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  1. That shirt is amazing.


    So how much of this show is left now that the overall motivation to tune is “disaster watching”?  Is there anything to enjoy?  Is Ricochet still there?

    I’m currently watching the meltdown on Busted Open.  So this WWE shit, that I don’t make much time for, is finding a way to penetrate my AEW force field.  It’s got me thinking.  

    But that’s because wrestling fans are a particular bunch as far as how they fit into the overall culture.  There is boatloads of overlap there regardless of what brand you spend your time on.

    But there is little to no overlap in mainstream media.  It’s always been that way but for a few notable exceptions (like say Hogan/Andre on NBC at 8pm).  Years of following McMahon style decisions not only suggests but SCREAMS an absolute thirst for that kind of acceptance.  

    ROCK/Roman IS the biggest match any company anywhere has to offer the world and they’ve been chasing it for years.  For Rock it’s a chance to get back in there one more time.  For Roman, it’s his bridge out of the company and on to bigger and better things.  They have their claws dug in and the power to not have to let go.

    And just like that.  Cody and WRESTLING FANS are betrayed.  We have seen shows where the crowd populating the arena are a bunch of nonfans (Mania 4/5).  It’s a suck show.  Thankfully the tickets got sold largely before a certain Board Member cut in front of the line at Dunks and bought all the donuts.

    As a fucking geek I find it offensive that this company I spent decades watching commit artistic suicide.  Again.

    Let’s face it.  ROCK is going to go out there and injure himself on a kip up.  His legacy as a wrestler will preclude him from doing what HE SHOULD be doing.  Which is an upper card celebrity bullshit Vince match with all the smoke and mirrors it requires.  It’s not like ROCK is going to wow us with a goddamn moonsault or any new moves at all.

    They flinched last time when it FINALLY got figured out that not putting Bryan over at 30 would have led to embarrassing the company on its biggest day of the year.  But this may have gone too far to turn back.

    Bully Ray is saying doing Cody/Roman at the Garden one the first Netflix show could end the story correctly.  But I think that’s too far away. 

    Fuck it.  Put ROCK/Roman on earlier in the show and let Rollins/Cody close the show.  They’ve already committed.  Maybe that can give the fans a chance to make this right.  Or Rollins and Cody should call Steamboat to show them how to steal the show from the two biggest stars in the industry.



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  2. Samoa Joe as World Champion of a big company is awesome.  I saw nothing of his run as TNA champion (I’m not even 100 he was).  So I can’t state how well he did.

    The potential he showed in ROH as their big G so planted the idea that WWE would be stupid not to scoop him up and monster heel him to the moon.  They did.  EVENTUALLY!  The big E run was pretty “OK” I guess.  At least he got to mix it up with Lesner a little bit. FWIW.

    So top guy Joe is something I’ve waited a long time to see.  He fucking rules.  

    Can I get a Joe Bomb?


    Yes, I can.

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  3. On 12/22/2023 at 4:40 PM, sabremike said:

    I so badly want to go to this but you know the show isn't ending until at least midnight and last train back to NYC from Hempstead is a little after 1am. You do not want to end up in Hempstead overnight for 4 hours, trust me. Public transportation totally sucks for the Coliseum. 

    Been there.  Done that.  Got stuck at a tiny store waiting for a Greyhound and it took 10 hours until the next bus came.  I’m pretty sure I died there.

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  4. 1 hour ago, hobo joe said:

    Swerve should beat Dragon. Strap a rocket to that motherfucker. Someone needs to beat MJF while we’re waiting for Cole to heal up.

    But the TNT title is beneath both those dudes.

    As Bryan Danielsons 2ND best fan.  Even I still agree with this.

    And I’m not at all bitter about it.  

    Anyone got that TheNatural bat signal meme?  

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  5. Speaking of getting choked up a bit.  I got the fucking FEELZ when Nick hit Darby.  

    That degree of starvation applied to a young man who would sacrifice ANYTHING for an authentic fatherlike experience is insanely relatable. 

    I’m the same age as Christian Cage.  But I’m pretty sure he could talk me into it too.  

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  6. 12 hours ago, Nice Guy Eddie said:

    It's cool, man. I joke about it enough, so maybe some people don't know the hell it's put me through. I just take it one day at a time. That's all I can do. 

    I didn’t know.  Though I was referencing some other posts that I had read as bit more clowning in tone.  So I was adding to that.  If I read the room wrong I could see why it could be taken in poor taste.  

    With all respect I apologize.  I will abstain from my next hit of weed.  

  7. 3 hours ago, JonnyLaw said:

    I’ll be slightly amused/depressed when the Filoni movie “underperforms” at the box office because it’s going to be more niche than what people claim the MCU, but it’s going to be right up my alley so I can’t wait.

    Totally.  I couldn’t give two shits if the rest of the world doesn’t catch up.

    ”You say you like the Star War?  Then fucking watch it”.

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  8. On 9/14/2023 at 3:13 AM, ExcellenceofAirPollution said:

    I feel bad that I'm too stoned to post more.  this was a really good show and everyone worked hard.  they deserve better than this shitty post.   I liked all of the matches.  I'm gonna drink a beer and smoke some more pot.  AEW Rules the motherfucker world.  RIP Dean.  Bye for now.

    This is entirely gimmick infringement, sir.  Carry on.



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  9. On 9/8/2023 at 12:05 PM, The Natural said:

    Before AEW, Bryan Danielson had never had a ***** according to Meltzer. Bryan now has 6.

    I’m not upset about it.

    Bryans run in WWE isn’t just remarkable because of all the awesome matches he had.  He certainly had a fuckton of them over a long string period of time (even with the time out). We knew he could even in an unwelcoming environment.

    The run in the E is more remarkable because he was never supposed to be there.  ANY success he could muster would have been an overachievement.  That he basically took the company top spot by force of the will of the people is practically cosmic in its elevation.

    Especially because I watched my ROH guy get murdered week after week to the tune of “Wild and Young” on the original NXT.  When he lost to Khali and his fucking HAND CHOP?  I thought it was over.  

    I admit that in hindsight I kind of respect the troll move of having MIZ be his senior (even when Punk was right there).  But MIZ did put Bryan over strong and helped the comeback after the baffling firing.  

    Am I remembering correctly that the week after Bryan got fired. RAW faded to black with the crowd chanting his name?  

    But it be can really seen in contrast of what it looks like when the company is behind you like say with… Ultimate Warrior.  To put that much into a character build and still kinda fail.

    Versus putting any and all effort into suppression and blowing up with that.. much.. success.  Fucking really?

    But he really kinda beat them in spite of it all.  And he got to do all that while having years worth of great matches.

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  10. 1 hour ago, LF2 said:

    I love how certain posters talk like they’re Street tough, and they could fight Miro. Based on the fact I posted a few months ago that I thought Swerve and Hangman would be a good feud I’ll post another idea I hope Coach TK uses. Please book that loud obnoxious scrub that begs Ricky Starks to stroke him while he calls Starks his daddy in a fight against Miro. I’d love seeing Just Dickhead shit himself the moment Miro touches him. 

    Face it Just Damian we all know you don’t have any self defense skills, and if you really did you wouldn’t be playing internet tough guy for an audience that thinks you’re a joke.

    I don’t recall him fucking with you just now.  

    How about not this time?

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  11. I have to say I have a much higher appreciation for the crew of folks who post here with this talk.  

    As a scene weenie most of my buddies were sXe but they didn’t give a shit that I was a stoner wastoid.  Think the guy trying to light his cigarette during the fight in Dazed and Confused.  That was me with my glass bowl in the pit.

    They didn’t last at it anyway.  Nor was I the bad influence either.  Cuz some of my dudes got way into drinking, coke, and the big H.  That shit ain’t me.  But it was almost like they were just holding back and burst at the seems.

    Being in the northeast in Merrimack Valley as a Masshole.  I didn’t really see too many skinheads and when I did they weren’t up to anything.  I have had some encounters since then that weren’t great.  But whatever, I got lucky I’d say.

    Earth Crisis was something of a punching bag in our set.  We thought they were hilarious on “Firestorm” letting the “round ups begin” and all that wannabe Nazi horseshit.

    But then again.  10 Yard Fight took the most brutal beatings in mockery with all their football metaphors for life and sXe.

    We always wanted to do a parody band that was basketball themed call “Full Court Press”.

    ”You double dribbled over the edge!”

    ”You lost my TRUST… GO!”

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