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  1. Turned on Pluto and the Meyers-VSK Vs Swann-Mack match was just starting. I forgot Meyers had the band of goofs. Match was cool. Meyers’ stundents are seemingly having communication problems and Meyers doesn’t seem pleased about it.

    Johnny Swinger rules. “This is the worse news I’ve gotten since Paul Boesch stopped running the Sam Houston Coliseum”. And then to cap it all off he has Bravo sign the letter to D’Amore as JJ Dillion. Oh yeah Impact is going to Vegas daddy!

    I left for the store and when I came back Eddie Edwards was yelling at Big Bill and D’Amore was in the middle of them.

    There’s a BFG ad hyping up Christian vs Josh Alexander. I haven’t seen that match I should check it out.

    A knockouts tag team championship number 1 contendership is set up for next weeks impact.

    It’s Main Event time as Josh Alexander takes on Ace Austin. These two guys over the last handful of years since like 2019 or so have been Impact guys so it’s cool to see these guys wrestling each other in the Main Event on an episode of IMPACT! I know this match is almost two years old but I’m watching it for the first time. I know where these two are now and it makes the match that much cooler. Ace still had Fulton with him and Alexander was gearing up to face off with a Christian Cage. This was a really good match. It got plenty of time going going two segments. Fulton got involved a little bit, Alexander wrestled like he does and Ace Austin was there at every turn keeping up with Alexander. There was a recurring theme throughout the match of Alexander getting the Ankle Lock out of nowhere much like Randy Orton does with the RKO. Another spot I liked was Alexander German Suplexing Ace only for Ace to land on his feet. These two went all out for that small crowd in that Nashville Television Studio and it resulted in a pretty damn good wrestling match. Josh Alexander won after hitting the C4 on Ace Austin for the 3.

    After the match Fulton and Ace beats down Alexander. Christian makes the save Alexander shoves him proclaims “I don’t need your help”. Fulton and Ace best theme both down. Christopher Daniels makes his Impact return after 7 years cleans house and stands tall as we go off the air.

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  2. I read Grahams book back in high school almost 20 years ago but I remember he’s writes as if he stopped wrestling the night he lost the title from Backlund to when he showed up in Florida as a Karate man in 82. But I found a return match Graham and Backlund had 7 months after Backlund won the title.

    And it seems like he wrestled in Houston periodically from when he left the WWWF to when he became a karate man. I never knew about this part of his career. Houston seems like it almost operated in its own parallel universe in relation to the other Territories.


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  3. I bought an event shirt for 40 bucks before Okada Vs Tanahashi the line had died down but when I had gotten there at about 5:30-6 the line wrapped around the corner. The bonus item was a refrigerator magnet.

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  4. I fell behind in my Impact watching but imma try to catch up

    The show starts off with a recap of Santino making the Golden Six Shooter Challenge last week plus we get highlights from The Badass Pit Fight.

    We are back again live from Da Mutha Ship

    The show starts off with a match this week as Trey Miguel defends his X Division Championship against 73 year old Mike Jackson. I remember 3 years ago when Johnny Swinger said he was bringing in a “young buck” an M Jackson to wrestle and it was revealed to be a then 70 year old Mike Jackson. He did an Old School and I remember he made an impression and now here his is defending a women’s honor against this punk kid Trey Miguel. Trey acted like he was using a Walker on the the way to the ring cuz get it Jackson is old. The match starts they tie up do some chain wrestling and Trey is clearly underestimating the seasoned Jackson, the mistake of a younger man. Trey seems to think this is gonna be easy. He’s wrestling like a cocky bastard even cheap shotting the Vet on a handshake fake out. Crowds fully behind Jackson with a “Let’s Go Mike” chants there is some Trey’s from the audience during the pauses. Trey works over Jackson’s fingers snapping them. Trey then goes for a running mid rope moonsault bit Jackson moves out off the way and starts a comeback to a huge “Let’s Go Mike” chant. Trey takes over and tosses Jackson out of the ring goes for a running move Jackson moves out of the way and Trey goes sailing into the guardrail. Mike Jackson takes over the match match to the crowds delight. Back in the ring Jackson is still in control and the crowd is loving it. Jackson is working over the arm and it’s Oldest School Time!!!! Mike doing this at 73 is pretty cool. He’s not the fastest walking the ropes but he’s smooth. A Mike chant starts and Trey tosses Mike off the top rope onto the match and starts an aggressive attack on Jackson. Treys fed up he wants to end this guy. Trey hits the Lightening Spiral which is like a 360 fireman’s carry. Imagine a Canadian Destroyer and what that would be as a fireman’s carry. He wins with that move and gets a 3. Trey Miguel retains his X Division Championship. After the match Trey goes for his green spray paint under the ring he steps back startled as Crazzy Steve slides out head first from under the ring. Trey gets in the ring Steve follows Steve’s body is painted with Trey Miguel’s logo. This freaks Trey out and Trey leaves the ring but is Cornered  by Black Tarus so he jumps into the crowd and leaves that way. I liked this match a lot. They kept it simple but it worked. That crowd was all about Mike Jackson. If Jackson had gotten a roll up win they would have lost their shit. I mean it would have been cool if they gave Jackson a little run. They kinda set up seeds for a Jackson win the Trey doing the Walker spot during his entrance. The punk kid gets one upped. They could’ve had Jackson show on up to the Kissimmee tapings have him defend once or twice have a tag match opposite of Trey then have a rematch with Trey in Vegas have Trey regain there. I’m not trying to shit on the Crazzy Steve Angle but it hasn’t grabbed me yet. I could get more behind the Wiley Vet in Mike Jackson outsmarting the cocky young kid in Trey Miguel. What are the tag champs doing right now I haven’t seen them tag since I started watching Impact this year. I’ve seen singles matches but not a tag program aside from the four way. Steve and Tarus could be doing this same angle with The Machine Guns challenging for the tag straps at the Vegas show. Another thing we’ll two things the episode before this I thought they set the match up perfectly with a backstage segment where Trey talked shut to a women wrestler, Ashley D’Ambouse who had just lost her match, they should have aired the exchange in PnP during Jackson’s entrance and maybe had D’Amboise accompany him to the ring and play apart in the finish. She was in the building.  They could start the Crazzy Steve-Trey angle at the Vegas tapings. Maybe I should take over the book. Maybe Jackson didn’t want a small run but I sure did. Part of me wants them to book Mike Jackson Vs Tatsumi Fujinami at New Japan Vs Impact Wrestling in LA now.

    This isn’t the full match just highlights but if you haven’t seen Mike Jackson vs Johnny Swinger here ya go, also this match took place at The Coca Cola Roxy not Center Stage and I understand the history of Da Mutha Ship but I liked the loon of the Roxy with the over hanging balcony better.

    Gia Miller is Backstage with Impact World Heavyweight Champion Josh Alexander. Gia asks about the Golden Six Shooter match and Alexander is very diplomatic in his response putting over all 6 competitors. All 6 competitors are former NWA/TNA/Impact World Champions. Steve Macklin comes out says he’s beating everybody in the match e we high is pretty impression to have beaten 6 World Champions and tells Alexander that he’s gunning for him. I’d be down for that match.

    Match Number 2 is the two guys who helped Bully Ray put Scott D’Amore through that table calling themselves The Good Hands vs Kushida and Kevin Knight of New Japan. One of The Good Hands is in Long Trunks the other is in Short Trunks this is important as this is how I will be referring to them. I have a pet peeve, on commentary Rehwoldt explains that Kushida and Knight teamed up in the Jr Tag League which is all well and good they established them as an experienced team but some footage of them in the tag league would have been nice some free publicity for New Japan’s streaming service plus they should have briefly shown clips as Rehwoldt was speaking to coincide with what’s he’s was saying maybe show a double team move or two and their finishers maybe show them getting the fall just to give some visual aide to what was being conveyed over commentary but I digress back to the match. Knight starts off with Long Trunks. Crowd chants for Kushida hes on the apron people be patient! After some brief chain wrestling Kushida gets in there with Long Trunks. Crowd doesn’t pop like you think they would after that chant. Knight Kudhida keep tagging each other in working over the arm of Long Trunks. Long Trunks rolls out of the ring and runs around the ring and back in. Kushida follows. Long tags in Short, Kushida doesn’t see it squares up with Long and Short punches him on the back of the head. The Good Hands pose. The crowd boos as Short Trunks stomps a mud hole into Kushida. Someone yells out “come on Bushi” wrong Japanese guy pal. Short rams Kushida into his corner tags in Long who knocks Knight off the Apron spin kicks Kushida who walks into a rolling German suplex from Short, Long bridges it into a pin attempt Kushida kicks out. Short tags back in. Kushida with a double springboard back elbow then gets the hot tag to Kevin Knight who cleans house with running clotheslines. Knight with a Stinger Splash to Short in the corner. Long makes a run at Knight who moves out of the way and crashes into Short. Knight bodyslams Long. Short takes control but Knight hits a drop kick. Kushida and Long now as Kushida hits an arm drag and an elbow. Kudhida has Short up in the electric chair position and Knight hits a standing drop kick Square in the middle of Shorts chest. Knight dives over the top rope as Kushida puts Short in an arm bar and Short Taps. Good match. Put Kushida and Knight against MCMG. There’s is a dramatic element with Kushida and Alex Shelley bring former tag team partners after all.

    Santino Marella is backstage with Giselle Shaq and Jai is it? Giselle wants to know who her partner is as Santino as brought it upon himself to find a partner for Giselle is her upcoming match tonight against The Death Dolls. The match is in next. Sati I opens a door we don’t see the person but Jai? marks out. 

    Mickie James runs into Jordynne Grace backstage. They discuss their match at Hard to Kill. Mickie takes exception with Grace making the save for last week. We were gonna get beat up and you’re complaining about someone saving your ass? Grace says she has a rematch clause and wanted Mickie in 100% health. Grace is confident that she’s gonna be champion soon.

    Match Number 3 Taya Valkyrie and JesSICka of The Death Dolls defending their Knockout World Tag Team Championships against Giselle Shaw and a mystery partner who is … Tara. Giselle hasn’t been getting along with her tag partners as of late so newly appointed Director of Authority, Santino Marella found Giselle a tag partner hopefully one she’ll be able to coexist with. Tara was in TNA/Impact from 2009-2013 and now she’s back for seemingly a one time appearance. She was at Hard to Kill so I guess they decided to use her the next day. But they’ll ignore D’Amboise even though she was used as a device to set up a match and was in the building for the match. So this, starts with Taya and Tara. Crowd “Tara” she seems taken aback by the response. She hadn’t done any grind yet. Before anything can happen Giselle tags her self in. Crowd boos. Giselle argues with her partner. Jai shouts “she has a plan trust the process”. It’s always nice to have a delusional idiot in one’s corner. Crowd chants “We Want Tara” as Giselle and Taya lock up. Taya JesSICKa tags in and dominates with ease. Giselle rolls out of a leg drop hits a super kick covers JesSICKa who kicks out. Giselle stays in ring even though the crowd and her partner disagree with this decision. Giselle is in offensive control so what’s the fuss about. Crowd chants “Lets Go Tara”, Tara is begging to be tagged in Giselle turns around says something to Tara that I didn’t catch then turns back around and eats a nasty spear from JesSICKa. JesSICKa tags in Taya Giselle has the opportunity to tag in Tara but elects not to. Taya takes advantage of this and goes to town on Giselle. With some kicks and a clothesline. Taya gets whipped into the ropes and is tripped by Jai who celebrates only to be speared by Rosemary at ringside. Crowd breaks out into a “Rosemary” chant. Giselle has a chance to tag in Tara but doesn’t even taunting her partner. She gets Taya up on her shoulders and hits Taya move The Spider Web which is a fireman’s carry side slam and it’s also Tara’s move. At this point I don’t think Giselle likes to get along with her tag partners. Giselles pissed cuz Taya keeps kicking out. Crowds chants “Tara” Giselle plays up a tag getting the crowd and Tara fired up goes for the tag but refuses to tag Tara comes in the ring confronts Giselle says “I’m your partner you respect me” they argue Giselle is having none of it they start shoving each other Tara hits her widows peak finisher which the crowd pops for a “You Still Got It” chant pops out and Tara leaves Giselle laid out on the mat. JesSICKa hoists Giselle on her shoulders Taya kicks Giselle in the head and JesSICKa drives Giselles head in the mat for the 3. Death Dolls retain. Good match: I’d like to have seen more from Tara. I guess she doesn’t wanna go full time but based on that reaction I’d have brought Tara in for the Kissimmee tapings atleast to build towards a match with Giselle for the Vegas show. Atleast of the the stuff between Giselle and Tara played into the bigger storyline of Giselle vs The Death Dollz and Giselle Always falling short cuz she can’t play nice with others.

    We get another witchcraft vignette from Taylor Wilde. I like the gimmick. It’s in contrast from her old TNA gimmick. No complaints I thought the video was and the other one I saw are well done and get the character across. We get clips from the Killer Kelly match and it looks like it’s far from over I can’t get on board on that. 

    Santino Marella blows smoke up Dave Lagreccas ass for the Tommy Dreamer interview from the week before. Bully Ray shows up and he’s not pleased he makes Dave back up and stand next to the wall. Bully is pissed he’s not in the Golden Six Shooter match he’s a former world champion he wants to know why. Santino says Bully had a world title match and he lost. Bully says there was interference in the match and he got screwed over. Santino says “you lost”. Bully says he’s been a big fan of Santino but says not to forget what happened to the last guy who crossed him and Bully leaves. Santino asks Dave how he handles Bully Dave says he doesn’t only one man can and it’s Tommy. So the angle lives on. I hope while they had Lagrecca they did more sit down interviews I might not like the angle advanced but I like the idea of long form sit down interviews to advance storylines. 

    Gia Miller is backstage with Tasha Steelz and Savannah Evans. Gia Miller brings up the tension between the two women. Tasha says this isn’t working and walks off. Is this how they wrote Tasha off the show for the time being?

    Match number 4 is the Major Players (Matt Cardona and Brian Myers) vs Bullet Club (Ace Austin and Chris Bey). I guess Ace and Bey are Bullet Club B-Team or Bullet Club Hollywood but that’s not indicative of their in ring skills they’d run circles around Horace and Brain Adams I mean that more so in rank and stature within the group. They get a cool letterboxed cinematic entrance which nWo Hollywood never got even though Hollywood is in the name also Ace and Bey can’t be the B Team Chase Owens isn’t accompanying them to the ring. This is why I should be given the book cuz Chase Owens would be seconding Ace Austin and Chris Bey to the ring with a Bullet Club shirt tucked into his dad jeans while wearing white framed sunglasses ala Vincent. But let’s talk about this match, it stars off with Cardona and Bey as two gentlemen in the front row try their darndest to get a “Too Sweet” chant going. Bey and Cardona are pretty evenly matched to begin nobody really gets the offensive upper hand until Bey starts working over the arm and tags in Ace. Super double action from the Blizz Clizz Boys. Myers tags in eats a Russian Leg Sweep then gets the Click Click Boom which is when Bey hits a standing moonsault and Bey hits a standing leg drop. Myers rolls out of the ring and Ace dives onto both Myers and Cardona as a “Whoop Whoop Too Sweet” chant breaks out. Myers and Austin battle on the apron Cardona distracts Myers who does an arm breaker to save standing him back to the floor Myers tags in Cardona. It’s now Cardona and Ace ringside and Cardona runs him over. Shouts “Major Players” And tosses Ace back in the ring. This starts The Ricky Morton as Cardona and Myers take turns beating up Ace. Ace tried to get a tag but is cut off by the newly tagged in Myers. Myers gets in a side headlock. Myers taunts Bey and eats a big side kick from Ace. Duel tags to Bey and Cardona. They start out blow for blow but Bey gets the advantage. Springboard spinning heel kick to Myers on the apron. Bey goes off the top onto Cardona. Myers slams Ace into the ring steps Bey gives chase Myers runs into the ring Bey follows and eats a HUGE clothesline from Cardona. Myers is sly like a fox. Cardona with a reboot to Bey in the corner followed by a top rope elbow by Myers now the legal man. Tag back to Cardona. A double team is thwarted. Ace with a head scissor take down to Myers. An awkward sequence of double team moves later Bullet Club pin Cardona. Good match really good match for sloppy with the finish but I won’t hold that against them. I think Bey and Ace made a good team they were also in that New Japan tag tournament a week ago or whenever they cut that promo they should have aired some footage of then competing as a tag team just to familiarize the viewing audience with them as a tag team. Just a pet peeve. Cardona and Myers are an established tag team. One thing that came to mind when I was watching this match and it’s a compliment to Cardona and Myers when watching their Vlog they are very likable guys but damn they are really good at being unlikable in the ring. I’m splitting this up into two parts so here’s a Brain Adams and Horace Hogan tag match cuz I brought them up. 

    I’m starting another Paragraph cuz Impact Wrestling Digital Media Champion Joe Hendry makes his way to the entrance and I know we are getting Edges Bitch music video. I’m getting ahead of myself but I felt like we didn’t need one manifesto sized paragraph. Hendry comes out to the ramp like I said, and accepts Matt Cardona’s challenge for the Digital Media Championship. Hendry then brings up his Dancing Moose song and then brings us to the Edges Bitch music Video. Hendry printed out Cardona and Chelsea Greens faces and made masks out of them. Myers too. It’s pretty clever. Myers and Cardona get all heated over the video. Crowd went along with it chanting “Edges Bitch”. I guess I didn’t need to start another paragraph. I think this program is gonna be entertaining no doubt about it but on the other hand, Cardona could be a main event player in Impact. Dude isn’t gonna put on a clinic but he isn’t a bad wrestler and in there with the right dance partner he can have bangers plus he has charisma. What exactly is the Digital Media Championship I mean I know what it is but what sets it apart from any other championship within Impact? What’s the hook? If it is the Digital Media Championship maybe it should be Exclusive to the YouTube Show BTI. TNA/Impact has seemed to struggle with establishing a secondary championship as anything other than a Midcarders title which in and of itself isn’t bad but the audience isn’t gonna get excited about a midcarders title unless there’s something different about it. I’m just stream of consciousness right now. Cardona has a big internet presence maybe he can win the belt do something on his Vlog maybe go around the indies defending the belt and putting the matches on his YouTube or Impacts YouTube. Maybe Impact could have Cardona do a blog for them similar to what they do on the Major Figure YouTube. Show a condensed version on Impact of Cardona flying into a town defending the belt and on to the next one.

    Moose is backstage towel around his shoulders doing those standing push ups on a wall. Myers And Cardona show up pissed and assure Moose they got Hendry Handled. The leave Moose grins. They played right into Moose’s hands they are gonna deal with Hendry for him. 

    Match 5 is Jonathan Gresham Vs Sheldon Jean. Sheldon has the height advantage on Gresham. The announce Sheldon from Canada. I wonder how he ended up in Atlanta. Sheldon makes the mistake of teasing Gresham for his height. Gresham gets in a side headlock. Sheldon tried to lift Gresham up but Gresham uses his center of gravity and the comprising positions he has Sheldon to near go over head. Gresham eventually gets Sheldon to the ground and does sone over the shoulder Greco type throws never losing the side headlock. Sheldon misses a running boot, but does punch Gresham in the face. Gresham hits the ropes and it’s like a cartoon fall Gresham sucks gets behind Sheldon and drops to all fours Sheldon backs up and falls that a lumbering tree. Gresham gets in a leg lock he’s pulling Sheldon’s leg towards his head. Sheldon struggles but gets to the ropes. Both men are on there feet Sheldon has like a face claw on Gresham he lets go to taunt Gresham, he pantomimes rocking baby to sleep then kicks Gresham in the gut. Then knees Gresham in the face Gresham ducks a second knee and drop kicks Sheldon in his knee Sheldon summersalts midair and lands on the mat. Sheldon gets in some offense but Gresham hits another Greco throw and then a knee to the back of the head for the 3. Pretty much a squash. I like seeing Gresham make quick work of fools as much as the next person but Gresham is way too talented to not be doing something of substance 

    Kevin Kelly Voice Over New Japan on AXS is Mutohs last New Japan match FTR vs Goto and Yoshi-Hashi and Kairi defends the women’s championship all from Wrestle Kingdom. 

    Main Event Time! Golden Six Shooter Elimination Match Moose Vs Rich Swann Vs Sami Callihan Vs Rhino Vs Eddie Edwards Vs Chris Sabin. Like I said before all these man have been NWA/TNA/Impact world champions.  Eddie has green in his Mohawk I don’t know if it’s new or not when it comes to observations im no Columbo. Match starts off Edwards and Sami have Rhino in one corner Swann and Sabin have Moose in the other. Moose and Rhino both do the spot where you get ahold of both opponents and whip them into each other. Moose and Rhino have a stare down then try to take each other down with shoulder tackles. Moose puts his thumbs in Rhinos eyes, Rhino whips him into the ropes and hits a clothesline. Sabin and Rhino now. Sabin tries to take Rhino out with a series of clotheslines doesn’t work he ends up ducking an attack and hitting a springboard clothesline knocking Rhino off his feet. Sabin and Sami, Sami invites strikes to his face. Sami hits a maneuver that’s set up like a Rock Bottom but ends up being a suplex. Sabin and Calihan end up on the apron reading strikes. Sami goes into the post. Sabin hits a crossbody off the top rope onto Moose. I couldn’t clearly hear the crowd but it sounded like a “TNA” chant broke out. Sami and Swann in the ring, Swann with a drop kick. Edwards and Swann now, Swann hits a huricaronna on Edwards sending him to the outside. Swann hits a cannonball splash on Edwards Moose and somebody else. It was Sabin. So much is going on it’s spot after spot after spot. Edwards hits a falcon arrow on Swann followed by Sabin hitting a top rope missile drop kick on Edwards then Sami hits Sabin with a neck breaker then Rhino chops the fuck outta Sami’s chest. Rhino is hitting shoulder tackles in the corner now. “Gore” chant breAks out but Moose spoils the fun and hits a spear on Rhino. Sami hits Moose with a super kick right to the kisser then covers Rhino for the 3. Rhino has been eliminated. Moose clubbers Sami as we go to break. We came back from break Swann is slumped over in one corner and Moose has Sabin in another corner chopping his chest to bits. Running Elbow to Swann Moose then tried it with Sabin but eats a boot. Sabin on the Middle Rope Moose slugs him Sabin and Swann end up on the top turnbuckle and Moose drop kicks both men Swann falls to the outside Sabin is slumped over Moose with a rock bottom to Edwards. Top Rope Tornado DDT from Sabin to Moose. Sami and Sabin mixing it up now. Tornado DDT from Sabin to Edwards. Shit happened between that but I can’t keep up watch the match below. Sabin charges at Sami who trips him into the ring post. There’s a cool sequence of events where Sami gets Swann to place Sabin into a stunner position then kicks the legs out from under Swann that was cool. Sami then takes a bow. Eddie and Swann end up duking it out Sabin hound the mix and Edwards Powerbombs Swann onto Sabin. Edwards and Sabin end up in the ring alone together resulting in a mini match between the two. Crowd chants “PCO” towards Edwards. You can’t kill Frankenstein Eddie. Eddie with a Tiger Driver. PCOs music Plays and PCO comes out but is stopped by security. This distracts Edwards and Sabin hits a tornado ddt converted into a small package roll up for the 3. Eddie Edwards has been eliminated. Moose runs in and kicks Sabin in the head. Moose in control over Sabin. “Let’s Go Moose” chant starts up but Moose yells “Shut the hell up” at the crowd. Moose still in control over Sabin. Sabin fired back with a series of punches but Moose hits a Rock Bottom. “Let’s Go Moose” starts up again. Sabin makes another comeback goes for a tornado DDT Moose shoves him off and hits a spear for the 3. Chris Sabin has been eliminated. Swann with a super kick too Moose, 3 times now the person who eliminated someone kicks kicked in the face right after. Swann and Sami Clothesline each other as we go to break. We come back from Break Swann Sami and Moose are all on the mat. All 3 do the New Japan spot where they smack each other in the face as they get to their feet. Headbutts! They take turns hitting movez on each other. Crowd chants “Let’s Go Rich” Moose chop blocks the leg right out from under Swann. Take that Crowd! Moose works over Swanns leg. Moose in control. Callaghan is on the outside. Moose is still working over Swanns leg. He proclaims that he “could do this all damn day”. Swann gets rolls Moose up and gets the 3. Moose has been eliminated. It’s down to Rich Swann and Sami Callahan. Moose is not happy. I’m not happy that Swann didn’t get super kicked right after pinning Moose, the trend has been broken. Deaner of The Design comes out I guess to make sure Sami “completes the task. Angels and Khan are there too. Sami goes for Swanns bad leg.  Swann with haymakers. Sami with a powerbomb’s him he rolls into an ankle hook. Swann gets to the ropes. Both men on their feet trading Strikes Swann levels Sami with a super kick goes to the middle rope. Lands a 450 splash for the 3. Rich Swann is the number 1 contender for the Impact World Championship he’ll face Josh Akexander at No Surrender. Match was good it was given a hell of a lot of time. After the match, Deaner isn’t pleased with Sami Callahan. The Design enter the ring. Deaner is directing Sami to do something. Swann tries to reason with Sami. Deaner levels Swann. Khan and Angels put the boots to Swann as Sami looks on. Deaner sets Sami for a piledriver but Yuya Uemura runs at and makes the save for Rich Swann. He gets gang jumped for his efforts. Josh Alexander and Frankie Kazarian run out to even the odds and we end the program with the babyfaces standing tall. 


    Good show Built around the Golden Six Shooter Challenge which delivered all the other matches were short but good I’m a little disappointed that Johnny Swinger and The Cat didn’t have any type of exchange backstage. 

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  5.  I thought Okada and Tanahashi did the professional thing of having a really good match but didn’t try to over shadow Mercedes-Kairi match which was very good. What I mean by that is they went out and had a 20 minute match and not a 40 minute Wrestle Kimgdom Epic. I think the crowd only had 20 minutes left in them and I think they read that. Saying all that it was really cool to watch these two wrestke each other live on American Soil.

    Crowd myself included was really hot for Mercedes vs Kairi. I’m not sure how it transferred on Fite but when Mercedes came out us 3,000 sounded like 30,000. Mercedes seemed to be pleasantly surprised by the response. Those two women busted their asses off it was their sure. The place would out on their backs. Okada Vs Tanahashi was announced a week before the show. Mercedes has a bright post WWE career. Also it was a blast watching Baylay lose it for her friend like she was a kid again. Mercedes Monès biggest fan that night and there were a ton of Mercedes shirts in that crowd.

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  6. Met Roy Lucier he’s awesome if you don’t know who he is he has YouTube channels dedicated to Lucha. It was cool meeting him he had a AAA tattoo.

    In the 45 minutes we were all waiting around everyone got their picture taken with CM Punk I went and met No Way Jose he’s really cool too. He was sitting next to Rob Naylor and I didn’t recognize him. I know that’s almost sacrilege on this board but I didn’t know it was him. 

    I ran into Dave Meltzer on my way back to the car. He was cool too. 

    The Show was really fun it’s late so I won’t get fully into it but man did I have fun. Kingston Vs White and Mone Vs Kairi were the matches of the night hands down. David Finlay was the biggest heel in New Japan in those 5-10 minutes he was cutting his promo. If they can keep that momentum going they might have something. 

    I enjoyed Lawlor vs Homicide maybe it came off better live than on TV and I was impressed by Rosser dude can wrestle I never noticed or he wasn’t really given an opportunity to show what he could really do in the WWE it’s one of the two.

    Here’s a picture No Way Lucier and myself I’m the one in the Lita shirt



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  7. 2 minutes ago, matt925 said:

    I live by Oakland in the east bay. This has turned into a really unique card compared to a typical nj usa show. Fans are gonna be hot inside the building, but I’m disappointed with them going head to head with extreme rules, that’s going to get all the buzz that night. 

    *Elimination Chamber but I know what you mean. It’s like WWE put Roman vs Sami up against Mercedes vs Kari or something. That’s uncharacteristic of them so it must just be circumstantial.

    Kingston was pulled from this past Saturdays Defy show for an undisclosed injury, I wonder if he’s gonna show up or not for the Jay White match. I don’t even know who you’d have sub for Kingston.

  8. I was looking at pictures of PWG shows at the Globe and it look compacted I then remembered that New Japan ran a show at the globe in the Fall of 19. I wanted to get a look at aesthetic of the venue and I think this video gives a good visual on what the venue looks like set up for wrestling. It’s a beautiful looking building for wrestling. The Globes wikipedia says it holds 2,000 New Japan had just over 500 fans there. The show Wrestlemania weekend I think is gonna be really good it’ll probably be close to full there’s gonna be a lot of wrestling fans in town for Mania.

    Hopefully it’s successful enough that Impact comes back to the West Coast. Atleast go further than Las Vegas which is technically the Southwest. I’d like them to Eventually make there way up to The Pacific Northwest so I can see them live and in person.

  9. I fast forwarded through the singles matches and the Hardy performance and all the other schlock. The pre show should’ve been Mt Dew Match Hardy Concert and the Women’s title match and maybe have given it some time The PPV should’ve been the two rumble and the title match. Time Management isn’t WWE’s strong suit.

  10. The show starts off with a tribute to Jay Briscoe. I thought this was classy it was a graphic and Tom Hannifan in a voiceover given condolences to the Pugh family on behalf of Impact Wrestling.

    Then we get Hard to Kill Highlights looks like an exciting show. I'll be watching it once it becomes available to me. The PPV is 40 bucks on Fite and I don't feel like spending 40 bucks for the PPV when I pay 6 bucks for Ultimate Insiders and will get the PPV 30 days after it aired.

    We are live from Da Motha Ship tonight, Center Stage Theater Atlanta, Ga.

    The new Knockouts World Champion Mickie James comes out to the ring in what i'd describe as a Macho Man in Denim look if Randy Savage wore booty shorts. I'm a fan of Mickie's outfit. Mickie says that the Last Rodeo may be over so are they dropping the if Mickie looses she's retiring gimmick? Bully Ray interrupts Mickie. A You Tapped Out chant breaks out. Bully tapped to Josh at Hard to Kill. Bully points for Mickie to leave. Mickie ain't leavin'. A Get Out Bully chant starts. Bully starts yelling at the crowd. Then tells Mickie she wasn't in the main event at Hard to Kill. The crowd responds with a Yes She Was chant. Her and Jordynne Grace were the last match. Bully says he was the main event not him vs Josh Alexander. I have not seen that match but if anybody carried anybody it probably wasn't Bully Ray carrying Josh Alexander. Bully also takes credit for the sellout then gets salty that he breaks his back for Impact has brought it back to relevance and the people don't cheer him they cheer for Mickie. He also takes exception to everyone talking about Josh Alexander not the man who made Josh Alexander, him Bully Ray. Mickie James says she read a headline that said "Bully Ray Taps Out". What paper was that in?  Bully gives Mickie a warning now, she better choose her words wisely. Mickie says she respects Bully as a wrestler but not as a man. She also pretty much says make her leave the ring. Before things can get uncomfortable Tasha Steelz and Savannah Evans make their way to the entrance ramp. Tasha makes sure to point out she isn't a fan of Bully rays but she wants to see him smack Mickie. So Tasha advocates man of woman violence if the women is an advisory of hers? Boy wrasslin' sure is wacky! Steelz and Evans are in the ring now and Steelz turns her attention towards one Mickie James. She asks Mickie what is she really celebrating? Then says the real headline reads "You still can't beat Tasha Steelz" which gets a reaction from the crowd. Mickie's gonna talk but Tasha grabs the mic from her. Bully fans the flames enticing a fight. Steelz lets Mickie know that she is gonna beat Mickie again and take the Knockouts title from her. Steelz and Evans beat down Mickie as Bully Grabs a table. Newest Impact acquisition Frankie Kazarian and Jordynne Grace run down and make the save for Mickie. The New Director of Authority Santino Marella comes out his theme music sounds like the theme to a 70s cop show. Needless to say I am a fan of the theme.  Santino says he knows he has to make a match he's having a hard time figuring out the math and then all of a sudden Ernest "The Cat" Miller comes out Dressed like Sam Jackson's Shaft but with his patented red loafers. Miller reminds everybody he was the commissioner of WCW Monday Nitro and tells Santino to make the match. Santino is about to make the match. Bully Ray is walking off Santino stops him then Bully says he doesn't listen to WCW regents. Ernest Miller ain't afraid to fight. Santino lets "Bobby Ray" know that he has the power to fire him. A Bobby Ray chant breaks out the crowd were all too happy to chant that. Satino makes the match; Mickie, Grace and Kazarian vs Bully, Steelz and Evans. Ernest Miller saYS Somebody Call My Momma and we go to break. That was a long talking segment to start the show, so long Impact broke it up into two parts on YouTube, but hey it lead to match and some longterm storytelling as Tasha Steelz is still gunnin' Mickie and that Knockouts Championship. Plus we got some wackiness with new DOA Santino Marella who wears a badge around his neck like he's a narcotics officer. I like seeing Ernest Miller randomly on TV as much as the next person but if Satino was gonna make a tag match wouldn't Teddy Long have been a more appropriate cameo? I mean if you need somebody to beat up the Yung Dragons Ernest Miller he's your man but a tag match playa? thats Teddy Long all day.

    Match Number 1 is the aforementioned Mickie James, Jordynne Grace and Frankie Kazarian vs Tasha Steelz, Savannah Evans and Bully "Don't Call Me Bobby" Ray. Grace and Steelz start out. Tasha gets the upper hand quickly Grace gets the upper hand, body slam Grace motions to Evans to get in the ring. Steelz tags in Evans and the two women go at it. Grace makes quick work of Evans and motions that she wants Bully. A Bobby Ray chant breaks out. Bully turns his back on Grace so Grace taps him on his shoulder gets in his face Bully acts like he's gonna get in the ring and then boom a clubbing forearm from Evans to the back of Jordynne Grace. Evans takes over the match with a series of shoulder tackles in the corner. Grace fights out of a full nelson and makes the hot tag to Mickie James. Mickie makes up for the size and strength disadvantage with the quickness. Evans takes over and slows it down. Mickie with some spinning kicks but then she eats a clothesline from Evans. Evans back in control. Evans with a sick ass double underhook suplex. Mickie hits a hurricaronna followed by a Thesz Press. Steelz tries to enter the ring, Ref is distracted, Evans whips Mickie into the ropes Bully grabs her by the hair and tosses her to the mat. The crowd did not appreciate that at all. We go to break and when we come back from break Steelz is in the ring with Mickie. Bully tags in, lifts Mickie up body slams her and then taunts Mickie. Bully is unhinged. i will say I may not think Bully Ray should be in a high profile position in a nationally televised wrestling promotion but he is a really good heel, his charater work is aces. He's on the mat asking Mickie were is all her tough talk now as she's laying there. they do the New Japan face to face as you get up spot without the faCE SLAPS WELL Mickie slaps Bully when they get to their feet. another body slam. Evans is tagged back in, and she's like a cat playing with a mouse. steelz is tagged in and its save to say that Mickie is getting The Ricky Morton in her opponents corner. Micie makes a comeback another hurricaronna she goes for the tag but eats a pump kick from Steelz. The Ricky Morton continues. Mickie makes another comeback gets the tag to Grace and Grace makes quick work of Steelz and Evans. Grace hit a Vader Bomb that Vader wishes he could have done in his prime. Grace lifts Bully up crowd goes crazy Bully gets out of it and chops Grace in the chest. Kazarain finally gets involved in this match flying forearming Bully Ray who leaves the ring walks up the ramp and leaves the match, Evans slugs Kaz right in the face her and Steelz tries a double whip and Kaz knocks them into one another. Mickie is up on the top rope flying Thesz Press into roll up for the 3. After the match the new number one contender for the Knockouts World Champion Masha Slamovich comes out to confront the holder of the Knockouts Champion Mickie James. I enjoyed that match it was a hot tag opener. Bully Ray and Frankie Kazarain almost had the night off I don't think either of them took a real bump. . It seems to me that they were planting the seeds for a Jordynne Grace Bully Ray match up which I'm all for the reaction Grace got when she hoisted Bully up on her shoulders if they ever wanted to have another Women as World Champion wrestling the men I think they have her in Jordynne Grace. 

    Santino and The Cat are backstage. Satino brings up the number one contender for next week he walks down the hallway sees one Dirty Dango also known as Fandango references the fashion police then Steve Macklin shows up pissed the man he pinned at Hard to Kill, Rich Swann is in the 6 way and not him Dirty Dango gets involed and want's a match with Macklin. Santino Makes the match.

    Match Number 2 is Deonna Purrazzo vs Ashley D’Amboise in a battle of the former NXT Wrestlers. It’s Purrazzo’s match early on she works over Ashley’s arm. Ashley makes a quick comeback but Purrazzo regains control in quick succession. Purrazzo keeps her offense primarily mat based. Ashley tries another comeback but she’s an elbow and then a boot. Ashley with a kick to the face followed by a rolling one I breaker. Deonna hits a powerbomb followed by a piledriver she calls The Queens Gambit for the 3. That was almost all Deonna.

    Gia Miller is backstage well under the stage in the basement of Center Stage searching for PCO. She seems nervous. She finds PCO and he shakes a chain link fence and she runs away.

    Ashley D’Amboise is backstage and X Division Champion Trey Miguel joins her and compliments her on her match. Did he see the match? He says it was really really pretty good. He’s being condescending. Mike Jackson shows up and he ain’t having it. He’s not gonna put up with Trey disrespecting a lady. This sets up Trey Miguel vs Mike Jackson for the X Division Championship for im presuming next week. 

    Match Number 3 Taylor Wilde Vs Killer Kelly. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Killer Kelly wrestle before. She’s got a cool entrance. Dueling chants to start before they even tie up. Killer Kelly with a side suplex right out the gate. They take turns stuffing each other. Well I don’t know if they were stuffing each other but it looked snuff. Wilde hits a Suplex she rolls into a guillotine choke. A faint Taylor chant breaks out but it tinned into clapping. Kelly lifts Wilde up charges her into the corner whips her into the ropes and hits a big boot right to Taylor Wildes face. Now Kelly punches Wilde in the face a few times on the mat. Wilde tried a comeback but Kelly Dead’s that but Wilde starts throwing strikes. Wilde with some running offense. Missile Dropkick. Killer charges at Taylor who double stomps Kelly’s head into the ring apron. Killer takes full control with a series of head butts then a suplex to the turnbuckle followed by a hesitation drop kick. A couple of roll up attempts and Killer Kelly gets in a choke hold and Taylor Wilde Taps. I really liked this match both women brought the heat. I’m liking this Version of Taylor Wilde I remember when she was in red white & blue missile dropkicking Awesome Kong now she’s wearing all black calling herself the people’s witch and double stomping fools heads into the ring apron. 

    We get a clip from BTI, Deaner in the “next step in the process” has Callihan Cactus Driver 97’s Delirious.

    We are now backstage Callihan seems to be contemplating his decision as Deaner with the rest of The Design with him assures Calihan he made the right choice. It’s gonna be a 7 step initiation process he’s made the right choice for the first 2 steps 5 to go. Next week Callihan step 3 in that six shooter number won contenders match next week. Big Khan tells him if he looses there will be consequences. This all ends with Deaner and Sami in a Monsters Ball Match doesn’t it?

    We now have Santino Marella backstage with with Impact Wrestling World Heavyweight Champ Josh Alexander and he’s explaining the Six Shooter Challenges double meaning to The Champ. Josh leaves Gisselle Shaw shows up and wants a tag partner she hasn’t been getting along with her partners but it totally hasn’t been her fault. Nobody wants to be her partner so Santino is gonna have to funds her a tag partner.

    Match 4 is Steve Macklin Vs Dirty Dango. Dango has cool British New Wave sounding theme music. Macklin is in the drivers seat early on in this match. Dango makes a comeback after a failed sunset flip attempt. Chops from Dango. Macklin hits a knee on a back body drop attempt. He’s in full control now. Chinlock on Dango the crowd claps him out of it. Macklin with a Rovk Bottom where his opponent lands on his knee. Dango with a belly to back suplex he has the crowd clapping in excitement. Dango with a side Russian leg sweep. Dango sways his hips runs the ropes and hits a leg drop then a falcon arrow now he goes to the top rope but Macklin leaves the ring so Dango leaps onto him on the outside then goes for a tornado ddt but Macklin back body drops him back into the ring puts him on the top turnbuckle tree of woe style tackles him then his a double arm DDT for the 3. Really good match.

    Gia Miller is backstage with Cardona and Myers we are getting these two Vs Ace Austin and Chris Bey next week on Impact. Myers cuts a promo on the two and Moose shows up and tries to say that their string of bad luck started when Joe Hendry beat Cardona for the Digital Media Championship. Cardona vows to win his Championship back.

    We get the sit down interview between Dave Lagrecco and Tommy Dreamer. First of all I dont really wanna see Bully Ray Vs Tommy Dreamer in 2023. This is being treated like the legacy feud of this company. I’m a big fan of Tommy Dreamer his ECW run is incredible. But at this point in his career he should be the Gedo to Alexander’s Okada until he turns on him and Joins up with Ace Austin when the finally make him Impacts version of Jay White.  So I guess that means Impacts gonna have to sign Barbarians sons as a tag team and have Raven shuffle out to the ring with them wielding a kendo stick. But I digress, this furthers the Bully-Dreamer feud. It’s personal Dreamer and Bully are fighting over the air on Dave’s show Busted Open. Dreamer brings up bringing Bully into ECW and pairing him up with Devon speaking of Devon he’s not with WWE anymore so we might be seeing Devon back in Impact soon. I’d like to see Team 3D reunite to exact revenge on MCMG for “breaking them up” in the first place but Devon will most likely be involved in this Bully Ray vs Tommy Dreamer feud. 

    Kevin Kelly Voiceover time tonight on New Japan on AXS it Jay White Vs Kazuchika Okada from Wrestle Kingdom. That’s a really good match search that out  if you haven’t already seen it.

    So it’s Pit Fight Time is match 5 your main event of Speed Ball Mike Bailey vs Kenny King. They took the ropes off the ring and it’s gonna be more of a shoot fight UWFI/BattlArts Style i believe. Kenny is wearing gold lamè boxing style trunks and Mike Bailey is wearing Steve Blackmans pants. The ref who is all black reminiscent of an MMA ref gives the rules there is no pin falls or DQ it’s submission or KO to win this one. The crowd does the Steve Austin What Chant as the ref explains the rules. 20 years and What is still being yelled in phases whether somebody has the mic. Steve Austin’s lasting legacy is annoying fans trying to get themselves over. This is MMA style they stalk each other around the ring throw some kicks that don’t land. Then Kenny takes down Bailey with a double leg, the grapple around the mat for a bit before both getting to their feet. They end up on the mat again. Let’s Go Speedball chant breaks out. Crowd is behind Mike Bailey here in Hotlanta. Bailey wits judo toss and King is tossed out of the ring: Back in the ring they grapple on there feet a bit Kenny takes Bailey down again then kicks him out of the ring and strikes a pose to a chorus of boos. Bailey goes to get back in the ring but Kenny kicks him straight in the face and Bailey is back outside. Mike Bailey let Kenny King back in the ring but Kenny obviously didn’t feel obliged to let Bailey back into the ring. King goes to the outside and beats up Bailey around the ring before tossing Bailey into the ring steps. Back into the ring and both men start trading strikes on their feet like this is Bloodsport. Then Kenny grabs Baileys Leg and tosses him face first into the entrance ramp. Kenny with a running knee strike. The crowd boos. Kenny taunts the crowd. Bailey I’d busted open. Kenny punches at Baileys bloody forehead as we go to break. We come back from break Kenny has Bailey on the mat Bailey gets out of it both men on their feet Bailey hits his patterned rapid succession kicks then Kenny counters with what I would call a BJJ influenced Suplex. Another Let’s Go Speedball chant starts. Kenny with a Dragon Screw. Bailey blocks a scorpion kick and then kicks Kenny straight In the face which knockouts Kenny out of the ring. Then we get some real Bloodsport Type action from Bailey as he starts kicking the shit outta Kenny. Kenny ends up on the mat like Inoki in the Ali fight and Bailey puts in an arm bar to a chorus of “tap”. Kenny lifts Bailey up and power bombs him leaving both men prone on the mat. Another Armbar from Bailey another chorus of “Tap” Bailey with kicks Kenny catches him and Dragon Screws Bailey out of the ring. Kenny then hits a blockbuster from the apron to the floor he punched Bailey in the ribs then grabs a chair and tells the crowd to shut the hell up. Back in the ring Kenny sets Bailey up for a pile driver Onto the steel chair, Bailey gets out of it charges Kenny who moves sending Bailey into the turnbuckle and Kenny sinks in a figure four. Bailey turns it around Ricky Steamboat style but they end up rolling out of the ring and Bailey kicks Kenny in the face. Bailey goes up the ramp does a massive running dropkick onto Kenny sending him to the outside. Bailey then climbs the turnbuckle rings to the top of the post and hits a corkscrew moonsault onto Kenny. Bailey goes for the Ultimate Weapon but z Kenny moves out of the way super kicks Bailey spin busters him into the ring apron rolls him into the ring and super kicks him again. Kenny has Bailey in a knee bar as the crowd chants this is awesome. Bailey hits Kenny with the chair straight to the head. He unloads on Kenny sinks in an arm bar does a double knee to the chest pummmels some more ref breaks it up Kenny puts the chair on Kenny’s head hits a karate kick and the ref calls the match. Awesome main event. The Pit Fight is here to stay I hope. I think they may have just found Mike Baileys trademark match. 

    Another good episode of Impact. The matches were all good the main event delivered. Storylines were progressed. Ernest Miller showed up. The only thing I may have done different is instead of the Tommy Dreamer interview I’d have aired The Briscoes Vs Divine Storm from the weekly PPV days back in 02 in full as the Impact Flashback of the Night. Sure the Briscoes last but it’s a good enough match. Shit I’ll add it at the bottom. 


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