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  1. People just want the validation that comes from feeling like they might have a say in controlling the narrative on a popular topic.  Problem is… you can’t force it without blowback.  

    For every hair band or boy band that had a hot minute.  They always fade into the ether as the flash in the pan that kind of thing always is.  Naturally.

    But for every Star Wars Special Edition  or whatever that doesn’t meet some peoples standards.  Vitriol and dogpiles haven’t made it all go away.  It’s shoveling sand against the tide.

  2. Great Battle Royaling!  Gimmie like two really good BRs a year and I’m good.  

    For whatever reason the lack of effort in pro wrestling battle royals has always been apparent.  But with a little wackiness and creativity.  You can parade a bunch of plot seed or elevate a few acts without having to sacrifice much in credibility if it costs an upper tier talent.  Bonus points for a dramatic finish to remind everybody what’s at stake.  AEW (if you want to include All Ins Preshow) do battle royals pretty well.  

    Wardlow.  Shave that shit.  

    There is a man on my tv.  They say his name is just “Daddy Ass”.  Hopefully, nobody can see me watching wrestling.

    Meanwhile, The Acclaimed make me happy.  Even when they are injured they get work done on tv without really falling out of the rotation.  Miro take notes.

    Doing a mix up in the roles of the tag match makes me think of SNMEs that were designed to extend a narrative without putting too much on tv.  Lethal and Jarrett need some credit to carry them into the inevitable title match.  I’m betting some near falls from Jarrett are going to have some peeps biting their finger nails.

    I also second the Lethal Injection being a particularly good bump from GrandBilly.  Old men taking a few spaced out bumps isn’t so bad.

    Bring on Corpse Paint Santana.

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  3. Hello Friends.  You some big motherfuckers!

    Just play some Twin Peaks music during the Rick Ross segment.  It’s way better that way.  Once the Laura Palmer piano part starts during the Parker attack it becomes a tragedy.  

    Good cinderblock gimmick for once.  I recall how annoyed I was years ago at that awesome Ambrose/Rollins match on RAW.  It was ruined by the shitty fuck fuck cinderblock prop that just dissolved before it was ready.  Boo!

    Hayters pump up on the clothesline was an all time shout out to the crowd.   The crowd was so into her.  Damn.  

    Shida (for me anyway) is like every MCU announcement.  Where I hear it and say: “Why the Fuck are they doing Guardians of the Galaxy?”  Then I see it and it’s always awesome.  The crowd does seem to forget her a little bit from all the stretch of absences.  But she always reminds them of her greatness and wins them back. 

    I’m going with the crowd in support of The Gunns growing up a bit on this episode was notable.  Good stuff.  FTR made them look good all while keeping their current narrative going.  I’ll buy another one.

    Kind of a promo/character building episode this week.  Or at least it would be thought of more in that way if the Main hadn’t hit a home run.  I think long term this is a good thing.  Knowable characters that are defined AND understood are key to maintaining the audience.  Mox never really says anything you wouldn’t expect him to say.  But his promos are thoughtful and expressed in ways that make it clear he is paying attention.  Nothing is cookie cutter about him.  

    Bryan relies on cheap pops and such.  But he has the Foley like ability to make it charming and (in this case of San Antonio) for a reason.

    MJF showed he could actually keep it short and to the point.  The long drawn out promos we already know he can do.  But can he do a local house show promo in a small market like on Superstars?  Probably.


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  4. Coincidentally, I watched the last two weeks of Rampage in a row.  

    I 2nd, 3rd, and 4thd kudos for Sammy.  It’s wacky and odd but it works.  He and his wife only elevated the weird that works with the lengths they were willing to go to with the gross blood stuff and PDA.  Yeah.  He can be kinda cringy.  But that’s not always bad for a heel.


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  5. I am in awe of that Jericho match.  Perfect pro wrestling.  Masterful.  He might have changed my Mox vote for WOTY.  OCHOOOO!

    Good meaty story telling across the boards on this episode.  AEW has shed its Punk skin.

    I heard somewhere somebody saying something along the lines of sprucing up the Dynamite set for a bigger show.  Nah.  Save that for the PPV.  Let just Dynamite also be big.  The weekly shows need to be important. All the time.  More.


    Title matches on tv fucking rules.

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  6. Should I blade to make this post?  Why not?  All the kids are doing it these days.


    That is an absolutely perfect trilogy of tag matches.  Applause, kudos, credits, and cartwheels in celebration FTR vs. The Briscoes.  Worth every penny spent in both PPV and a pair of tickets to Lowell.  

    I’m as guilty as anybody being entirely biased against Taven.  He was the turd in the punch bowl at that MSG show and I’ve never gotten over it.  He was pretty good here.  Him following the code of honor at the end of the match also somehow managed to endear him to me.  This must be a good strain.

    Nothing wrong with the content of Joe/Juice.  Sucks it had to follow the above. Meanwhile, Juice is going to have some problems creating buzz if his hope is to get somewhere in transferring back to the States.  7 years in New Japan is a long time.  

    Jericho was looking awfully Moongoose with that Ozzy tassels jacket.  Kind of an original spot with Jericho chasing the ringside crew around.  It’s all in the details.  

    Say what you will about Hogan/Warrior matches.  But that double clothesline spot was so well worked it’s emulated to this day and it’s great.

    The Swing reversal into the Walls was super.  To think Jericho has been pulling that many tricks to catch that move for this long is something else.  Then he quits to the fucking move?  Never saw that coming.

    I’m certain there will be some debate over if it is appropriate for MJF dissing the NWA or CHAP shitting on the current status of ROH.  But I’m going temporarily allow it as circumstances for either brand aren’t going to be worsened just because of these mentions.  Later on I might change my mind.




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  7. Yikes.  How’d you like to be Jungle Boy this morning?  I’m so sick with the bronchitis at the moment and I doubt I feel worse than he does.  That apron bump freaked me out.

    I was super concerned with Starks getting eaten alive by MJF.  But thankfully he made a very good accounting of himself.  The match itself will eventually be the real test to see if Starks gets elevated here.  So tread lightly.

    Starks’ promo was good.  But not the star making performance it could have all on its own.  But if the match makes him look like he COULD HAVE won the belt.  It’ll be fine.

    That shit on MJFs neck has some shit on its neck.

    Loved Joe/Darby.  Joe is a mean mean MEAN man.  Darby loves to die for for amusement.  

    A lot of the rest of the was a blur thanks to all the meds I’m on.  But I did come back around for the tag title match.  Even though I was excited for the match.  I kept forgetting it was on this show.  Then Ex would remind me again and again with the graphics insert and I would be surprised each time.  

    It was a helluva match too.  Glad they gave the win to Caster really needed some points on the board.  The wrestlers got out wrestled in a rare case of youth overcoming experience. The Acclaimed are on a streak and there is no reason to have them lose at this point.  

    Bad timing for AEW yet again being cut off from the temptation of a belt collecting gimmick.  But ultimately it doesn’t really matter if FTR does get them all.  They have a really high credit limit with me.

    Great show.  

    Scissor me AEW!


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  8. The amount of “pretty” on screen during the Nay/Saraya interview was stunning.  I’m throwing my cards in on a solid Saraya comeback.  I’d really like to see her turn the bullshit in her life into something positive.  But I think on an artistic level it might’ve been more prudent to put Britt over at the PPV.  The character stuff Saraya could do digging her self out of the grave like The Bride in Kill Bill would be compelling stuff.  Maybe they’ll still get around to it.

    Sanjay was on fucking fire.  The cutaway to him dancing to Private Party’s theme popped me big, brother.

    Confession time.  I’m enjoying hating Jeff Jarrett.  I’m also other people hating JJ.  I want nothing more from him than boatloads of stomp punch stomp punch Memphis tomfoolery.  And an occasional Codysault off the top of the cage.  When you have a chance to be a Terry Funk crazy old man gig.  You do that shit.

    If we’ve learned nothing else about this totally unique phenomenon that is Orange Cassidy.  It’s that you can plug that dude into any position on the card and it’ll work.  This should play a lot cornier than it does. Yet they manage to make it cool.  

    Holy shit.  Nate Webb was out there.  I haven’t seen that dude since that ROH Cage of Death vs. CZW.  

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  9. If I had been the guy that fist bumped Dax.  I’d have told him “Bryan Danielson is my favorite wrestler… and I want you to kick his fucking ass”.  

    Biggie umph on that last German Suplex from Dax.  Some good ole rasslin’ baby. DID ENJOY!

    Is this singles Dax run going somewhere?

    MJFs promo was full of raw plot meat. He understands the notion that villains commit violations of the sacred.  

    Like when SUWA pissed off Joe Higuchi for tearing up the scroll.  You do not tear up the scroll.(motherfucker).

    Giving credit where it’s due.  Anna Jay made Willow look really good.  Good to see Ruby.  

    QT Marshall reminds me of my boss.  

    Death Triangle has always baffled me.  Outside of all 3 guys being massively athletic.  Why do they hang out?  Maybe it’s weed.  Weed makes lots of strange friends that don’t make sense.  

    I too am sorry that Derek was stuck at work.





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  10. ABCs Love in the Afternoon Presents:

    Daniel Bryan Lucci fights to keep the two men he loves the most from coming to blows. Mox clearly spit on the ground during his entrance and that red shirted security guard didn’t say shit.  He just stood there and watched.  I’m pretty sure I’d get thrown out the arena for that.

    Meanwhile Keith Lee aches over his break-up with Swerve.  They decide to to NOT have that kinda drama in front of the public in a very classy move.  They’re gonna be fine.

    Hager wearing the hat during the match is exactly what I needed.  Building the entire match around what was clearly an idea Jericho came up with while he was drunk is pure sports entertaingment.  

    All Eggo Ethan just bugs me.  I don’t think he is a bad guy or anything.  All I think of when I see him is Tom Brandi.  There shouldn’t be anything wrong with that.  But it is wrong.  I like Starks and I think he will make a great first defense for MJF.  But Page as the springboard?  Nah.  

    Big pop for Kansas… and nothing else.  Lolz  I must have overlooked this show was in Chicago.  Otherwise I’d have been anticipating The Elite vs. the entire city.  Fucking arm bite?  Ok.  Here comes the meta.  To the crowds credit they admit the match is awesome.  Not a plot thread was forgotten.  And then at end they cut to the guy wearing the “Just Enjoy Wrestling” shirt.  Mmm hmm.  I hear you AEW.

    I miss my Thunder Bae for sure.  But yeah.  Let’s move on.  Hayter is awesome.  

    The 3 Way turned out pretty great.  A bit more table setting that suggests the Baker/Hayter stuff is going to be going on for awhile longer.  

    The Acclaimed make me happy.  Weirdly… so is this Team TNA.  I like none of its parts (as a rule) but am enjoying what they are doing as a group.  Singh has really played his Giant role perfectly and I think absent that the entire act falls apart.  But if JJ wants me to really buy it?  Go put over Effy.  

    Ishii is the reason I started watching NJPW again after years of avoiding Inokism.  So I’m stoked to see him.  I hope Shota is watching.  What a visual was Jericho bleeding from a chop battle.  Nuts.  This match was so awesome.  Is Jericho going to zip past Mox at the last second for WOTY?  I was all like “GIVE ME WHAT I WANT!!!” and AEW was like “Here’s 2 hours of it”.

    Ishii “Fuck you for making me tap out”





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  11. Yep.  That’s what I expected.  A start to finish quality show that went a long way towards shedding its skin off all the hullabaloo.  

    The Acclaimed make me happy.  Got some paying off of some storylines in the Lee/Swerve crash and the finale of this feud.  Glad to see Bowens tough it out with the injury (if it isn’t a work).  Bring on FTR.

    Jericho sure is a treasure.  Every young roster should have a guy working in the locker room like him.  His level of experience is invaluable and the fact that he is tearing it up week in and out is something incredible.  Great match.  Loved the finish.  Probably a tie for my favorite of the show…

    … as I really loved the Trios title match.  How were people going to respond to their return? “Fuck, CM Punk!”  Yep.  Agreed.

    Really liked it being Fenix that got the fall on Omega.  Dude deserves a win that’ll elevate him.  Death Triangle should take it to the 4th and have The Elite have to scrape, painted into a corner for every win all the way to the 7th.  No point in doing a “best of” unless you’re going all the way.

    Hayter getting the win was very rewarding as a fan.  Really invested in this wrestler after that awesome first match with Rosa.  Very good match to keep the momentum going.

    Stiiiiiiiing!  Darby did the Stinger Hulk Up.  That double team on Singh blew the roof off my face.

    Eddie whoopin up on Akiyama satisfies my sweet tooth for imports and guest stars.  Great time!

    The cage match rocked.  Perhaps Jungle Man Perry can be next up or soon for a title shot.  

    Loved the reaction to the Knux pass off.  Congratulations MJF.  Now the hard part begins.  

    I love you, AEW.


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  12. Taz, one word, one name.

    Hook, one word, one name.

    So the family has a gimmick.  What would the wife of Taz’ name be?  Just Wife?  Her?

    Good baby face work from Starks though I question the Devils jersey.  I don’t watch hockey.  But if Starks is a two town hometown boy in Houston and NOLA it comes across as a bit inauthentic.  I’ve really come around on Archer.  He makes using the word “Hoss” not a pejorative.

    Aubrey getting decked like it was last call at the bar was nutty great.  I haven’t read the thread yet.  But I’d imagine some folks might think that the previously untouched popular Aubrey getting physical should be saved for a bigger show.  But come on.  The regular shows need meat on the bone too.  Rampage is many things.  But WWE syndicated show it is not.  

    I was surprised at the slow build to start the DDT vs Eddie/Ortiz.  Really liked where it went teasing off the Akiyama confrontation for as long as possible.  Feels like a set up for a one on one match to me.  I’m more of a Kobashi or Kawada guy myself.  But this was a good intro for Jun if they’ve got more in the plans for him.

    I love you AEW (rampage).


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  13. I’m a wrestling fan and I don’t want to watch WWE anymore.  

    Not a high water episode this week.  But considering AEW has put some of the best weekly episodes of tv wrestling I’ve seen in 39 years of watching.  I’m invested.  

    Jericho continues to impress me this year.  That dude has to be sick of taking that fucking swing.  Good tag match as Sammy was high on crazy pills doing that nutty dive to the outside.

    The Acclaimed cheer me up.  But during the Bowens match commercial the announcers went full knucklehead just ribbing Jericho and going off topic.  That shit is going to suck being archived on an eventual streaming service.

    I love Mox calling Max a child.  The contrast is volume 10.

    Britts promo was good.  She staked her claim.  

    I’m enjoying Swerve a lot more than I used to.  Much of that is informed by a longer history on tv informing his character.  

    Wardlow doing a big guy wacky dive into a dude pile is a novelty.  Just don’t do it all the time.  Joe is going to casually side step that shit if he tries it, and it’s going to be glorious.

    MJF doing the Rock in September of 98 face run to set up some dastardly heel plot twist is taking too long.  Rocky had a short window to make it count.  But the booking has been reeling since the bullshit with Punk.  This’ll take a bit.  But it’ll get back on track.  

    Full Gear should be a good to great show.  But I’m looking forward to Rampage more than anything.  

    Akiyama baby!

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  14. Blink and you’ll miss it.  At the start of the match.  OC tells Bryce with a hands pushing forward gesture to “Get him back”.  Shotty was in his corner all the way across the ring.

    Good match too.  Putting OC in the last match in a long night of tv is a smart choice.  Character is over and the matches lately have delivered.  I’d hang around after Dynamite to see it.  

    A much better presentation for Cage here against Dante.  But as great as this was.  This is what Cage should be doing if he were just debuting.  Not when he has years of mileage in the company behind him.  

    Darius is back!  Great news.  That comeback in the battle royal he did after the last injury go-around really convinced me on him.  

    The sheer cash print catsuit should be Jades default outfit on the video game.  (Fucking hurry up with that shit already).

    Bandido kinda rules.  


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