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  1. Gotta love JR’s glowing review of the women’s title match with the call of “the match made sense”. 🙄

    Sting is a madman.

    Someone please get Cody off my tv.

    Lio Rush. lol

    Why exactly did the Young Bucks retain? Ugh.

    I fell asleep for the last two matches. This ppv was way too long.

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  2. 3 hours ago, caley said:

    BTW, watching these things is really funny and weird.  It's about 4 months into Razor's face-turn and he's still doing all the same Razor-isms, like he hands his belt to the ringside attendant and tells him to protect the gold "cuz if something happens to it, something's going to happen to you!" then throws his toothpick in the guy's face and Vince McMahon does his HUGE belly-laugh (The only time he laughs harder in the two hour block is when Doink trips Bam Bam with a tripwire) while Lawler says he's a jerk.  Also, Tony Halme is all over this thing: crushing jobbers, battling Luger to an even match, ending Tatanka's undefeated streak (The latter showing that WWE has never really understood how to book an undefeated streak, nor how to use it to get someone over as here Borga hits Tatanka with a chair to end the streak so he doesn't really get the rub of winning because he cheated to do it, and Tatanka loses his streak for no real reason).

    Ludvig Borga completely dominated that match and didn't even have to hit Tatanka with a chair to win. Really weird booking there.

  3. On ‎4‎/‎8‎/‎2020 at 6:07 AM, The Natural said:

    One of my favourite things about WrestleMania is seeing the bigger entrances on the Grandest Stage of All and the new ring gear wrestlers wear. Obviously the former wasn't happening with the move to the WWE Performance Centre. I thought the latter was disappointing with the exception of The Undertaker as a hybrid Dead Man/Biker Taker, Kevin Owens carrying on the KO Mania shirts, Seth Rollins coat and Bayley's gear with the big crosses over her former smiley logo.

    Don't forget Kairi's fancy pirate outfit.

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  4. 1 hour ago, kafkonia said:

    Two world title matches, and what, five moves? Goldberg is old and should never have come back - what's Brock's excuse?

    He’s probably immuno-compromised because of his diverticulitis so he cut it short and is now going away for a long long time.

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  5. 10 minutes ago, Go2Sleep said:

    Thought the show picked up at Bryan/Sami and was better than it had any right to be. Those two were the first ones that didn't seem lost not having a crowd.

    This is likely because Bryan and Sami have both wrestled on cards with even less people than were there for Mania.

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  6. I for one hope they continue to play to the non-existent fans in the crowd while doing complete entrances and making weird pauses in their promos like they’re reacting to overwhelming “What?” chants.

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  7. Moxley wrestling thirty minutes with a fake eyepatch compromising his vision and getting everyone to hit him there anyway is like wrestling’s version of “own the libs”.

    I can imagine him coming up with this plan in Kayfabe and ranting and raving to Renee Young about it and when she points out the logical fallacies, he’s just like “Of course a WOMAN wouldn’t understand the brilliance of my plan!” 

    Also...very shrewd of Cody to make himself completely unmarketable with that shitty neck tattoo so other wrestlers on the roster can rise up and become The Guy instead.

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  8. 35 minutes ago, BobbyWhioux said:

    ignored a clear and blatant handful of trunks by Goldberg as well.  Terrible officiating.

    If you want unbiased officiating then you shouldn’t be an evil demon from hell. They’ve been persecuted for centuries.

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  9. 4 minutes ago, TheVileOne said:

    Nothing matters in WWE at this point. It doesn't even matter to The Fiend that Goldberg made him look like a geek as Bryan Alvarez would say.

    The only geeks are the ones that want to see a rematch or prolonged feud between Goldberg and The Fiend. 

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