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  1. On 4/24/2023 at 8:58 PM, BobbyWhioux said:

    If he ends up on the Vikings in 2024 I am going to laugh so hard...

    You shut your filthy mouth with this.

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  2. Man. . .what an absolute gut punch.

    Like many of you, I didn't know DEAN outside of this space. But the joy and energy he brought to talking about "the professional wrestling" was undeniable. Even during stretches where things seemed to get stale, DEAN had a way of making our favorite passion seem like the greatest thing in the world. He's a big part of why all of us are here and have the interactions that we do, and the impact he's had on the lives of everyone here. . .even those that never got the opportunity to shake his hand or buy him a beverage. . .is undeniable.

    Thanks, DEAN. . .for everything.

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  3. Two Jaguars trades


    • Jacksonville receives #25 overall, #160 overall (fifth round), #240 overall (seventh round)
    • New York receives #24 overall


    • Jacksonville receives #27 overall and #130 overall (fourth round)
    • Buffalo receives #25 overall


  4. Trades thus far:


    • Arizona receives #12 overall, #33 overall (second round), 2024 first round pick, 2024 third round pick
    • Houston receives #3 overall (Will Anderson), #105 overall (fourth round)


    • Detroit receives #12 overall, #34 overall (second round), #168 overall (fifth round)
    • Arizona receives #6 overall (Paris Johnson), #81 overall (third round)


  5. The initial post has been updated to reflect the swap of first-round picks between the Jets and the Packers in the Aaron Rodgers trade.

    Also, the Day 2 traded picks post has been updated to reflect the Jets' second-round pick that they got from Cleveland in the Elijah Moore trade going to the Packers in the Rodgers trade.

  6. To clarify the suspension thing:

    The three players that are suspended for a year (Cephus, Moore, Toney) are suspended for a year+ because they bet on NFL games.

    The other two (Berryhill, Williams) are suspended for six games because they bet on non-NFL events, but did so from the team facility. . .which is just stupid. I mean, go back to your house or apartment or whatever.

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  7. 12 hours ago, Robert C said:

    OK, so who here wants to give me an explanation why I saw my next door neighbor's kid (I use the term "kid" to mean he's their offspring, not that he's a child.  He lives with his parents, but I'd guess he's at least in his mid 50s) dragging a coffin out of their garage this afternoon?  I thought living in a house where the previous owner murdered his wife was odd enough already.  Not sure I needed the coffin next door to really up the weirdness factor.

    He got the wrong size and he's taking it back to Costco to exchange it?

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  8. On 4/16/2023 at 4:29 PM, RIPPA said:

    Miami is signing Chosen Robbie Anderson

    In other news - Robbie Anderson is apparently going by the name "Chosen Robbie Anderson" now.

    Don't have any jokes in the reservoir for this one.

  9. Day 2 picks in this year's draft that have been traded

    Round 2

    • #32) Chicago -> Pittsburgh (Chase Claypool trade)
    • #37) Denver -> Seattle (Russell Wilson trade)
    • #42) Cleveland -> New York Jets -> Green Bay (CLE to NYJ in Elijah Moore trade, NYJ to GB in Aaron Rodgers trade)
    • #53) Baltimore -> Chicago (Roquan Smith trade)
    • #55) Minnesota -> Detroit (T.J. Hockenson trade)
    • #61) San Francisco -> Carolina -> Chicago (SF to CAR in Christian McCaffrey trade, CAR to CHI in trade for CAR to move up to #1 overall)

    Round 3

    • #67) Indianapolis -> Denver (2022 Draft trade for IND to select S Nick Cross)
    • #73) Cleveland -> Houston (DeShaun Watson trade)
    • #74) New York Jets -> Cleveland (Elijah Moore trade)
    • #76) Carolina -> New England (2022 Draft trade for CAR to select QB Matt Corral)
    • #77) New England -> Miami -> Los Angeles Rams (NE to MIA in DeVante Parker trade, MIA to LAR in Jalen Ramsey trade)
    • #79) Washington -> Indianapolis (Carson Wentz trade)
    • #93) San Francisco -> Carolina (Christian McCaffrey trade)
    • #100) Kansas City -> New York Giants -> Las Vegas (KC to NYG in Kadarius Toney trade, NYG to LV in Darren Waller trade)
  10. 1 hour ago, ChesterCopperpot said:

    WTF was with that Rollins segment? 


    Not a general statement - but tonight's specific one. 

    Kind of reminded me of the segments from one of Jericho's comebacks where he'd go out to the ring and the crowd would scream for him for five minutes and then he'd leave without saying anything.

    I can't remember what that led to off the top of my head, either.

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