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  1. 3 hours ago, Jiji said:

    You know Jericho is "going home" before retiring. I just don't think he'll do it yet, but should he leave at the end of the year that would be totally fine with me. He has absolutely served his purpose at this stage and anything else is gravy. 


    Right now AEW has a lot of younger acts who could do more with Jericho's spot than what Jericho is doing with it.  Jericho's next act needs to be getting Sammy over.


    MJF doesn't have a good history with loser leaves matches- though his MLW one was killer and convinced me MJF could put the working boots on when needed.

  2. Phillipines was I think  first in 97 years, they did get one before they were even a country.



  3. 19 hours ago, Horangi said:

    Tanahashi vs KENTA at Nagoya could easily be made into a number 1 contenders match. I guess Ishii v EVIL could also be made into one as I think they're the only other top-ish guys not on the Dome besides Suzuki. 

    Is it known why New Japan doesn't work with other promotions? You'd think while they can't really bring over AEW or foreign talent as easily it'd be a no-brainer to stimulate interest. Even if it isn't at the Dome, Takagi v Kento or Kiyomiya or even a big rival from his DG days (YAMATO maybe? Not super familiar with DG since 2008) should generate buzz than say Takagi vs EVIL or SANADA presently.


    THe DDT/NOAH family definitely won't, there's bad blood there, and a lot of other promotions see working with NJPW as not being in their long-term interest due to some of the tactics NJPW used in the past.


  4. 4 hours ago, Stefanie the Human said:

    I see no problem with booking it like it's actual competition instead of sticking to an arbitrary face/heel structure and saying you can only work half the locker room. Really, just because it's heel vs heel is no reason to say it's mirror personalities facing each other.


    It's not like AEW is afraid to do this.  They've run face vs face a lot.  Shida vs Tay, Darby vs Silver, Cody vs a lot of folks, Mox vs Darby.


    Morality in AEW works a lot like NJPW to me, it's sliding scale.  I would have cheered Nyla over Britt though.

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  5. 7 hours ago, Bryan said:

    Yes, lopsided match stipulations (e.g. handicap matches) have a long history in wrestling. An opponent can’t win stipulation makes no sense and is anti-competitive making the match pointless and something that would never happen.

    Anyway, I’m glad Lance Archer finally got a big win in AEW. Although I guess they probably did it so he could job to that New Japan guy. Hopefully, that happens on a NJPW show though.

    Brit Baker going up against a heel was weird booking from the start and it didn’t lead to anything surprising because Nyla Rose still isn’t actually good at wrestling. Maybe they were just using it as a placeholder until one of the WWE girls non compete clauses expires but it doesn’t seem like they have a plan in place for her. And that’s a little concerning considering she’s one of their biggest stars.

    I can’t really think of anyone I’d care about her facing at the ppv. Maybe if Thunder Rosa comes back…Tessa Blanchard maybe. Anyone they have signed doesn’t seem that interesting right now. No wonder the crowd is turning her face.

    I don’t know who Nick Gage is but I did not find the comments that he died in a match and wanted to continue when revived or that he robbed a bank without a mask enthralling—I thought “Wow, this guy must be a fucking idiot,” some people seem excited though so I guess he has fans. I expect a train wreck of a match though.

    I kind of think this show was overshadowed by all of the CM Punk and Daniel Bryan rumors swirling which is a bummer.


    Having Archer to lose to Hikuleo when Hikuleo has a bunch of BC homies around (Jay, Chris Bey will likely be there, maybe GOD, and no SZKG around for Archer) makes sense.



  6. 6 hours ago, Jimbo_Tsuruta said:

    Mox and Archer hit the spot, not seen the bloke Lance is wrestling next, any matches of his I should check out?


    He hasn't had too many opportunities to shine yet- but he's big and has potential.  He was a YL in BC for a bit, then worked RevPro some, and NJPW and ROH a little.


    As for Baker - I suspect Yuka is her next feud, and we'll see how fan reaction is for that.  Britt's reaction is going to depend on opponent.


    I guarantee Tay would get cheered over Britt (Tay is probably the 3rd biggest pure babyface in the company after Hangman and Jungle Boy).  Stat probably as well.


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  7. 1 hour ago, Jiji said:

    Yeah, the show was really mid but the main event smoked their good not great TDM from IWGP, as JR called it. I'm happy Archer finally got a big win. Good stuff and he delivered. Next week, my goodness. 

    Archer winning is good for AEW- because it was just the type of upset win AEW needs to do a bit more.  Mox can take this loss easily, Archer gets a lot scarier.


    and yeah Nyla/Baker was meh, not terrible, but meh, and I think it's both of them not being in the top tier of AEW women when it comes to in-ring. 


    Charlotte crowd isn't going to turn on Jericho.


    I kinda wish for TDM's the 10 count would be as fast as the refs counted in World of Sport.  Might make it less of a spectacle, but it would keep things moving.


  8. 16 hours ago, Infinit said:

    I think Cutler was either 8 or 9 in a multi-man tag on one of the early Daily's Place Darks.


    Having Cutler betray the Elite and join the DO would make some sense and would be a good way to get Omega eliminated via shenanigans if you want to protect him.


    I think Max Caster is a lot better in-ring than Road Dogg.   Not like worldbeater, but very solid.


    I do think Caster's ceiling though is being AEW's Miz, but that's a very good ceiling.

  9. On 7/12/2021 at 6:09 PM, John E. Dynamite said:

    I love Hero but he's never going to have a look for TV and his style greatly benefits from having more time to work & and a smarter crowd to take it in. I think RoH is a reasonably good fit for Hero - but I think Hero is an even better fit for RoH, if you will. They lost so much ground during the pandemic, no way they're ever gonna be the #2 company in the US again, they should make moves to be a super indie again. Hero's a step in that direction regardless of how they use him.


    They can't be #2, but they can be #3, and something more than a super indie.   I think they've got a good niche for themselves right now, they just need to reinforce and keep going the direction they're doing.  They're doing things right.



  10. 21 minutes ago, Technico Support said:

    Don't anyone forget that Vickie literally threatened to shove a Jealpeno pepper up Britt's ass.  I feel like that's probably a very specific subcategory on PornHub. 

    PS no diss if that's your kink


    Is that you Max Caster?


    Mei Suruga/Tam Nakano would be an awesome deathmatch.



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