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  1. 7 hours ago, D.Z said:

    Thunderdome probably moving to Tropicana Field, so more screens.

    I wonder if they'll allow more fans in. I think Desantis lifted limits on occupancy at the arena owners discretion but of course, I don't expect Tropicana to allow anything close to full occupancy. But, knowing the WWE and Vince...

  2. Just now, paintedbynumbers said:

    Funny enough ICW is doing an iron man death match tonight?  Not sure I've ever seen one of them before and kudos in advance to both guys who will likely bleed buckets for 60 mins.  Oh and Meng is also on the card!

    Now, I want to see that more than Turning Point. Is it just Meng beating the shit out of geeks with barb wire for 60 minutes?

  3. 3 hours ago, BobbyWhioux said:

    Wrestlemania 12 soured me on the 60 minute iron man match forever, so yes.

    It also intrudes on/limits the rest of your card in a way that the 30 minute iron man match doesn't, so there's that to consider as well.

    You go away now for that opinion

    That match is still my favorite WWE match. I thought wrestling was still real for that show and I cried everytime Shawn was working underneath. I had a fricken' Bible out praying that he'd win during the match. That's emotion, baby.

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  4. So, I was just paying attention to this show through the BOARD, and I thought I'd tune into the show at 10 to see what Underground was like, thinking it would be something different.  To no surprise, nothing looked different and the write-ups for the Underground shit sound terrible and lame.  My heart goes out to people who faithfully watch this shit every week.

  5. Why isn't Heath fighting Drew at Extreme Rules?  Honestly, as a former WWE supporter, I would consider watching the show if they had that program and just stuck to authentic storytelling.  Heath just wants one shot at the belt so that he can tell his kids he had the opportunity.  If he fails, he fails but he's proud.

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  6. I asked this over at the WON boards and never got an answer.  Has there been any word as to why Shayna and Bianca Belair haven't been on the product in weeks?  Does it have to do with some sort of quarantine or are they just not being used for some idiotic reason so that a youngster like Nia Jax can have their spot?

  7. Very enjoyable and quick show with some good wrestling.  Wardlow and Lucha worked their asses off in the opener, and I didn't expect to see such a decent match.  

    After all these years, I finally remember how intense of a promo Taz is.  I do wonder if Cage's match with Mox is even going to happen though.  (I guess he might not be there, since Renee has COVID)

    FTR/SCU was pretty incredible, and FTR continue to look like stars.  They may have taken a sizable pay decrease but I bet both of them are happy since in AEW tag teams can be seen as stars, and they can wrestle matches like this one pretty regularly.  It's impossible for teams in the WWE to be stars these days since the division is such a throwaway, and it's been that way for at least the last two decades.  Hell, they might've been released anyways if they had stayed and re-signed.  FTR vs. every other team is going to be straight fire.  That tag vignette with JR was real good, too.

    Britt was good as usual, and Tony isn't a very good friend for not helping her out.

    The Shida/Ford angle was pretty decent and intense, and Kip's missing lense was funny.

    Cody's red suit was glorious, and the whole press conference angle was unique.  Hager looked decent and that's better than looking bad, and he seemed to be in his element.

    The final angle was pretty good, and I have to think that OC is going over, and he definitely should.  Jericho has nothing to lose and a win for OC will continue his momentum.  I shudder to think of how the WWE would've handled OC, or anyone on this show for that matter.

    The Hardy/Santana match wasn't much and it stinks seeing Santana lose.  Sammy not being there for the fight was disappointing, plus his karaoke for Jericho.  

    Pretty great show, overall.  Nowadays, I don't even flip to NXT on commercials, and just stick to CNN.

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  8. My main takeaway is that FTR looked more like stars than they ever did in the WWE, in just a few short minutes.  They came in, riding a badass truck, and made the save for the Bucks, and looked like a million bucks.  They look like superstars because of sensible booking and protection.  This felt like a big moment, even without a proper crowd.

    The show was pretty damn good.  The pep rally was fun but I feel the Tyson thing was a little derivative of the 98 angle but a fight between Jericho and Tyson probably should have a pull-apart.  Hopefully, they'll get good publicity out of a potential match and Jericho will probably shine in it.

    Britt's segment was incredible and it has opened my eyes to the "deep state" atmosphere going on in AEW.  Aubrey must be jealous of her success or something.  One thing I did notice is that Aubrey is friends with Tony Schiavone.  Makes you think if he is in on the plot to take our great Britt down.

    Hager sounded great with his poem and it going off the rails.

    I don't feel like going through everything but I really enjoyed the show, and if this is how they do post-PPV shows with no crowd, they'll be fine.  I'm no longer worried about guys like Rusev having to debut without a crowd.  He'll be fine.

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  9. Ok folks, I'm having an issue.  First, I put up the next installment ranking WWE heel champs, The Iron Sheik.

    I want to continue reviewing shows like Prime Time but I can't remember the program I used to use to make gifs.  Does anyone know of any good ones?  I had one on my old PC where I could just drag a transparent screen over something on my PC and start recording but I can't remember the name of the program.

  10. I enjoyed the show, especially the main event, which I thought was really good.  As a go-home show, I don't think it got me too excited for anything but the Stampede match but that's a fine match to build around.  Brodie and Mox was okay but not as good as the build-up to Mox/Jericho.  Brodie should have gotten over better the fact that he was sacrificing 10 to Moxley, in his promo.  Schiavone at least directly pointed that out.  I never really expected Brodie to win the belt anyways but I bet they'll both work real hard in the match.

    The women's match wasn't great and I hope Britt is okay.  Shida really needs to win especially after getting destroyed with a kendo stick and then beat clean.  Plus, who else is going to beat Nyla?  There are no faces unless you build someone up, plus Shida is real good and can actually work, and will probably pair well with Baker.

    Cassidy/Fenix was pretty darn fun but the distraction finish was a little played out despite serving as protection for Orange.  MJF/Marko was pretty fun too.

    They already had me for DON but like I said, if I were just tuning in, I'd probably be only excited for the Stampede match but that does have a ton of star power.  Plus, Hangman's dash was insane and he didn't even look blown up.  Take that, Warrior.

  11. This was certainly the most must-see show they've done since COVID started.  My one gripe is having dozens of people there at one time, but they were careful and a lot of people were wearing masks too.  The optics though but I guess DeSantis can't shut them down without shutting down his cashcow WWE too.

    The main event was a blast, like someone else said.  The golf cart spots were wild and fun and Kenny looked great tonight.  The Matt Hardy changing gimmicks spots were goofy but they worked.  

    Brodie Lee looked and sounded great and I'm sure his match with Moxley will be good.  The Mox/Kazarian was pretty good and you can tell they went out there and tried to have a good match.

    Cody/Janela was pretty decent and Cody seemed to work more like a face this week.  

    Archer still looked amazing and I bet he'll take the belt at DON with Cody chasing down the road.  The Spears vignette added a little to this story too.

    Nyla was ok but Britt was better.  Someone needed to go find her shoe, for christ sake.

    DON is finally getting some matches, which is good.  The atmosphere tonight was better than it's been since COVID started and everyone seemed to be having fun.  I'm glad they tested everyone, or at least they say they did.  Pineapple Pete/Jericho should be fun too.

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