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  1. What happened with Hook and Team Taz is that Team Taz are heels and NO ONE wants to boo Hook. 

    Hook gets to still be Hook. He also gets to stick up for someone who's getting pushed around by a dude who names one side of his abs Paul Roma and the other Tom Zenk. The fans are also getting what they want. It's a program that is proving to be pretty entertaining while giving Hook an opportunity to learn without thrusting him into a position he's not ready for. 

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  2. On 5/11/2022 at 9:17 PM, Nice Guy Eddie said:

    He was a very close friend of mine since 7th grade. 

    I am numb. 

    What brought us together was 7th grade math. He was sitting next to me one day, and had a Savage Dragon comic on his desk and was drawing a Megadeth logo on his folder. I did a double take that almost broke my fucking neck. I basically told him "WE'RE FRIENDS AND I'M COMING OVER THIS WEEKEND" and that was that. 

    Y'all probably know him through his music and his death metal Rain Man writings and podcast appearances. It was no act. I've never met anyone hungrier for music of just about every stripe than him. His CD collection is quite possibly the most complete physical history of death metal on Earth. If you put out an album, no matter what remote scene on this planet, you were not safe. He was coming for you and your band. There are quite a few bands whose trajectory was completely altered due to his fandom. 

    That, in and of itself, is humanizing. It does not capture how sweet he was. A lot of my favorite memories of him revolve around food. We'd be sitting cross-legged on his floor, snacking usually on White Cheddar Cheez-Its, and he'd reach over and say "Summa dis" and feed me by hand. He did this all the time and it never really hit me how caring and gentle it was until he was gone. We'd go to Tubby's and the rule was that I'd get my sub and he'd get his and then we'd trade halves. He loved those hunter's sausage two-packs with the freeze dried cheese. Using empty Country Crock tubs for cereal bowls. That "Heartburn" tattoo? I didn't even know what it was until we became friends. 

    I go between sobbing and then 90 seconds later laughing my ass off at something he did or said. I don't know that my words can really do his humor justice. Just know that he was the funniest person I've ever known and it's that humor that's getting me through this. 

    I stayed in our hometown for a few days last week with a couple of lifelong friends of ours. We kept each other safe and reminisced and cried and bonded. We went to Motor City Comic Con to avoid reality for a while, but still, it was really hard. I walked by a booth that was playing "Wish You Were Here" and almost lost it. 

    I did meet Ruby Soho, though. I got a photo taken with her and told her what was up. That wrestling has been my security blanket since I was five and just thanks and say thanks to the boys and girls for everything. She came 'round and gave me a hug, asking me if it was okay first. It really meant a lot, going above and beyond like that. She was really sweet and commented on my friend and I's T-shirts. (Black Flag for me and Obituary for him.)  I went back the next day so his twin brother could get stuff autographed by Alicia Silverstone and decided to get something for Ruby. It was pretty light on wrestling there this year, so the best I could muster was a couple packs of WCW '91 trading cards. I dropped them off and said thank you again and asked if she was gonna be at Dynamite in Detroit. A fistbump to confirm and may she drop Britt Baker on her fucking dome. 

    Wrestling has always been there for me, much the same way music has. I've got the 92 Yearbook on as I type this. Gonna watch last week's Dynamite and Rampage later. I've been more active on this board as of late and it's been great to just shoot the shit about our great sport. Thanks for cultivating this board. You know who you are. And thanks for posting and giving me something to read. Like I told Ruby, every little thing matters a whole lot more now, and everything carries more weight. I need all the support I can get, and honestly, just y'all being here like it's 6:05 eastern time every damn day is enough. 

    Thank you. 

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  3. It's "The Legend of." In the intro to the video, he even says it's about more than what happens on the court. It's the story of these players and what they represent. 

    Judging from that intro, looks like Pistol Pete, Grant Hill and Yao Ming are gonna get episodes. Love all those players, but I wouldn't call any of them legends in the way that Kareem, Larry or Magic are. 

    I wish I could say that about Grant Hill. 😞

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  4. Jamie Hayter is the queen of my burning heart (respectfully) and I could watch her and Toni shoulderblock each other for an hour. That match RIPPED. Should be Hayter vs Storm in the finals, but whatever. 

    Takeshita RULES. Is he permanently in the States or just touring? Whatever the case, bring him back and slap that TNT title on him for a good long while. 

    I love Hookhausen just as much as I love Hook's transition into the Redrum on Drake. That kid is fuckin' SLICK. 

    Riho vs Yuka was rad as hell. More Yuka, plz. 

    They need to run that building again and often. Looks like a rad place to watch our great sport and that crowd was into everything except the 2nd hour of Dynamite. 

    What a fantastic hour of wrestling. 

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  5. I started a new job at the beginning of March at this shipping logistics company. It's my first office/corporate job, and I never thought I'd end up in that realm, but it's super laid back and a cool place to work. And after working in the service industry for fourteen years, it's QUIET and man, is that sorely needed.

    Anyway, just under two months in and I got a promotion already. 10% raise to go with it. I'm landing on this job with both feet, and that's after a hellacious last year in which I got fired twice. One of those times was a week after recovering from COVID. 

    Then, yesterday, my niece and nephew got Student of the Month and Artist of the Month awards. They go to the same school. And my sister got a good review at work. 

    I think we deserve pizza. And a big ass 2-liter of Dr. Pepper. 

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  6. 2 hours ago, Curt McGirt said:

    Oh, and nobody's mentioned the return of "It's Wendy!"

    Ev-ree-one knows its Wen-deeeee!

    Brilliant touch having both her and Spooge look better than they did in BB. Less than two years away, I'd say. That's the ravages of meth use for ya.

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  7. Punk vs Tanahashi or Jay White

    Danielson vs ZSJ or Okada

    Darby vs Shingo or Ibushi. Though it's probably best that Darby and Ibushi don't cross paths, as one or both of them will die and be totally cool with it. 

    What Casey said about Stardom involvement. 

    Eddie vs anyone. I just want Eddie on the show. 

    I'm buying the show, regardless.

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  8. "Welcome to Lowell Maximum Security Prison. There's only two ways outta here. One is DEAD IN A PINE BOX, and the other is through that big, wide-open gate right over there, which we'd like you to please consider 'off-limits.'" 


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  9. 1 hour ago, WholeFnMachine said:

    I think the Blackpool Combat Club should come out together to The Boys Are Back In Town by Thin Lizzy.

    Oh GOD, that would be so awesome. 

    There's a ton of Thin Lizzy songs that would work, such as...

    Bad Reputation
    Killer Without a Cause
    Cold Sweat
    Toughest Street In Town

    Honestly, I can't figure out why they aren't Mox's favorite band already. 

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