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  1. The Madonna biopic - which was to be written and directed by Madonna - is no longer happening The biggest reason was Madonna deciding to do another world tour
  2. The Day Before - a Zombie MMO - that was supposed to release March 1 has been delayed to Nov 10 The reason you ask? The developer says they forgot to trademark the game https://www.eurogamer.net/the-day-before-developer-forgets-to-trademark-game-delays-release-for-nine-months
  3. yeah - they are going to have to roll back the yesterday's patch and they still haven't announced when the game will be back The last update said they hoped to deploy the fix between 6 - 7 AM (EST) but that could change (and clearly has) So this has rightfully lead to a lot of worrying (again) that there is no way this game is going be able to survive for two more years
  4. Whatever this tweet was no longer exists But his last tweet was about Lebron so I will assume it has something to do with the fact that Lebron is now the only player in history to score 40 points in a game against all 30 teams Lebron dropped 46 against the Clippers but the Lakers still lost 133-115
  5. HOF 2023 class is Fred McGriff (already known) and Scott Rolen (announced tonight) Rolen got 76.2% Todd Helton just missed (72.2%)
  6. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2023/01/mike-clevinger-under-investigation-for-domestic-violence-allegations.html
  7. Never a good sign when they have to bring the game offline
  8. More info about the 2023 Oscar nominated documentaries All That Breathes All The Beauty and the Bloodshed Fire of Love A House Made of Splinters Navalny
  9. Amazon has announced that Air (The Ben Affleck/Matt Damon movie about Nike) will be given a wide theatrical release Release date is currently April 5, 2023 It will be the first Amazon movie in three years to be given a wide release
  10. Arte Moreno has decided to not sell the Angels (aka wasn’t happy with the offers he was getting)
  11. And I posted that BEFORE having this video show up in Youtube
  12. The reviews are starting to come out for Forspoken and they are... not great
  13. Full trailer for Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves I don't care - this looks like fucking fun
  14. The number of times Mac Walters has left Bioware rivals the number of Big Show heel turns
  15. Phil went back to playing Destiny and that was BEFORE the INT Because if I had actually watched James Bradbury make an INT against the Giants - my remote would have gone through my TV
  16. I have been running Bubble Titan for the survivability of teammates (I also tweaked my Void build to make things more volatile) It also helped that I am not forced to use Revision Zero anymore during the mission Witherhoard so much more helpful
  17. Hey Look! Evan Neal still can't block! I am clearly going to bed early
  18. Giants not covering TEs I hate this movie
  19. Legend Seraph Station for the last catalyst I finally got it on my third try today I then did a run on normal with my Warlock to get my dog (My Warlock build melts things so its so much quicker than doing it on my Titan)
  20. There were a bunch of articles this week about how the Eagles basically are the master of QB sneaks now because they are taking full advantage of the gray area in the pushing and pulling rules. And it apparently comes down all to Jason Kelce Teams are learning they have to do it themselves until the league cracks down on the rule The Athletic New York Times
  21. The current season of NCIS: Los Angeles (it's 14th) will be its last Final episode will air May 14
  22. My Legend runs are cursed this week I have tried twice more and both times we have gotten the Servitor not spawning bug because no one can fucking go slow in this god damn game
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