously but they go a little too far in just getting themselves over.  Screw everyone else.  I get it, they're known for that kind of shit but it's just very irritating.  I used to love them, as a kid/teen, but looking back they were terrible for business.  I've still got 3 or so months of these idiots left.


    Also, I find Chyna oddly attractive.





    Am I correct in remembering that Vince blew one quad sliding into the ring and blew the other by favoring the injured leg?  Fucking spectacular.  Remember, kids: too much steroids, bodybuilding, and no other training means your muscles will be all show and no go.  Seriously, do not just shoot yourself full of irradiated horse piss and do 3000 leg extensions.


    The fact that he stays in character the entire time is the best part.  I imagine he was in an incredible amount of pain, but he is going to get that angle over no matter what.


    He looked more like he was completely pissed, which would be more closer to his actual personality, I guess.  The guy probably felt humiliated given that he hates people to see his weaknesses/issues.

  6. I wasn't very impressed by TripleMania at all.  This was my first lucha show in a while and most of the matches were largely forgettable or even downright awful.  The Villanos match was god awful.  The only memorable matches were the last two.  Rey/Mysteziz was pretty solid and well worked and the latter's heel turn was nice.  He worked heel the whole match and it was pretty cool.  I'm assuming he'll be the one losing the mask.


    Hugo and Stryker had terrible chemistry.  Matt would try and set shit up and Hugo would strike out bad.  They were on two different planets.

  7. I was considering cancelling until they started uploading 1997 RAW, now I'm hooked.  That was always my favorite year for the WWE/WWF.  It felt so fresh, plus it still had remnants of traditional WWF.  It seemed to take all the good things about 90's WWF, up to that point, and then threw in a ton of interesting new things. 


    I'm up to the show after Cold Day in Hell, in May.  The Shamrock/Vader match from that show was incredible and felt very fresh, and I enjoyed it more than the Taker/Austin main event.  The latter bored me initially but I got into it more as it progressed.  I think on the go-home show for CDIH, the Undertaker seemed like a giant afterthought.  Now, apparently we're getting Faarooq/Taker at KOTR.  I think I'll skip that one.  On a final note, for the RAW show after CDIH, Vince stopped doing his elaborate, dramatic intros for guys he was interviewing.  The guys just sorta walked down to the ring and Vince said nothing.  I liked his throaty intros.


    All I ever care about these days, for E3, is Nintendo.  Maybe we'll hear about the next console or something.


    Eh, when they mentioned NX for the first time, they said "You'll hear more about it next year". So I wouldn't get your hopes up. This year will be all about Star Fox and mobile games for Nintendo, I think.


    I'm not really getting my hopes up much.  I got tired of doing that after the Wii-U announcement back in 2011.

  9. All I ever care about these days, for E3, is Nintendo.  Maybe we'll hear about the next console or something.  My hopes for a redeeming Sonic game are gone too (Sonic Boom was terrible, obviously, but the couple before that were decent to good).


    I feel kinda sorry for Luna, especially after having read her WON obit.  She dealt with insecurities regarding her looks and it all started with that gif, it seems.  She had to keep that look for the rest of her life.  Must have been rough.


    Do you have a public link to this obit?



    Not public but if you have a WON/F4W sub, the 9-6-10 Observer has the obit.

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