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  1. I started watching 96 Nitros and have been having fun with them.I think I started with the Memorial Day show because I wanted to see Hall debut again, which was pretty cool.  I actually thought the Enos/Steve Doll match that he interrupted was pretty fun until the commercial.  Enos fucking charged at him and they both went flying over the top.

    I've been skipping around mostly, stopping at the clubbering big men matches usually.  I'm still trying to figure out why John Tenta decided to keep half his hair for weeks without shaving the rest, after Big Bubba shaved him.  Schiavone said he was using it as a reminder of the embarrassment but that doesn't even make sense.  Poor guy had to walk around for weeks like that.

    I've been really impressed by The Giant and how decent he was as the wrecking machine until Hog Wild.  I also loved how Meng was trying to pick a fight with Lex Luger during the big backstage nWo angle where they destroyed everyone.  I didn't like seeing him and the Barbarian though dressed in business pants.  To me, they should be in some sort of jungle attire or something, eating plates full of meat while everyone else is worrying about Bagwell and Rey getting helped.

  2. I like Lawler much better now.  He isn't quite back to his 90's heel days but he is becoming way more refreshing than the last several years.  I have no earthly clue why Saxton is there as I think he just adds clutter.  Mauro and Lawler are perfect with this dynamic and Saxton adds nothing, and he's boring. 


    I'm starting to think I should be watching more of this show as it just seems really low-key and simple, compared to RAW.  I only really caught Reigns and the Owens/AJ match, from Hulu, but maybe I should catch more of the show.  Reigns is awful and boring when he speaks and I'm starting to really sour on the guy.  I used to think he had some potential but now I just think he is boring and I'm not sure I'd even enjoy a heel turn.


    Owens/AJ was pretty short but nice, and you just know those two are gonna work together a lot more.

  3. Did some of you expect any different, regarding the booking of AJ?  Did you expect him to be the exception to the rule, and be some golden boy, hand picked by Vince to the lead the company alongside Roman?  Just enjoy the product and wait to complain until the next match.  Thanks to the super thin roster, mixed with having to produce 6 or so hours of new programming per week, these programs have to span several matches, and you can't expect AJ to win them all.  IMO, 50/50 is just a result of having too much wrestling to produce with so few wrestlers.  None of this means AJ won't be main eventing, or at least have a strong position in the company, in the years to come.

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