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  1. Cohle hunted the guy for decades and lost everything he had in the process. No way does he just accept death in that instance, the guy was obsessed with catching him.
  2. They are close to qualifying ahead of Portugal, exceeding expectations quite spectacularly. Part of that is because they play without fear. Maybe you're inexperienced in the world of international football (not supposed to be patronising) but playing without fear was a huge issue for Spain until 2008, the Dutch and the English. Klinsmann won the thing in 1990. He's astute, intelligent and has lived in the US for years. He knows the sport better than most and knows what works and what doesn't. Taking the pressure off the players is pretty much all Mourinho's mystique in a nutshell. Klinsmann did it and you're reaping the rewards. You certainly shouldn't be seconds away from beating a team containing Ronaldo, Moutinho etc with your talent level.
  3. There has been progress at club level in England although it hasn't translated to the national sides because of worthless shite like Stuart Pearce and Roy Hodgson. I can't see it occurring in the US for a long time because your sports and your mindset is all based on faster stronger bigger. It'll take a long time before you develop players that would get "significant minutes" for Portugal because they'd be square pegs. They're extremely physically conditioned cloggers. Guys who would do well in mid table Premier League sides but nowhere else. Klinsmann is perfect because he's smart enough to set up the team to play how they are best suited. Hodgson would turn you into a two banks of four defensive team that would draw every game 0-0 or lose by a goal. Guardiola would collapse trying to explain to Michael Bradley how to receive and release the ball under pressure.
  4. No. Probably not. There is no subtlety or craft in US soccer. Dempsey etc are products of fantastic natural athleticism and coaching from people years behind the curve. Your success comes from superior fitness levels and coaching at their level not above or beneath. Klinsmann was the right choice. Hodgson would be a bad choice. As would Gusrdiola. For opposite reasons.
  5. Remember when Klinsmann said you lot had no chance of winning the thing? These results are why he says that. Playing with no pressure and fear makes a boring team of middling players like the US twice the team an individually gifted group of players carrying the weight of a nation of shithouses on their back like England. Also Roy Hodgson haha. But no seriously, next time Klinsmann does something that makes no sense to you, assume he knows a bit more about football than you do. And a shit ton more about winning in international tournaments.
  6. Ziggler is a stupid fucking name and should be derided as such.
  7. Germans don't stand a chance against Deuce and the Gang
  8. Not even close to even, Pete. But it's a start...
  9. Suarez with one leg > Ronaldo. He's done nothing. Totally invisible. Won't do anything in the time remaining.
  10. And here I thought the Portugal goal was lucky...
  11. Deadwood Fargo Banshee Sherlock In that order for me. Fargo only has one season and is awesome so you can use that as a palate cleanser. Banshee is silly and ott but extremely well done for what it is. Sherlock is great but its not the easiest thing to binge.
  12. Man you are far too nervous. You are Germany. Semi finals easy
  13. They finally unite the belts and make it worth something and already you're talking about throwing them on second and third tier guys "to see how they do". God fucking damn it I hate people.
  14. Depends. Molluscs have bigger penises than they have body mass. I'm not risking that
  15. Fuck that. He says England have 0% so lol
  16. So intriguing that he got top billing...
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