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  1. As someone originally from the area, that was my first thought. Then, I thought about it a little more. Eastern PA has a lot of high level collegiate (and high school) wrestling. Stroudsburg is essentially the midpoint of a lot of major things. It looks super weird on paper, but it looks like a sneaky decent spot to run a gym and save some money doing it.
  2. I watched it alone in my media room. Admittedly, I was pretty hungover. I don't want it to sound like I thought Edgar was taking it to Aldo during the first 3 rounds. Not trying to put all my eggs in the "significant strikes" basket, either. It's just one of those weird scoring quirks, for me. By the end of the fight, it was clear that Edgar wasn't landing with power and Aldo was. The problem is that I didn't have that information after R1. I just saw Edgar pushing the pace for the entire round and landing a comparable amount of strikes. I felt like that the first two rounds, with the 3rd roun
  3. I don't want you on an island by yourself. I actually had Edgar 3-2. To me, his activity in those first 3 rounds was enough to give him the edge. With that said, I think Aldo won the fight. Seemed like Frankie knew it, too. There was never a point where I thought the judges would agree with me, though.
  4. Have any other test dates for Jones been made public? I would have assumed he had been tested a few times in June, which makes me wonder how a tainted supplement wouldn't register for other tests.
  5. Fuck. So close to the event too. Will UFC be looking for a replacement? If not, at least the show already had a great co-main event in Holly Holm vs. Miesha Tate for the UFC Women's Bantamweight Championship which can be made THE main event. Obviously Cerrone is the big name right now. Frankie is a no-go. He could give Nate Diaz a beating and I'd be OK with that.
  6. dos Anjos is out. Ugh. https://twitter.com/arielhelwani/status/702116889955328000
  7. I had Weidman in the 1st, Rockhold the 2nd. I thought Weidman was winning in the 3rd up until the kick. Rockhold had slowed down a lot at that point and Chris was starting to land a lot more. Rockhold did not like those body kicks. I thought Weidman was going to control the fight from that point. Seeing the way Rockhold was moving after the fight, that certainly wasn't going to help if that wheel kick doesn't happen.
  8. The Sarah McLachlan-style videos just destroyed me. I also love that they just casually had Butters initiate a town hanging.
  9. To be fair, two of the tests were under the limit. The 3rd test has a nonsense result. That's the real issue in all of this. If he had 3 tests that were off the charts, then you should get five years for your third offense. There's a lot of evidence that he didn't really do anything wrong this time.
  10. Hendricks also thought he broke his hand. He was heading into Round 3 knowing he won the fight, barring a KO, and he still took him down 4 more times. It's not an upset from an overall talent standpoint. I think Condit is pretty clearly one of the 5 best Welterweights in the world. The problem is, I'm not sure he has an avenue to victory against Hendricks. He has never shown the ability to stop those takedowns. The stats on the fight might be tight, but if he's taking him down a few times per round, it won't matter what Condit does. You can't overcome that on the cards. He needs a finish, whic
  11. The first fight was a 29-28 score, Hendricks clearly won, but it wasn't a one sided fight. If they fought again I wouldn't be surprised if it was a close fight the other way. Carlos Condit is a very good fighter who has only been stopped once since 2006 and it was because of injury. Beating him in a five round fight is going to be incredibly dificult for anyone in the world at 170. I'm not saying these dudes can't beat him, but he's competitive against everyone in the division. Hendricks was 12 for 15 in takedowns, 4 for 5 in each round. That shit ain't changing.
  12. The only guy Condit should really be worried about is Hendricks. I think he'd still be favored in a re-match with Woodley, particularly if it was scheduled for 5 rounds. It's also a pretty easy sell for the UFC. Obviously a Condit/Rory rematch is easy to sell. He needs some things to break the right way, but he could easily line himself up with a title eliminator. Would it really surprise anyone if Condit jumped Woodley in the pecking order?
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