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  1. On 1/20/2023 at 8:27 PM, HumanChessgame said:

    USA Saturday Nightmares!


    I could feel a wave of connections in firing in my brain that probably hadn't in decades. I forgot all about Saturday Nightmares, but that intro brought it all back. I felt like the grownups from IT coming back to Derry. Suddenly I can see the ending credits to Silk Stalkings and the opening drum of the Hitchhiker.

    All of those kind of old "themed" blocks scratch a certain itch for me.

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  2. Looks like after a long period of experimentation, Hollywood has realized that streaming is just a debt hole with no profits in sight.  https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/business/business-news/wall-street-streaming-guidance-2023-1235302958/


    But the streaming narrative is likely to continue to change across the entertainment sector this year, a growing number of financial experts expect. “The greatest story America’s story-telling industry ever produced is not The Godfather, Star Wars or even Minions: Rise of Gru,” the MoffettNathanson team of analysts wrote in their Wednesday report entitled “Hurtling Towards Act 3.” “It is, of course, the story of the industry itself over these past 15 years. And, like almost any story produced in the Western tradition, this one follows a basic three-act structure.”

    In Act 1, “Media companies printed money,” only to see things change due to Netflix’s innovations, the analysts wrote. “An upstart company took advantage of rising broadband speeds to deliver a seemingly magical experience: watch what you want, wherever, whenever, for far less. … Act 1 ends with the company that promised its customers the world well on its way towards taking over the world, and with the established order scrambling to muster a response far too late.”

    Act 2 was about Hollywood companies pushing into streaming amid cord-cutting, or “attempt to replicate the playbook that had worked so well for the upstart,” as the MoffettNathanson team put it. “But even though the subscribers showed up en masse, profits remained elusive.”

    Which takes us to the present day. “Now, we find ourselves at the precipice of Act 3,” the analysts argued. “Cash flows are sorry ghosts of their former selves. Balance sheets are loaded with debt in a higher interest rate environment. Rather than being the new sliced bread, investors and executives have accepted that streaming is, in fact, not a good business — at least not compared to what came before.”

    So what happens next? “In Act 3, we find ourselves hurtling towards a climax where once-great companies will have to face the reality that they can no longer afford to light money on fire chasing profits that do not exist,” the MoffettNathanson team concluded. “For some, this simply means a new age of rationalization. For others, acquisition may prove the only salvation. For all, the present state of affairs cannot continue.”

  3. Burns/Magny might be really really good tonight.

    I don't know what to think about Johnny Walker/Paul Craig. Like, in my head I see something really ridiculous happening. Almost comically. Like they both knock each other out. It just sounds like a mess.

    I think Moreno takes the feud tonight. We'll see. I think getting to switch it up and getting Kai Kara France in was good for him. Figueiredo looked shredded like never before, and it honestly made me a little concerned. I think Moreno gets the finish.

    I imagine Hill stuns Glover, who then grapples him to the ground for the night.

    Can Jessica Andrade finish Lauren Murphy? I'm assuming this goes 15.

    Should be a fun show.

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  4. 2 hours ago, piranesi said:

    It sucks when a relatively obscure pastime or entertainment form gets popular. 

    It's like you can almost hear Capitalism waking up like Smaug and sniffing the air and saying "what's this then?"

    I mean, it sucks, but it's awesome. Like I can't tell you how many conversations I've had with people that went something like this:

    "Yeah I play D&D"

    "Oh really, I always wanted to try that."

    And then we were playing D&D. If it hadn't been popular that conversation may never happen.

    So the bright side is, ttrpg are more popular than ever, which means more ways to have the most fun on the planet with the most amount of people willing to try it.

    The dark side is, there's one system that is synonymous with RPGs, and the people who own it are making the people who do so much of the heavy lifting(create content, run games, buy all the goddamn books) hate it.


  5. I feel bad for just about everyone involved in all of this except for those at the very very top of WOTC/Hasbro.

    Though I'm interested in what appears the rebranding of Dungeons and Dragons as an online ecosystem, one that you subscribe to like a video game, and with an AI GM, engage with like a video game as well(complete with micro transactions and lootboxes!).

    It's seems that the OGL fiasco was more to divorce D&D from 3rd party creators, to make it appear that the One D&D Virtual Table Top is the only platform in which you can play the "real game."

    It reminds me of Gygax/TSR at their most litigious, telling players "If you're not playing by the AD&D ruleset, you're not actually playing D&D."

    The good news is that those who enjoy Table Top Role Playing Games aren't really left in the cold. The game is still ours and can be played with no official oversight. But it's a sad end of an era.

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  6. 8 minutes ago, Craig H said:

    Yeah, I kept meaning to ask you about that...

    If the Saudi part of this story is untrue, then it's still a pretty tight race for dumbest money grab while fucking the fans. But if WWE gets sold to folks who were fantasy booking Yokozuna a spot in a Royal Rumble, despite him being dead for... a while... then WWE win by a country mile.

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  7. So wait.
    the Lovie Smith coached Texans blew their #1 thus giving it to us


    the Lions pushed Aaron Rodgers out of the playoffs?

    This is the best losing season I've ever experienced.

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  8. On 12/2/2022 at 9:38 AM, Kevin Wilson said:

    To be fair, there was never a good time to play Hines. I should probably check on him and make sure he's ok.

    Embarrassingly I would tell myself "Oh you need to dump that guy when you get home." And I'd forget, and he'd play a goddamn Thursday game or something.

    This season was not my best.

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