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  1. It’s an interesting trend in streaming shows to release a couple of episodes from the outset.  Having seen that choice made a few times now, I can see why.  Especially, with a new untested show.  

    If those eps are all character/story table setting.  Then I say go for it.  The Peter Jackson movies were a generation ago.  No doubt there are people checking this out who know nothing of the movies or source material.  This is largely a good thing.  

    I’ve enjoyed these much more than I thought I would.  Which seems like a common reaction.  But I have to wonder if my perspective isn’t skewed because there was a fuck ton of negative bullshit on YouTube doing everything they could to torpedo the show before anyone had even seen it.

    But hey!  It’s not bad at all!  The actors seem comfortable in their roles and are well directed.  The production values are top notch and seamless with prior productions.  

    I’m still trying to catch up on names.  So it’s still “Hot Single Mom” “Hot Single Moms Elf boyfriend” “Big Eyes Lady” and “Hunky Raft Fellow”.  Galadriel.

    I’ll get it eventually. Good times.  


  2. I think Log is on to something with his post concerning trust.  I trust AEW.  I mean… I’m not going to let Tony Khan fuck my girlfriend or anything. But I have little to no hesitation spending my time and money on 50 dollar PPVs after years of paying 9.99 a month.  

    Dax Harwood is so my current WOTY that it got me off my dead ass and dropped a couple of bucks on ROH tickets.  Top to bottom the best live show I’ve ever attended in person.

    If I were capable I’d do a cartwheel.

    I’m not blind though.  As positive as I am about AEW.  I even had the thought when ever I’d hear some podcast interview where somebody goes on about how much love, harmony, and rock n’ roll the AEW locker room is… I’d think “Yeah, that ain’t gonna last”.  

    But so fucking what.  That squash was totally awesome and memorable and a huge storyline milestone for the company.  It got applause for the tie up.  

    Obviously I’m All In.  Because I trust AEW.  

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  3. Well… they got the belt off of him.  

    A slip on a banana peel squash was a pretty good way of getting through some of the changed plans.  Whatever happened before to change those plans no longer matters.  What was done last night was done with something in mind for the ppv.  So it should make for a great show.  

    Looking forward to PAC/Osprey.  That was some good shit brother.


  4. Hook gives me hope for America’s youth.

    Interesting how the tag title match played out.  For a moment I was getting kind of snarky over the announcers calling Private Party “kids”.  I’m like:  “Come on!  Let them grow up.”  But ultimately I got what I asked for as they kicked out of a parade of killer death moves.  Went down dying hard.  Loved it.  I like Swerve so much more with Keith Lee.  

    Awesome sell of Athena’s finisher from Ford.  


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  5. Next week sure is gonna be something.

    When I heard the title match was moved up.  My first instinct says somebody backstage is like “we gotta get the title off this guy”.  That is if I’m to take any of this backstage news at all seriously.  

    I’m going to be careful not to judge too quickly here.  If this really stems from a vague reference to Colt I’m gonna roll my eyes.  After all the shit talk in promos between Punk and MJF.  I’m actually MORE surprised it didn’t come out more blatantly there.  How does Punk even entertain the idea that it doesn’t come up? At all?  Really?  From the guy that likes pipe bombs?  Just make boo boo face after work.  Brother.

    So much “for not judging too quickly.  I’m gonna need someone to eyeroll me too.  

    By the way… Naturals posting of that HHH promo on Punk definitely “hits differently” now than it did then.  

    If it’s a worky/shoot.  Then fine.  Might as well make it one at this point.  But hasn’t AEW been planting seeds for this the whole time?  Punks uncertainty over which tunnel to go down?  “Be careful what you ask for…” Telling Page “it’s just business and he taking things too personally”?  Dogging on Long Island for a week afforded them a chance to have a heel Punk poke his head out.

    It has been an hour since I finished that paragraph.  

    I’ll ask this.  Is AEW doomed?  Is this inevitable backlash fallen in star alignment to snakebite the show as a whole?  Or is it an occupational dispute that’ll eventually iron out like wrinkles?

    Also where would AEW be right now if they HAD left the belt on Hangman?  An Omega rematch?


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  6. When Punk says he is “Dollars and Cents” he kinda means it.  He isn’t wrong about that either.  

    I’d say Punk having a loss (even a bullshit loss) in his first year is getting good mileage bookingwise.  I honestly think it’s about time for Punk to turn heel anyway.  The big return, big feuds, took him all the way to the title.  Oops.  Got injured!  “Smooth”.  

    It was a good run.  But it got allll fucked up with the injury.  Let’s be bitter.  

    I can’t judge Punk.  I’m repressing a lot of anger too.

    Did I say that out loud?

  7. A weekly live Friday Night show starting at 9pm on the east coast has a lot of potential to widen the scope in that more adult in tone delivery AEW seems to favor.  Additionally, another live hour mean more slotting in bigger longer matches.  

    Eventually those pillars are going to need to be a roof.

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  8. 10 hours ago, DEAN said:


    Good grief!  Why didn’t my parents have the good sense to name me that.


    The Redbeard fellow sure is a quality professional wrestler.  He really has turned me around with his sporadic AEW appearances.  He really worked that crowd.  Give the man a few more opportunities I say.  I also would enjoy watching this team continue.  

    I thought the main event was awesome.  OC works because his character is somewhat minimalist but never shallow.  He illustrates this with spots like the “let me pin you, roll away” segment.  But it’s all slight of hand because before you know it you’re in a pretty great rasslin’ match.  Storyline wise The Trustbusters had a notable night over a couple of segments and did manage to hold it together going 2 and 2 with the Parker win, not getting OC to join, or Daivari winning his match, yet avenging all that by having the big plot twist be the Sonny heel turn and getting OCs spot instead.  Phew!

    I don’t know much about Skye Blue beyond her AEW work.  But I get the sense that there is more there in the ring for her than what’s been presented so far.  If her jobs keep going the way they have.  I can see a the crowd building up behind a good ole underdog baby face.  More judo Tay, less Sammy everything.  Kidding!

    That reminds me.  I would like to apologize for my prior comments about Warhorse.  I suppose there was a kernel of truth in my shameful comments (that I shall not repeat here).  My intention was merely bust some balls and get a laugh.  I’ve seen exactly ONE Warhorse match ever and am not at all qualified to even make an assessment of his validity.  Sorry Mr. Horse.  Be more like Warhorse and less like Brandon Bones.

    Thank you.

    Hook had the unfortunate coincidence of using the word “Yup” right after this weeks Better Call Saul.  Additionally he forgot how to be stoic while whatshisnuts from NJ was doing whatever that was.

    Another match that took place during the show was Dispensary Weed vs. Good Old Drug Dealer Weed.  It went to a 4hour 20minute time limit draw.

    Play me off Keyboard Cat.


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  9. Well this show was a good time.

    Loved the opener with Darbs and Brods killing themselves for my amusement.  At one point I cringed seeing Brody walking around with tacks still stuck in his stomach.  Gnarly.

    I was distracted during the Lucha team match.  So I can’t comment.  But my chicken Alfredo was excellent.

    Really loved the title match.  One of the best uses of The Walls in a long long time.  Mox sold the fucking fuck out of it.  He really is The Man right now.  Excellent.  

    Happy to see cave dweller Punk make a good return that legit surprised me.  If I have to go grey.  Can it least be in cool Reed Richards streaks?

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  10. Is it me or is it weird that the D+ content is overlapping in its release times.  While for the last few weeks there hasn’t been anything being churned out.  I would have figured (and how the app started up) seemed to suggest a one-at-a-time release schedule to drive focus to the new hot thing.

    Earlier this year I had been hearing that Obi Wan and Bad Batch might have had some overlap weeks.  Which I thought was a bad idea to have both out there and shave off you audience from OWK or outright kill TBB.  Thankfully, they moved things around.

    I might be way off in understanding viewing habits in this new age of streaming services.  But at a surface level it seemed sound.

  11. 4 minutes ago, grilledcheese said:

    If I had a wrestling school, I'd paint this on the wall like suburban assholes do with "Live Laugh Love". 

    That guy sucks out loud. I have zero idea how that low-rent horseshit got to be such a big deal. 

    I’m sure the novelty of the gimmick must appeal to someone somewhere.

    Like that one casual fan that only shows up once a year at Mania and talks about the fucking Boogeyman all night.  He’d be a Warhorse fan.  

    And then you look at your friend through with Boogyfan is connected.  And he is all: “I’m sorry.  He is my sisters fiancé and she begged me for him to meet the guys.”

    Blah blah blah… fuck off.  That guy.


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  12. I keep being distracted because my instincts keep telling me Mance is doing a Steve Austin impression.  It was a good promo though.  That being said I wasn’t really into this match with Mox.  They sold it prior as a fighty brawl brawl.  Instead it was whatever this mish mash of bleeding and leglocks was supposed to be.  I’ll give Warner another shot if AEW does.  But I don’t think he got much out of this.  Don’t be a Warhorse.  A rare miss for Mox.

    Leila has to have spent some time at the PC, right?  

    I like the booking of Madison being plugged into a quick program with Jade.  But this match wasn’t great.  I wonder what the chances are for Rayne being remembered if her highest exposure is what?  Peak Impact?  I didn’t watch any of that stuff so I’ve got no knowledge of her beyond the name.  But I am aware she has something of a reputation and some credit to spend in padding Jades record.  

    The street fight was fun.  It may not have been the original plan.  I like that it’s worked out this way with Swerve and Lee.  That German Suplex off the apron was nuts.  The “monkeys in the truck” figured out how to shoot that top rope double stomp.  So that helped.  


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  13. 3 minutes ago, porksweats said:

    As much money as there is in a Hayter split, I see big things for their team which hasn't stopped getting better

    Indeed.  It’s a great pairing with Britt.  

    I just love how physical she is in ring.  She seemingly has no fear of the mat.  She always bumps hard attacking each slam etc with enthusiasm.  There is just something in the way she moves that reminds me of Kawada.  I kinda want her main offensive move to be nothing but Yakuza kicks.  

    I’m not certain Hayter is ready to be champion just yet.  But if she has another banger at BOTB with Thunder Rosa like she did late last year?  That should springboard her right into the path that’ll get her there.  

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