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  1. 22 hours ago, Tabe said:

    Hilarious. There was never a chance he was going to play. 

    But it did give people the opportunity to talk about Aaron Rodgers all year, which is really all Aaron Rodgers could ask for.

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  2. Dallas

    Los Angeles Chargers

    Tampa Bay
    San Francisco

    Kansas City


    Tiebreaker 1 - 117
    Tiebreaker 2 - 4
    Tiebreaker 3 - 287

  3. 46 minutes ago, Tabe said:

    I cannot believe I took Minnesota instead of the Rams in my survivor league. Nah, I didn't need that $750.

    As a Vikings fan, I'd just like to say that you brought this upon yourself.

    In the words of the immortal Eric Stratton: "You fucked up. You trusted us."

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  4. The Turkey Day Marathon schedule has officially dropped.

    Thursday, 23 November (all times Eastern because it's just easier that way)

    • 9 AM: Bride of the Monster
    • 11 AM: Pumaman (Surgically Enhanced)
    • 1 PM: Escape 2000
    • 3 PM: Beyond Atlantis
    • 5 PM: The Beatniks
    • 7 PM: Viking Woman and the Sea Serpent
    • 9 PM: The Giant Gila Monster
    • 11 PM: The Starfighters (Surgically Enhanced)

    Friday, 24 November

    • 1 AM: Munchie
    • 3 AM: Master Ninja II
    • 5 AM: Catalina Caper (Surgically Enhanced)
    • 7 AM: Operation Kid Brother
    • 9 AM: The Bubble
    • 11 AM: Time Chasers
    • 1 PM: Horror of Party Beach (Surgically Enhanced)
    • 3 PM: Prince of Space
    • 5 PM: Dr. Mordrid
    • 7 PM: Girl in Gold Boots
    • 9 PM: Stranded in Space
    • 11 PM: Gorgo

    Saturday, 25 November

    • 1 AM: Santo in the Treasure of Dracula
    • 3 AM: Santa Claus Conquers the Martians
    • 5 AM: Santa Claus
    • 7 AM: The Christmas Dragon

    Looks solid, all in all.

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  5. Today, the Eagles waived Bernard Williams from their reserve/suspended list.

    If you're wondering who Bernard Williams is, he was an offensive tackle that made the NFL's All-Rookie team in 1994 and then was suspended indefinitely for marijuana in 1995. He never applied for reinstatement and I guess the Eagles just finally got around to waiving him.

    Williams turned 51 this past July. Better late than never, I suppose.

    Courtesy of this tweet that won't embed for whatever reason: https://twitter.com/alexkatson/status/1725278556014424181

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  6. Maybe I'm thinking of someone else but isn't Charissa Thompson one of those people that nobody in the industry really likes but nobody was willing to say it out loud (until now, obviously)?

    But yeah. . .this doesn't seem like the best way to go about remaining employed.

  7. On 11/11/2023 at 11:39 PM, Johnny Sorrow said:

    Quick update. I, in no way, going to be back to work a week later from my accident. I tend to try and, for lack of a better term, no sell when I'm hurt. Turns out falling off a ladder and landing ribs, knees, and face flat on the ladder requires significant time off from work.

    I'm currently at about 87% back. I have a sexy scar on my chin, my knees are ok, but blunt force trauma to the chest and ribs really spreads the lingering pain around the body. 
    Thankfully, I'm approved to go to work a couple of days next week and do some desk work and then I'll be doing training of three new employees in the field for awhile until I'm back full time. I've been going stir crazy.

    Did you at least reach for the belt two or three times before you fell off the ladder?

    (In all seriousness, glad you're not more seriously hurt.)

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