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  1. Hall of Fame ceremony has been delayed until next year officially.

    I can't remember ever having someone die in-between being selected end inducted into a HoF before, much less the two in this class.

  2. I expect we'll see the NBA and NBPA come to an agreement to extend the league year as part of the deal the come back and finish the season. There's just no chance that let that kind of chaos happen. It doesn't help either side. The players are giving up money right now, they'll almost certainly take the deal in order to get closet to their full salaries.

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  3. Starting on Christmas was the best thing the NBA did in the entire decade of the 2010's. It should be when they start, always.

    At any rate, I think it's real hard to ask players on eliminated teams to come back for 5ish games to get everyone to 70. I know there are financial reasons they want to get everyone there, and a chance for guys to get back into game shape before the playoffs, but fuck, man, do the Golden State Warriors really need to go through all that bullshit to come in for two weeks to figure out where they finish between 15-55 and 20-50?

    Edit: And there's not much chance of who gets in changing if they only go to 70 games. Washington is 9th in the East, 5.5 games behind Orlando. They would have 6 games to play and the Magic five, so best case scenario they could end up tied. In the West, Portland is 3.5 back of Memphis, and the Blazers would get four and Grizz five more games, so Portland could potentially wind up ahead, but they would have to win out and have Memphis lose out, so not a real good chance of that. It would be hard for either current 9th place team to really argue that they were screwed if the NBA just takes the top 8 from each conference. Seeding matters less, since there is no home court advantage in a bubble finish, so I don't think jostling for seeds is worth being an extra 14 teams worth of people (estimates the NBA has right now is that each team would need 28 people total.)

  4. On 5/19/2020 at 1:22 PM, (BP) said:

    I remember a while ago someone found a Meltzer quote from 98ish where Taker had an injury that was serious enough that he was considering retiring. I have a feeling it was more that he had a bunch of nagging injuries (like that leg injury that he aggravated further dropping into the ring during the cell match with Foley) that piled up and he was burnt out. 

    Dave brings up pretty often that a lot of guys in the company were telling him how hurt Taker was and how he only had a year or two left as far back as 97-99 era.

    The way the dude reinvented himself as a once a year superworker years after he should've been washed is still unfathomable. 

  5. 5 hours ago, ohtani's jacket said:

    Was that the Bulls regular second unit or was Jackson doing something weird?

    Some of both. Pippen was hurting and back in the locker room, and he was desperately trying to get Jordan a little rest. I think mostly Pip's injuries threw off the substitution patterns, and he just had try to steal a couple minutes. Got Jordan and Rodman back in pretty quick. But it was still eye opening how thin they had gotten.

  6. ESPN has a cinematic version of the Bulls/Jazz game 6 from 1998 up on their app, and holy fuck the lineup the Bulls brought out to start the second quarter.

    Kerr/Bucheler/Burrell/Kukoc/Wennington. Yikes. A team using that group for serious minutes in their most important game actually won an NBA title. I'm coming around to the "the NBA was severely watered down in the late 90's after they added the Canadian teams" argument.

  7. I have no idea or care about the argument, but Michael Thomas had the highest catch rate of any WR in the NFL last year. It's not just they threw to him a lot, it's that he caught everything thrown near him.

    In fact, it was the second straight year he led the league in catch rate.

  8. Jordan agreeing to do the doc the day LeBron beat The Warriors is the most hilarious part. "Shit, people might really start believing he's better than me"

    I know Rick almost went to Italy after the expansion draft if Minnesota hadn't traded him to Philly. Maybe he just felt it was a good way to wind down his career after a couple years with the Sixers. Of course, then he came back and played for New Jersey, Detroit and Philly, so who knows.

    I've seen a lot of athletes get emotional over leaving a team, but I don't know I've ever seen anyone else who still gets too choked up to talk about it in an interview almost twenty years later the way Rick does about Detroit.

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  9. 6 minutes ago, Elsalvajeloco said:

    You do understand that two things can be true? Yes, Oakley was the enforcer. Also, he could have whooped Mike's ass. Hence, why he has that job. Plus, for all that having enforcers on the team, that still didn't stop Jordan from getting picked on for his early playoffs runs. 

    Well, to be fair, Rick Mahorn damn sure wasn't afraid of Oak (or anyone else on a basketball court ever)

    And Laimbeer wasn't afraid of anyone as long as Mahorn was there.

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  10. So, I'm into multiple games already, so I'm not really going to play it yet, I just went through maybe ten minutes to look at it, but holy shit Wind Waker HD is amazing looking. Those graphics aged so much better than nearly everything else from that entire generation. With the lighting redone and HD remaster... Holy shit.

    This past bright to you by 7 years of time travel from the past. Surely I will not have awakened into a modern hellhole that has destroyed this land...

  11. 5 hours ago, ohtani's jacket said:

    That '90 Finals was pretty close, though. They only got blown out in Game 3, which was the game where Dumars waited until after the game to hear if his father had died. In Game 4, they had the tying three pointer waved off, and in Game 5, the Microwave heated up. In '92, the Bulls dominated them in two out of their three home games. 

    What Jordan and Pippen did to them in game five was damn near criminal. 70 points, 16 boards, 13 assists combined. Pip had two steals, MJ had a block, they were a combined 22/38 from the floor. And they spent large chunks of the game picking up Portland full court and just dismantling their offense.

  12. Absolutely random thing I've been thinking about;

    In their two trips to the finals, the Drexler Blazers won game 2 on the road both times, went back to Portland with the theoretical chance to win the series without ever having to go back to the Midwest.

    They went 1-5 in their five home games. Detroit ended the series by taking all three, Chicago buried them taking a two and went back East with two chances to close it out 

    That's some terrible home court advantage for what seemed like a real contender.

  13. I always thought it was insane that the NBA didn't have a championship team with a black top executive until 2004.

    Somehow, the NFL is still way the fuck behind even from that pathetic standard.

  14. 10 hours ago, Smelly McUgly said:

    The idea of Nintendo giving you four games, three of which are argued about as potentially the greatest games ever made in the mainstream and a fourth that they're going to have to put in work to remake just to fix its issues.

    I'm literally unsure which one isn't universally acclaimed? I mean, their Metacritic Scores are 94, 92, 98, and 97.

  15. 3 hours ago, Smelly McUgly said:

    Then again, maybe they view their WiiU games as basically new since relatively few people played them. It sure didn't hurt them to sell Mario Kart 8 + all DLC for sixty dollars, that's for damn sure. 

    Honestly, can you blame them? Games they made with good or even great reviews, strong install rates (especially Mario Kart 8), generally beloved by the people who actually played them... But on a console that only sold 13 million units. Considering they killed the Wii U early, and launched the Switch pretty much in the middle of the generation, it made it pretty easy to have an absurdly strong First Party lineup of games during the first couple of years. 

    That said, now that I have a Wii U, there's a lot of really great games that can be had cheap used instead of paying 50-60 bucks for them on the Switch.

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  16. 5 hours ago, Smelly McUgly said:

    Owen wasn't the Black Hart yet, IIRC, as he first started using that moniker post-Screwjob.

    He was still the King of Harts at this point, which means we would've got something like "King of Jackasses," which, yeah, not as memorable as what we did get. 

    I think he was either The Slammy Award Winning or The Two-Time Slammy Award Winning Owen Hart at that point.

  17. I've read they want to get every team up to at least 70 games played if they do come back, before any type of playoffs, due to most of not all local TV contracts having 70 games played language for full payment of the season fees.

    Right now, the games played sits between 63 and 67 per team.

  18. 3 hours ago, supremebve said:

    Do you want to know how good of a defender Gary Payton was?  The NBA has been around for 74 years, one point guard has won defensive player of the year.  It's almost impossible for any guard to win defensive player of the year, but he's the only point guard to do it.  

    He was amazing.

    (Though, I must admit, my lasting memory of him will always be Billups just utterly wrecking him in '04. Getting old is a bitch.)

  19. 2 minutes ago, Death From Above said:

    Still the strangest release trailer I've ever seen for a console. The literal trailer keeps talking about controllers and never actually makes it clear it was a new console at all. Completely bizarre.

    Oh they killed the damn thing in the cradle all by themselves. I think it was over a year before people realized it wasn't just an add-on/revamp of the Wii, and by that time third party support was gone and the XBone and PS4 were building momentum.

    But, a few hours in... I kinda like the Gamepad? Like, it's weird and they clearly refined the idea and made it much more useful with the switch, but the option to play a lot of games in hand when the tv is in use was pretty cool.

    Plus I really want the HD remakes of Wind Waker and Twilight Princess plus there's a lot of great virtual console stuff not on the Switch.

    I am going to have to get an external for it though. The 32gb models were going for to much for me to buy it on a whim, so I only got the 8gb version. Such is life.

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