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  1. To me it's a tie between LS and OBFCL. Tical is good the best kind of Meth just gritty beats and dense rhymes. Ghosts album is good I'm a huge Ghost fan and while I like Ironman I feel he didnt come into his own until Supreme Clintele. And Return of the 36 Chambers is from another fucking planet.

  2. I don't like lifting weights myself Ive tried gone to the gym for two weeks just didnt like it blah blah blah. However if I was a wrestler and working for the WWE I would atleast put halfway effort into lifting weights and being seen in the gym by the brass if it was the deciding factor of me moving from devolpment to national TV.

    Hero doesn't have to get all jacked up or anything just time up and not seem all fluby that can't be that hard to do especially if he's already at the gym why not just lift for an hour or so just to shut the office up.

  3. Seriously.....I would take Anderson over any of those guys.  Anderson might make you some money.  Nobody is buying a Christian York t-shirt or a Luke Gallows hat.  Anderson can at least sell some Asshole merch.

    Anderson as just another Aces member aint selling shit nad at this point is just another "whatever happened to..." guy to the casual fan. Im not saying that the other three have more name value they dont but they can be counted on to put on a good match that will keep the fans attention and have them fireed up night in and out and Anderson cant, you need a live crowd more then you need to sell a shirt hell one can say if the crowd isnt fired up and into your show they arent gonna buy a tshirt. And if you were trying to build a promotion with "The Stars of Tomorrow" AAnderson doesnt fit the bill.

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