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  1. My good friend was at the NOAH show last night, took this pic. Yes, Go and Nakajima did their version of the Misawa vs Kobashi '03 suplex from the hanamichi to the floor spot.
  2. That was one hell of a great way to finish off one hell of a great year of pro wrestling.
  3. I lived in The Czech Republic for seven years. They have a superstition that whatever you do on Jan 1 is what you will do all year. So, among other things, I try to get a Day One workout in whenever possible. I have kinda adopted the superstition, kinda just think it makes sense to set the tone for the year. In 2022, I plan to go all in on improving structure and function through training. So, today I stuck to calisthenics and kettlebells. Pushups, fat boy/Australian pullups, squats, step-ups, hanging knee raises, hip thrusts/bridges, kettlebell Turkish get-ups, kettlebell swings, some fat guy yoga... I will stick to that basic template, full body 3 to 4 times/week until 1) I get bored of it 2) All my little various injuries and impingements are healed up and/or 3) I can actually do a few real pull-ups. My weight is holding steady under 98 kilos now, and I'm all veiny. I am really enjoying this. Thanks for whatever inspiration or encouragement y'all have supplied! Here's to everyone reaching their fitness goals in 2022.
  4. I'm not trying to be khan-trary, but perhaps Tony khan-sumed too much alcohol and that affected his self-khan-trol? Those tweets seem to khan-tradict his previously khan-scientious khan-duct. He should maybe hire a social media khan-sultant to help him avoid khan-tinuing khan-troversy in the future. Probably, a public show of khan-trition would khan-tribute to mollifying all khan-cerned parties. (One more for good measure): (and to put too fine a point on it):
  5. I genuinely believe you've hit the nail on the head here. I'm not a mental health professional by any means, but dealing with narcissists has been a pretty persistent issue in my life. One of the absolute dead giveaways is that people on the extreme end of the "grandiose narcissism" spectrum will almost always become abusive when faced with criticism or even disagreement. The sad thing is, narcissists by definition lack empathy, so there is virtually zero chance of getting a narcissist to listen to reason or understand that anything they are doing could possibly be wrong. It's sometimes difficult to tell if abusive language on an internet forum is stemming from actual narcissism or if it's just "anonymous keyboard warrior syndrome ." On the other hand, if a poster responds to criticism or disagreement in a reasonable and non-abusive way, that's a pretty good sign that they are not a narcissist, or at least not on the extreme end of the spectrum. (We ALL have some narcissistic tendencies, or exhibit occasional narcissistic behaviours, to a greater or lesser extent. It's just part of being human). When dealing with a "whole-ass narcissist" you can't expect to change their opinions or behaviour. But, it's interesting to see how many people disagree even in the face of a constant and immediate stream of abuse. (In this case, the number of people who disagree with "Tay and Sammy owe us the truth about their personal lives" seems to be "literally everyone else who has posted about it" which speaks well of this board and those who post here, in my opinion. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.
  6. Apparently it's because they are pronouncing (and spelling?) reDRagon as "Red Dragon" in AEW. I think it's reasonable to assume that The Young Bucks had the following conversation. Matt: Hey, wait a minute! Red Dragon! Didn't they one try to kill us, during a Ring of Honor title defense? Nick: No, you are thinking of reDRagon. Matt: OK then. Let's sneak out to the ring and help them.
  7. I think gi-banshee is a French fashion line, specializing in, like, boots and handbags?
  8. I admittedly haven't been the biggest fan of JR in AEW but that crowd reaction for his return was truly heartwarming, and there was less sour grandpa JR and more insightful veteran announcer JR tonight. It was really a treat to hear him sounding happy at various points during the broadcast. And yes, of course, fuck cancer. .I like how they subtly foreshadowed the ending of the opener when the faces entered separately but the heels came out together. White hot return for Jericho! Wardlow just stewing away and glowering in the background of MJF interviews is great stuff, as is him taking out his frustrations on some hapless wimpy. Size, power, bigness, muscle, strength, bulk, hugeitude... mass, enormity, lifting prowess... pecs, delts, lats, biceps, triceps... Wardlow has it all, Gorilla! LOVED Scorpio Sky's sweater!! Him rolling around selling Lambert's insults was gold. Wolverine Thunder!! Remember when the lackluster woman's roster was one of AEW's weak points? So many great matches coming up. This week alone, they set wheels turning for JE vs LB, Jericho vs Kingston, Mercedes vs Thunder, reDragon vs Bucks... at various points down the road. Also: So many good theme songs. As always, so much to enjoy. I was wrong about CP Munk showing up. Wonder who it was they were talking about...
  9. Apparently it's gonna be CP Munk appearing to address the crowd, though it's possible I misheard part of that.
  10. Eddie Kingston, Santana & Ortiz vs. Daniel Garica & Team 2Point0 Unsurprisingly, Eddie Kingston has talked me into being really really excited for this match. Before watching the Road To I was just really excited. Thunder Rosa vs. Jade Cargill (TBS Women's Title Tourney Semifinals) Winner faces Ruby "Ruby Ruby Ruby" Soho for the Turner Broadcasting System Championship My take: Thunder vs Ruby would likely be the better match, but "Outsider who didn't get a bye" Ruby vs "Entitled favourite" Jade Cargill would be the better story. It's win-win, basically. Interested to see how Jade does in a (presumably) longer, more back-and-forth type of match. Adam Cole, Bobby Fish & Kyle O’Reilly vs. Best Friends & Orange Cassidy Best Friends and UE have a lot of experience fighting each other. Hopefully, that means there will be crazy ring chemistry and all kinds of cool stuff going on in this match. The return of Jim Ross (Afraid to say anything)
  11. AEW DARK:REGULAR HOLIDAY BASH It's nice to have time to watch these live, and also to write them up. Reka Tehaka vs Dark Order’s Anna Jay (w/ Tay Conti) Tehaka is such a good fit for the role of putting over AEW's women on Dark. She has a good look and some nice intensity. Makes everyone who beats her look strong. Hey! Spears grew back his facial hair! That was fast. The Blade (w/ The Bunny) vs Toa Liona I think AEW should sign Toa Liona. Every fed needs a couple of 300-pound Pacific Islanders. Leona is a good 300 pounds, believably indestructible. Bunny was great in her role, and Blade going to the international object so quickly made sense, given Leona's abovementioned good 300 pounds. Casanova vs Wardlow I loved Wardlow just brushing off the dropkicks. Every week, I grow happier with my recent name change. I liked Anthony Greene getting some mic time. Shawna Reed vs Diamante A nice little back and forth match after a bunch of straight up squishies. A dropkick into the corner is a nice, understated finisher. Anthony Greene vs Tony Nese In a kayfabe sense, Greene is so energetic and fun and I hoped he'd pull off the upset. In a kayfabe-breaking sense, I loved how much Nese gave to Greene and how he sold for him without looking weak. The finish was suitably brutal-looking. KiLynn King vs The Bunny (w/ The Blade) I liked the Blade returning the favour by being in Bunny's corner. KiLynn King is also pretty great in this role. Bunny's strength is being naturally unlikable, and King made her look fierce as well. Bear Country (Bear Boulder & Bear Bronson) vs The Acclaimed (Max Caster & Anthony Bowens) This was great. I will pop so huge when BC finally get a big win. Everyone loves The Acclaigackkk Actually that's a marsupial Panda's over like Rover Skye Blue vs Ashley D’Amboise She doesn't get paid by the minute! The Wingmen’s “Pretty” Peter Avalon & Cezar Bononi vs Orange Cassidy & Wheeler Yuta I miss JD Drake. Bononi has really improved! He looked great here. Very fun match. No DQ/No Count-Out/No Rules Match – Joey Janela (w/Kayla Rossi) vs Sonny Kiss I like how this whole tale has unfolded (mainly?) on the YouTube shows. Kayla Rossi is pretty great. Janela looks like he's getting in better shape. Kiss' street fight gear was perfect. a couple of insane table spots in this one. Best Janela has looked in AEW, I'd say.
  12. Oh, man... if that led to Erik Viking Experience eventually coming over and forming a trios team with Boulder and Bronson and a long reign with the AEW Trios titles for The Three Bears, I would definitely become an AEW fan (I'd also accept Tucky as the Third Bear).
  13. Dark: Elevation: Holiday Bash Edition What do you know, I've finally got time to do one of these. The Dark Order (Alex Reynolds, John Silver & Ten) vs. Fodder, JR Miller, & Brandon Scott I liked the boys at the desk riffing on Fodder's name. I would have tried for a "Hello mudder, hello fodder" joke in that situation, because I'm all about the up to date cultural references. The Dark Order used a trios finisher that I have honestly never seen or even imagined before. Which means: Probably it was famously used in King of Trios or French Catch or some recently unearthed early CMLL footage. @Matt D, was that new to you as well? Thunder Rosa vs. Dani Mo I was thoroughly charmed by Mark Henry obviously crushing on Jade Cargill and acting like a goofy kid with valentine hearts in his eyes. I like Rosa not being the least bit intimidated by Jade. Anthony Ogogo vs. Duncan Mitchell Yay! Another Cutter finisher in AEW! BUT... They explained it as stemming from Ogogo being trained for the pro wrestling by Cutie "Innovator of the Cutter" Marshall, so it makes sense. To be honest, multiple wrestlers using the same moves on one show isn't one of my personal bugbears anyway. The Inner Circle (Ortiz & Santana) vs. Movie Myk & Alexander Moss Santana & Ortiz keep looking better every week. Not in terms of their wrestling, but in terms of their look. They keep getting in better and better condition, and they are wearing the Dead Prez facepaint on the YouTube shows now and not saving it for big matches. Are they gearing up for a run at the titles? Shawn Spears vs. Lee Moriarty It's odd that Spears does not seem to be over with anybody at the moment. Like, everybody on the roster seems to have at least a couple of big supporters. Not just your Codies and your Hooks and your John Silvers and your Chris Jerichoes... I mean, I am a huge mark for Bear Country, JD Drake, Leyla Hirsch, and Nick Comoroto, and I know I'm not the only one... but Spears just keeps trying one thing or another as his hook (if you will), and nothing seems to stick for him, even though he's good looking and talented. He looked a bit goofy without the facial hair. I would have been happy if Moriarty had gone over here. The Gunn Club (Austin Gunn, Billy Gunn & Colten Gunn) vs. The Dark Order (Alan Angels, Evil Uno & Stu Grayson) The Ass Boys kinda remind me of when Gordie Howe played on the Whalers in the WHA with his sons. I'm not saying that Rockabilly Kip is on a legendary level like Mr. Hockey, just that it must be really fun for him, and it's pretty mind-blowing for me. TayJay (Anna Jay & Tay Conti) vs. Diamante & Emi Sakura So much fun. It's too bad Emi can't get the crowd to play along with "We Will Rock You." Matt Hardy vs. Darius Lockhart That video that @AxB posted explains why this was the Dark:Elevation main event rather than TayJay vs. Diamante & Emi Sakura. Likewise explanatory: Because it was in... NORTH... CAROLINAAAAA! I wonder if Lockhart is gonna be another one of those wrestlers, like Hirsch, Comoroto, Bear Country, Drake, Tay, etc. etc. who earn their way into our hearts and on to the main programs by working hard and showing personality on the YouTube shows. Here's hoping so. That's one of my favourite things about AEW.
  14. Well... I read somewhere their periods attract bears. Bears can smell the menstruation.
  15. Facebook just reminded me that this was ten years ago. I met "The Beast" Bob Sapp at a hotpot party organized by a fight promoter in Kobe. He could not have been nicer. One of my happiest memories.
  16. Jungle Boy vs. Isiah Kassidy Hook vs. Bear Bronson “Legit” Leyla Hirsch vs. Kris Statlander TNT Championship Match: Sammy Guevara (c) vs. Cody Rhodes I'm marking out for Legit Leyla and Bear Country on TV. Also wanna see if Hook can toss a big man around. Every one of those matches has the potential to steal the show, and all of them should be very good at the very least. Merry Christmas, everyone!
  17. My Christmas story this year: One of my students offered to give me a large parcel of unused land as a gift, but considering that I'd have to pay taxes on it and I don't have the funds to develop the land, I regretfully had to tell him, "I don't want a lot for Christmas." Anyway, thanks for, in a very real way, helping me get through pandemic times. I'm quite sure I'm not the only one.
  18. Loved the attention to detail in the presentation of the main event: Sting wearing special CM Punk facepaint, Punk with the 80s Sting look, #MJFTR with matching yellow and black gear... A few crazy/dangerous looking bumps and dives in that match! Friedman's chickenshitting was glorious. Kept him and Punk apart like they were Jumbo and Tenryu in a 6-man. Hard to pick which was the biggest contrast in styles: Always Angry Adam vs Easy-going Orange, or Peppy High School Athlete vs Literal Incarnation of Pure Evil. I really hope I can see AEW live some day and sing along with Malakai's entrance music. GARBFLASSZT! NOKCHTARRRNM!! Hard to pick the single funniest heel line of the night: - Bryan's "I hurt my leg a little bit" - "Cody is a bigger dick than I am" - Rebel just mugging in the background and pounding wine - "You'll shoot your eye out" - The crowd sarcastically cheering when Nyla nd Ruby finally got the jacket off. Ruby vs Thunder Rosa could be excellent, if they decide to go that way. When is a Fish not a fish? The possibility of reDRagon vs Young Bucks down the road, too. WARDLOW ANGRY! WARDLOW SMASH!!
  19. David and Peter Paul, The Barbarian Brothers! I always kind of hoped they'd show up somewhere as a tag team. Those guys had a great sense of humour. They were great in DC Cab, with Mr. T!
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