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  1. 1 hour ago, hobo joe said:

    Swerve should beat Dragon. Strap a rocket to that motherfucker. Someone needs to beat MJF while we’re waiting for Cole to heal up.

    But the TNT title is beneath both those dudes.

    As Bryan Danielsons 2ND best fan.  Even I still agree with this.

    And I’m not at all bitter about it.  

    Anyone got that TheNatural bat signal meme?  

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  2. Speaking of getting choked up a bit.  I got the fucking FEELZ when Nick hit Darby.  

    That degree of starvation applied to a young man who would sacrifice ANYTHING for an authentic fatherlike experience is insanely relatable. 

    I’m the same age as Christian Cage.  But I’m pretty sure he could talk me into it too.  

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  3. 12 hours ago, Nice Guy Eddie said:

    It's cool, man. I joke about it enough, so maybe some people don't know the hell it's put me through. I just take it one day at a time. That's all I can do. 

    I didn’t know.  Though I was referencing some other posts that I had read as bit more clowning in tone.  So I was adding to that.  If I read the room wrong I could see why it could be taken in poor taste.  

    With all respect I apologize.  I will abstain from my next hit of weed.  

  4. 3 hours ago, JonnyLaw said:

    I’ll be slightly amused/depressed when the Filoni movie “underperforms” at the box office because it’s going to be more niche than what people claim the MCU, but it’s going to be right up my alley so I can’t wait.

    Totally.  I couldn’t give two shits if the rest of the world doesn’t catch up.

    ”You say you like the Star War?  Then fucking watch it”.

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  5. On 9/14/2023 at 3:13 AM, ExcellenceofAirPollution said:

    I feel bad that I'm too stoned to post more.  this was a really good show and everyone worked hard.  they deserve better than this shitty post.   I liked all of the matches.  I'm gonna drink a beer and smoke some more pot.  AEW Rules the motherfucker world.  RIP Dean.  Bye for now.

    This is entirely gimmick infringement, sir.  Carry on.



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  6. On 9/8/2023 at 12:05 PM, The Natural said:

    Before AEW, Bryan Danielson had never had a ***** according to Meltzer. Bryan now has 6.

    I’m not upset about it.

    Bryans run in WWE isn’t just remarkable because of all the awesome matches he had.  He certainly had a fuckton of them over a long string period of time (even with the time out). We knew he could even in an unwelcoming environment.

    The run in the E is more remarkable because he was never supposed to be there.  ANY success he could muster would have been an overachievement.  That he basically took the company top spot by force of the will of the people is practically cosmic in its elevation.

    Especially because I watched my ROH guy get murdered week after week to the tune of “Wild and Young” on the original NXT.  When he lost to Khali and his fucking HAND CHOP?  I thought it was over.  

    I admit that in hindsight I kind of respect the troll move of having MIZ be his senior (even when Punk was right there).  But MIZ did put Bryan over strong and helped the comeback after the baffling firing.  

    Am I remembering correctly that the week after Bryan got fired. RAW faded to black with the crowd chanting his name?  

    But it be can really seen in contrast of what it looks like when the company is behind you like say with… Ultimate Warrior.  To put that much into a character build and still kinda fail.

    Versus putting any and all effort into suppression and blowing up with that.. much.. success.  Fucking really?

    But he really kinda beat them in spite of it all.  And he got to do all that while having years worth of great matches.

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  7. 1 hour ago, LF2 said:

    I love how certain posters talk like they’re Street tough, and they could fight Miro. Based on the fact I posted a few months ago that I thought Swerve and Hangman would be a good feud I’ll post another idea I hope Coach TK uses. Please book that loud obnoxious scrub that begs Ricky Starks to stroke him while he calls Starks his daddy in a fight against Miro. I’d love seeing Just Dickhead shit himself the moment Miro touches him. 

    Face it Just Damian we all know you don’t have any self defense skills, and if you really did you wouldn’t be playing internet tough guy for an audience that thinks you’re a joke.

    I don’t recall him fucking with you just now.  

    How about not this time?

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  8. I have to say I have a much higher appreciation for the crew of folks who post here with this talk.  

    As a scene weenie most of my buddies were sXe but they didn’t give a shit that I was a stoner wastoid.  Think the guy trying to light his cigarette during the fight in Dazed and Confused.  That was me with my glass bowl in the pit.

    They didn’t last at it anyway.  Nor was I the bad influence either.  Cuz some of my dudes got way into drinking, coke, and the big H.  That shit ain’t me.  But it was almost like they were just holding back and burst at the seems.

    Being in the northeast in Merrimack Valley as a Masshole.  I didn’t really see too many skinheads and when I did they weren’t up to anything.  I have had some encounters since then that weren’t great.  But whatever, I got lucky I’d say.

    Earth Crisis was something of a punching bag in our set.  We thought they were hilarious on “Firestorm” letting the “round ups begin” and all that wannabe Nazi horseshit.

    But then again.  10 Yard Fight took the most brutal beatings in mockery with all their football metaphors for life and sXe.

    We always wanted to do a parody band that was basketball themed call “Full Court Press”.

    ”You double dribbled over the edge!”

    ”You lost my TRUST… GO!”

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  9. 32 minutes ago, NoFistsJustFlips said:

    Well from a business perspective you don't want to give up market share. If you're a lapsed or casual fan and check the PPV guide and see Edge v Chris Jericho you might be more apt to purchase it vs seeing Adam Copeland v Chris Jericho. From the WWE point of view, why would you want to give the competition a single bit of extra fire power? Ultimately sometimes it doesn't matter. Hall & Nash did just fine without the Diesel & Razor names. But why chance it.

    I guess because I just don’t see the firepower as threatening to them.  I’m supposing that whatever starpower that a guy like Edge carries isn’t going to tip any scales in ratings, merch, or ticket sales.  

    Now if we were talking about The Rock.  I’d definitely put a stop to that.  He has actual cultural penetration on just about every level.  Edge or (another) Adam it really doesn’t matter (cost) that much in pride or revenue.

    Actual Edge being in AEW would only reflect fondly on both companies.  I’m not betting on it happening.  But I can see the angle that has an upside for everyone involved.

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  10. 47 minutes ago, The Natural said:

    Speaking of merchandise, $1.4 million made at All In according to WON.

    Riding the wave here toward a bigger money deal with the WBD.  Points on the board.

    Still I wonder what can be done to improve the weekly crowd turn out.  

    Wembley as a one and done and making such a big splash IS greatness and all.  But the Canada tour really seemed to struggle from the news I’ve read both here and elsewhere.  

    Perhaps the burden of selling several shows vs. a single biggie has to approached differently even when the common metric is two underserved markets being booked first time ever.  

    Not sure that approach would be.


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  11. Is Nemeth going to make it?


    A guy basically and minimally known as Dolph Zigglers weirdly similar looking brother and that guy whose bits get skipped on BTE.

    Could his self flagellation, willingness to humiliate himself, and “loveable” loser gimmick slow burn him into getting over?  I’m sure his brother has Matt Cardonas phone number to get him some advice on how to make that happen.

  12. I don’t know.  Punk doesn’t have a lot more credit left on the card to spend before this turns into a “Van Halen is never getting back together” thing.  Where being a fan is just so continually disappointing that it’s just not worth it anymore.  

    Yeah, I know that Roth and VH eventually reunited.  But by then who could give a fuck?  

    Every time I go on this board or a news site.  There’s Punk getting into some shit with somebody.  It used to be endearing when he was punching up to Vince, HHH, and Nash.  But now it’s Nemeth, Hangman, Jungle Boy, and (allegedly Cabana to spark it all off).  Whisper whisper.  

    Yeah, he’s a great tenured character to have on the roster.  Worth every penny in that capacity.  The attention, t-shirts, big marquee matches.  Yeah he brings all that to the table.  His Bret Hart tribute band works for me.

    I was over the moon when Punk came back.  The thumb to the eye that it was to the E.  Chefs kiss.  Showing you can survive the the corporate behemoth that it has overgrown into.  

    Much of AEWs narrative is painted in the same colors.  This should be a natural fit.  And I don’t disagree that the glass spots is both a bad idea and nothing I really need to see.  But I can understand why if it’s “Punk” pulling a lever to kibosh an idea in the face of other allowances… I’d be real WTF about it too especially when I’m a younger guy trying to make my name in the shadow of another name.  That’s pass interference on your own teammates.

    Jack found out when he wasn’t booked to win the Pillars 4 Way that he wasn’t the chosen one.  MJF has more yet in the tank and the stars are not yet aligned.  He has certainly busted his ass to get what he has.  So I’d relate and empathize if he at all felt passed over holding a pretty solid resume.

    I’m speculating, of course.  A lot of motherfuckers could learn a thing or two by letting go of a thing or two.


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  13. AEW has a habit of taking that old trope you’ve seen a million times and just spinning the usual expected result.  Got two that can’t get along and make them a team?  Yeah, the framework for that has got all kinds of potential for going in different directions (weird how rarely it doesn’t).  Which is probably why it’s so popular in modern booking.  

    Usually the result is they can’t, betrayal, blowoff, rinse/repeat.  But this time around the question is being asked… “What if they DID get along and get long great even after a rough start”?  

    I’ll grant you the cliche was probably the original intention.  But what has been produced thus far has handed AEW something that’ll inspire a totally different direction.  At least you could hold it off until all the eyes are off the ball and pull the trigger then.  

    Now you can park this story somewhere and move MJF along to other contenders.  With all the convenience and comfort of injecting the bromance story right back in at any time, like say… in an injury scenario.  Which happens way too fucking much in AEW.

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  14. A somewhat forgotten match that always rang a bell in the back of my mind was the night after WM30.  The Wyatts just straight up squashed Cena, Sheamus, and somebody I’m forgetting.  

    I was like: “Damn, they got their asses KICKED”.

  15. 52 minutes ago, Godfrey said:

    Ospreay's promo on Dynamite was fantastic, best he's ever sounded and he talked me into being interested in a Jericho match

    Same here.  I generally get into most of Jericho stuff historically.  Lately not so much.  But I find myself very surprised how effective that segment was considering I’ve got zero patience for yet another contract signing angle.

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