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  1. 10 hours ago, just drew said:

    Yeah, it’d be a real shame for Alexa to miss the big plans wwe has for her to participate in the Owen Hart tourney or have matches that are actually given time. 

    Alexa would be the biggest star in that division the day she walked in the door. You go out of your way to accommodate her…

    Nah. She’ll get three minutes of promo time since she’s won the title, just like Thunder Rosa has.

    If she’s lucky.

    Or get shuffled off to Dark never to be seen again. How’s Ruby Soho doing, btw?

    If there’s one weakness about AEW since day one(SINCE DAY ONE), it’s the complete lack of time they give to the women who are not named Britt Baker.

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  2. Things I literally don’t give af about: The ratings. For RAW. For Smackdown.  For the Monday night wars. Now and forever. I just care whether or not something was entertaining to watch. 

    That being said, this was a good show.  Roman is definitely at god mode and undoubtedly the biggest star in the company. It kinda sucks Big E couldn’t win any matches a week after he won the title, but count me in for more matches between big meaty men slapping meat. 

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  3. Orton vs Big E was a great match. Bobby Lashley falling to Big E due to his e-wrestling weakness of being weakened from kicking too much ass was perfect. I just wished they played up the fact Lashley had it coming to him for his attacks on the New Day in the last few months.

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  4. 21 minutes ago, Stefanie the Human said:

    How could I be so silly? That's such a weakness. Almost as much of a weakness as being so stubborn about not submitting that he might get injured!

    Good thing one of his strengths is being able to ignore pain and fight through injuries!

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  5. 20 minutes ago, Stefanie the Human said:

    I mean, convert #7 to "gets tired from kicking too much ass" and I could see it.

    EDIT: That is a joke for exactly two people on this board and I'm not sorry.

    Dont forget, he also might kick so much ass sometimes, that it might result in a disqualification.

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  6. 1 hour ago, Curt McGirt said:

    Talking about Show/special attractions brings up a thought: THERE ARE NO BIG FAT GUYS IN AEW. There still aren't even that many hoss types. ROH has more than they do! So you know Tony, if you really want some balance in your programming, throw some money at Acey Romero or Beer City Bruiser and Brion Milonakis. 

    Finally, someone who knows what they’re talking about. 

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  7. 2 minutes ago, doctorhbomb said:

    So I didn’t think I’d ever be interested in another AEW show after the explosion embarrassment a long while back. I was wrong.

    It isn’t close to my favorite wrestling show ever (I mean, really?), but it was very fun. Doubt any of the matches are worth a rewatch, but I’m not disappointed I purchased the show.

    The Adam Cole fake-out got me.

    This! Thank you for saving me the effort of typing my full thoughts on this ppv. lol

  8. 8 minutes ago, Cobra Commander said:

    I got a "are you still watching this?" message from my TV an hour before the show ended.

    I wasn't paying attention if this came up a few months ago but.. why was this on a Saturday night instead of a Sunday? Although if Smackdown is gonna be the A Show, having live Smackdown a night before the events would make sense.

    On Sunday nights in Las Vegas, most people are leaving town. It made more financial sense to do the show on Saturday, when the night life is most active.

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