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  1. 3 hours ago, Technico Support said:


    Yeah, I'm thinking flashbacks, because I would have never figured Disney Star Wars to be the next place we'd see a Psycho/Scream "kill the big star in the first reel" deal.

    I heard that comparison and thought it a fairly daring move if they had.  But that’s not how it works, I’m guessing.

    It’s like a double KO finish.  You do it once a generation.

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  2. Getting Ricochet is great news.  But a lack of talent isn’t AEWs problem.  But it could be Ricochets problem if and when he gets lost in the shuffle again. 

    But I guess a chance to put him with Osprey on tv in North America is a kind of novelty draw.

  3. 15 hours ago, Eivion said:

    Caught the first two episodes of Acolyte last night. No completely sold on it though I mostly like what I see so far. I kind of like the lead. The mystery has my curiosity.  I also like seeing one of the more political Jedi in play. Digging the characters. Do have to admit that it does feel like a waste for the most famous actor to be taken out already, but hopefully we get some flashbacks with them if just to eventually explain the truth behind the mystery.

    I’m certain we’ll see her again.  Stunt casting does nothing for the show when it amounts to a cameo.  

    Being that it’s a mystery show and the Jedi seen thus far are apparently responsible for doing something bad.  I’m guessing (like a lot people) that there are flashbacks upcoming where she’ll have to appear.

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  4. Half way through the show.  But I’m over the moon because Edge used the live version of South of Heaven from Decade of Aggression which comes factory installed with a free crowd pop at the beginning.  I’ve been using that trick for my simfed guy for years.  I’m so over, bro.

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  5. Mone having a Claire Danes level cry face emergency after being upset in her big comeback match.  It certainly turns the old trope of big star jumping ship to somewhere else right on its head.  We have seen a fair amount of splashy debuts over the years to know it’s a thing.

    OR is that sacrificing what Star power Sasha Banks has left?

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  6. Spoiler

    Pleasantly surprised that Bad Batch ended on an up note.  I was expecting them to go out like the Wild Bunch.  At least that’s what I thought the show was signaling (pretty sure it was).  But instead they subverted expectations and not only gave something of a happy ending.  But didn’t make it taste like shit.  Kudos.  Love this show.


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  7. 9 hours ago, NikoBaltimore said:
      Reveal hidden contents

    Magneto I belive got nuked earlier and it sure looked like she was holding Gambit. 

    If there's no time travel then my wife will be devastated. 


    Do I dare ask? 

    Not much to share at the moment.  Neither this Demayo guy nor Disney is saying much about his dismissal.  I can say that I’ve read that Disney already has scripts he wrote for season 2.  So that sounds kinda good for the show.

    The show runner guy has an OnlyFans is the supposition. 

    Hopefully, this dude was just too hunky beefcake for the execs to handle and not a too handsy Spacey situation.  Then maybe bring him back for season 3?  


  8. I’m hearing the showrunner fellow that worked this season (the one that also got fired recently) posted something about future episodes.  He said something akin to “Episode 8 hits even harder than Ep5”.

    I’m over here like… HOW???

    I’ll brace myself nonetheless.  

    This show rules the fucking world.  I’d bring that dude back if the only reason was he had an OnlyFans site.  He gets the characters.  

    I even flinched at “that kiss” earlier in the episode. 

  9. I like how for Takers spot.  They do EVERY 2k game Universe Mode cut scene for a mid match run-in.  All with the long stare down the aisle but OOPS they’re right behind you camera pull to the right. 

    Good brand tie-in.

  10. 1 minute ago, The Natural said:

    Still laughing at Roman Reigns reaction to using Cross Rhodes on Cody for a two count: "I knew it. That move sucks!" I just wanted to shove it in his face!" "I love whooping his ass!"

    Between that and putting the table back under the ring really made me think I’d been missing the boat on Roman.

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  11. Sometimes…


    … when Old Bones is feeling down.  I’ll go onto youtubes and search for videos of Stuart Copeland… as he yells at STING and calls him a “cunt”.  

    I immediately feel best better.  I shit you not.  It is a salve for the soul.  



    …I won’t be posting links here today.  No, sir.  If you’re to take this journey.  You must take that first step yourself.

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  12. It’s certainly a better investment than shelling out again to only use “The Final Countdown” twice.  Not that I had any expectation of that.  

    But the novelties of Bryan’s last run vs. the frugality of the day to day cost of running a major wrestling promotion.  I’m honestly stunned the MCMGs haven’t really been in my orbit of conversation.  What an oversight!  

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