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  1. It's kinda like how both Georgia and especially Bama really need Auburn to beat the other one. 11-1/12-1 looks a lot better if your best (or maybe second best for Georgia) win is over a 9-3 Auburn instead of an 8-4 Auburn.

    And Oregon would really like it if Auburn wins out.

  2. 15 minutes ago, Lawful Metal said:

    I'm just catching up on Full Gear -- haven't watched Omega - Moxley yet.  But I wanted to say:


    Cody appeared to be in dire straits, that liontamer was all the way cinched in.  Cody had the gross laceration and the bruises on his ribs.  He threw in the towel to protect his friend.  After it was over, MJF apologized profusely, and Cody was acting like a total dick.  Crowd was chanting "you fucked up" at MJF and "Fuck him up Cody" while Cody was still acting like a dick.  We all know who MJF.  He's a disrespectful heel.  He's being rewarded for trying to save his friend with his friend acting like he did the worst thing ever and the crowd excoriating him.  What did we think MJF was going to do? 

    Cody deserved it. 

    Cody very clearly gave him an "it's alright" acknowledgment. And only then did MJF strike.

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  3. Rogers was... It's weird. He's a highschool legend in Saginaw. And though I hated it, he was amazing at MSU. Uncoverable at times.

    We all know that injuries and addiction derailed him in the NFL before he ever got going. And, on one hand, he's not the first or last great college player to not live up to it in the NFL.

    But not very many of them had it all happen in the same state. The same fans that loved him in highschool and college root for the Lions. He was the hometown boy made good, and it all went so bad. 

    He wound up broke, and broken, and this just sucks. He's only four months older than I am.

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  4. That Naito/Ibushi match was insane and uncomfortable.

    Omega has had great storytelling matches with guys like Okada and Tana, but I'm not sure how much of that is Kenny vs the other guys. As far as all out athletic spotfests go, him and Ibushi is about as good as it gets with guys that size.

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  5. 2 hours ago, Wyld Samurai said:

    I thought Moxley vs Omega was fine. The one thing differently I would have done is added an angle leading up on who the referee would be. Since it was an unsanctioned match then in theory an AEW Official did not have to work it. 

    It's always good to see Jericho bust out the real Lion Tamer. When he went to the WWF I just assumed he modified it into the Walls of Jericho because guys complained about the high angle and neck bridge.

    In one of his books (I think, maybe it was an interview or podcast), he said that most of the WWF guys were too tall for him to do it that way, so it became easier to just do a more or less normal Boston Crab.


    BTW, I did it on B/R Live, and was able to watch the replay when I got home at 1:30 on my Roku, with full functionality, so I guess they've fixed the problems you guys have had in the past.

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  6. I'm fairly certain a lot of the stuff in Moxley/Omega was gimmicked. There would've been a shit ton more blood otherwise.

    But that could've easily been 15 minutes shorter and been a hell of a lot better. Or it could've told a story of any sort. It was pretty much just kinda boring.

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  7. I didn't really care for Omega/Mox (not so much because of the content but because it was too long and too much. How do either of them ever lose a regular match from a regular move in a regular ring?)

    I don't know why Shawn Spears is on ppv.

    The opening tag was really good.

    Pac/Page took awhile to pick up, but had an amazing finishing stretch.

    Tag titles were fine. Quen's SSP is the best looking move in wrestling right now.

    Sakura/Riho was excellent.

    Then there's the title match. Holy fuck. I don't know how it happened, but Cody Rhodes has become the best in-ring storyteller in the world. It's not always the best executed match, or the most exciting, but every big show he's on (and not working Shawn Spears) and given time, he delivers the emotional highpoint of the night. Jericho is great in this role, MJF is perfect (his smug little grin after getting that drink thrown on him! I just want to slap the shit out of him), but Cody... I wanted him to win so badly, deep down in my soul. Nobody else does that to me these days. What a fucking match.

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  8. On 11/8/2019 at 5:48 PM, Dolfan in NYC said:

    And Memphis is about to burn to the ground...



    Memphis actually got a judge to issue a restraining order to allow him to play until the case is resolved, and the NCAA has basically said "fine, play him, but he's not eligible and we're coming" though obviously not in those words.

  9. Gotta give Bama a ton of credit here. After the fumble-92 yard drive-dropped snap on a punt opening, they looked like it was going to be a 48-17 kinda beat down.

    Edit: and while I'm typing that...

  10. FWIW on the "Mabel is the third man"  Dave did report that Mabel was one of the names discussed (Bischoff denies that any of the people rumored were ever considered) and then a week or two later reported it was almost certainly going to be Hogan.

    Bisch, being the disingenuous asshole he often is, has used "Mabel was the third man" as a cudgel to dismiss Meltzer since the early days of 83 Weeks, but, in Eric's defense, the proceeds from that t-shirt go to Mabel's family.

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