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  1. Brooklyn Creed held her own for "most memorable hair" in a match involving Marti Belle. Nice of Marti to offer instant translation services too.

    Also, multiple Trevor Murdoch wins on TV in 2019! Whoo!

    Edit: holy lord, that was an amazing way to sell the Question Mark's finisher. Love that Question Mark was getting chanted during Eli Drake doing pretty much the same promo he does every time

    Also.... having a big argument as Dokken plays was sort of an odd decision, presentation-wise...

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  2. 1) the WWE should just put one of the less promising NXT guys into the Sin Cara gimmick and act like he never left. There's gotta be somebody down there that can jump on that trampoline and not fuck it up.

    2) WALTER would be the European Champion if this was another time. Also sounds like they went with the Teddy Long booking philosophy there.

    3) One could argue that Lana seems less sincere with her FSU Cowgirls voice... but how sincere should "person who is blatantly lying to gain an edge" be anyways?

  3. watched the 3 seasons in under a week..

    Joyce sorta went in the "Lois from Malcolm in the Middle" direction at times during S3. Neither Byers son really did much with their season 3.

    Season 3 sorta had a Spiderman 3 sort of thing where they were trying to do two simultaneous storylines where it got sort of implausible that either could be overcome. Also it kinda got to the point where it felt like the writers put things in such a corner that they went with "just have Eleven show up and do stuff" to get out of danger. Aside from when they went to "just have Dustin show up and somehow save Steve/Robin"

    Leaving aside the argument about "Russians in Indiana in the mid-80s" since this is a show where there's a monster controlling people and all. The base under the mall aspect may have not been very subtle in a few ways.

    The Flayer's plan to get Eleven was sorta flawed. Okay, you have Billy, and his stepsister is a friend of the people you want to get, and the plan to lure them in involves having Billy go for a lifeguard and her newspaper editor father. Like the Flayer was more concerned about making sure he stayed out of the newspapers than actually getting into the loop of the friends.

    Then again, I guess the plan to lock Billy in a sauna until something.. or "I should lock myself in a room to get away from this liquid monster" plans weren't smart either, so..

    Nancy having mid-80s Madonna hair for an entire season was neat.

    Getting outside of Hawkins means what.. a season where Eleven/Will/Jon/Joyce are one of the clusters having to deal with things. Will the long burn of Episode 7 of S2 lead to having some of those characters showing up again.

  4. yeah, the whole "one show is in commercial while the other is in commercial" thing is either somebody not being good at counterprogramming or somebody being good at it.. from what i've seen so far, I think the NXT matches are probably better on average, but the AEW matches are longer, so it's possible to watch a match for awhile on AEW and miss multiple NXT matches live. I've sorta taken the "change the channel at a break" approach to the simultaneous programs (similar to my approach with radio presets while driving).

    So this week was a good week for the stature of HHH in the future scheme of things, since his guys essentially had to step up due to certain "difficulties" on Friday and there's at least a short-term boost.

  5. one of you will have to check to see if the topic of UFO's came up..


    UFOs are real, and aliens have been living among us all along! UFO expert SMQ reveals what his top-secret government source has revealed to him about their existence, what the human race needs to do prepare, and why the US government is allowing so much information to be released now. He explains the CIA’s “Gateway Process,” what the Mandela Effect has to do with UFOs and aliens, and the real truth about the moon which is actually an alien satellite made of metal.

    yes, that's a TIJ episode description.. not even a Halloween week one (like the Bigfoot episode)

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  6. 2 hours ago, West Newbury Bad Boy said:

    Oy vey.


    I just checked the Florida voter registration records, and Jericho is registered No Party Affiliation. So, he's telling the truth about himself (technically, people who do volunteering might be a bit more cynical about self proclaimed independents who always vote for the same party).

    NPA is not to be confused with "the independent party" which was where people on Florida ended up registered if they wrote Independent on their registration, Macho Man Randy Savage was registered into that "party", for example.

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