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  1. 18 hours ago, Eoae said:

    I think we've seen that movie.  It ends with Ric getting himself over and Jungle Boy getting repackaged as JB Wallstreet.

    Can Marko talk?  I know I've seen Luchasaurus cut a promo, but I don't he's even been a memorable promo.  It seems like, with a gimmick like Jurassic Express, you could bring in someone who could talk.  At the end of the day, though, Jungle Boy is probably best suited to be a babyface and I can't think of that many babyfaces who had a manager do all their talking.  

    On the plus side, lack of mic skills might keep Vince from trying to poach him.  I know he's probably short but I'll be surprised if WWE doesn't go after MJF whenever his contract comes up.

    (MJF is billed at 5'11 so I'm guessing he's more like 5'8")


    Marko can sing at least.


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  2. 20 minutes ago, Goodear said:

    5 Labors of Jericho: Chris Jericho vs Wardlow -- Already talked about it but boarders on the absurd of Jericho popping back from so much offence. It would have probably protected Wardlow more if they didn't add to the baseball bat for the finish. AEW has a bad New Japan habit of beating a guy with multiple stuff that leads to diminishing returns. It happened in three matches this week (this was the least egregious of the lot).

    Impact Tag Team Titles: The Good Brothers vs Evil Uno & Stu Grayson -- Was about what I expected with lackluster action and the heels going over. Scott D'Amore on commentary was almost shocking but how high his voice was in comparison. They didn't do a great job of explaining who he was and why he was there. He didn't add a lot to a four man booth so I'm not sure why they bothered to add him. If this was a WWE show, this would be more about the Dark Order being buried but "they're teaching Hangman how to lose" which is dumb.

    Darby Allin vs RED DEATH Daniel Garcia -- Most of Garcia's heat got eaten in commercial which is a really bad idea when you are in theory trying to get him over as a new talent. As it stands, he's another guy on a roster of guys. I know everyone seems excited about 2.0 but they come off as jobbers who Sting and Darby are going to beat up every week which is what is happening. This 'feud' cannot possibly have any heat as the heels are obviously out manned.

    OC, Chucky T, & Wheeler Yuta vs Hardy Party -- Too many false finishes for a meaningless 6 man. No one needs to see Isiah Kassidy kicking out at 2.9999. Finishing stretch went too long and needing multiple finishes to beat Wheeler is overkill. Wheeler continues to have no presence and no chemistry with the Best Friends. Cassidy is still over but he's on a treadmill.

    Nyla Rose vs Kris Statlander -- Have we seen Statlander do a 450 splash before? If not, Excalibur already having a gimmick name for it is terrible. Quick match but still looked super awkward. 

    Kenny & The Bucks vs Dante Martin & The Sydal Brothers  -- Dante had the crowd so they squashed him dead and made sure to beat him when nothing happening Mike Sydal is right there. They're pushing Dante like they're pushing Brian Pillman Jr. by having the stars going over him decisively and never letting him get over on anyone. This could honestly be the start of something if they follow up but its far more likely we won't see Dante for another 2 months on Dynamite. 


    The area 451 has been used on occasion before, it's her alternate finisher.


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  3. 57 minutes ago, LoneWolf&Subs said:

    Stop spewing lies, you fiend.


    I guess I was different, I wanted my heels to be folks I could respect for their ability.  I wasn't a WWF fan as a kid, precisely because of all the stooges who could only stooge and all the lumbering giants.  I was that weird NC kid who liked Bill Watts and UWF stuff.


    I did like a few WWF folks, and Bret got me to like watching his stuff, and I enjoyed Perfect, Kerry, and a few others, but in general it was my least favorite of all the promotions I got to watch as a kid.


  4. Seems like Max is being put on time out/sensitivity training (the Sammy Guevara treatment)

    Probably good for his career to get a slap on the wrist/small suspension, and come back stronger/angrier.   I'd like to see an Acclaimed come back that is angry at management and willing to take it out on teams.


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  5. On 8/4/2021 at 11:00 AM, AxB said:

    If Flair being brought in to AEW to manage a faction, obviously to us it looks like The Wingmen is the best fit. But you just know that he himself would want to be out there with The Acclaimed. Especially today.

    Wouldn't be the first rappers Ric was associated with:


  6. 12 hours ago, SirFozzie said:

    USA Finishing strong with golds in the Volleyball, cycling, and Basketball, to apparently pip China for the medals race (in most golds, due to tiebreak in Silvers), and significantly ahead of the field in total medals. 🙂



    China is counting the medals for Taiwan , Hong Kong, and Macao to claim they still won.


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  7. Bobby and Stan got me into wrestling.   My all time favorite jobber squashes are Midnight squashes.

    It sure as hell wasn't the Big Daddy matches I grew up watching.


    Got to meet him in 2018.   Could tell he was an incredibly nice guy, and Cornette knew where every dollar in the room was.  

    The show afterwards was great too.  Became a fan of Josh Woods that day not knowing who he was.


  8. 1 hour ago, EVA said:

    They’ve said in interviews before that Caster runs all the raps by Tony Khan ahead of time, and that Tony often tells him to push things further. So, yeah, I think they got what they wanted out of it.

    Caster probably comes out with tape over his mouth this week and doesn’t rap at all.


    Injustice vs Acclaimed feud now!  (Seriously, Oliver and Myron Reed in AEW is something I want)


    I definitely get why folks were upset, and it did go too far.  I'm just afraid Max will get punished for this, when he's been told to push it.  (The question is whether Julia was ok with all of this- I could see her feeling pressured into allowing it due to her being so new)


    That said, if Max gets punished for in-character shittiness while he seems a like a good dude in-person, I'll be upset.  Especially when they're feuding with folks who aren't (just look at Pillman and Garrison's twitter likes and who they follow that aren't wrestlers)













  9. 2 hours ago, hammerva said:

    Listen joking about Simone Biles is one thing in a hey look at me I am edgy kind of thing.  The Julia Hart vagina joke is Uber creepy given her age but again it's wrestling.  Making a Duke lacrosse rape joke?  Like we are supposed to treat that as normal because the Duke lacrosse rape scandal never happened?  Get the fuck out here.    This shit will be fine on Dark but they aren't getting past youtube unless he settles down.

    And they still aired it the full thing which is baffling to me.


    The Acclaimed are toned down on Dynamite compared to Dark.   They definitely have been told what they can't say on TV.

    Caster has been hit or miss with his raps, I like his dynamite stuff better since it's more creative.


    The Duke Lacrosse thing was more about a railroading attempt/false accusation than a rape thing to me.  it was clear they were trying to make their opponents frauds , it just came out a lot different than I think it was intended.  Hopefully the smoke gets them to rein it in some, I do like the Acclaimed, they're a good heel team that does things well, and they're over.


  10. 1 hour ago, Ryan Faulconer said:

    Life was less complicated when I (possibly We?) watched wrestling that was broadcast in Spanish or Japanese.  For a majority of the 2000s that was better than most alternatives broadcast in English.  I don’t speak Spanish or Japanese but move names are universally the same around the world.  Wrestling is “spoken” as a visual language and body language can fill in the gaps as far as feuds and getting over personality goes.

    Very few promos or mic workers in the PG era left a lasting positive impression on me.  It was encouraging just how good ROH/PWG/indies workers were.  Sami Zayn spoke (in English) for the first time in WWE.  Daniel Bryan became a great talker without a gimmick or style to his promos. He was good before WWE, especially as a heel, He was just assumed that his promos were subpar because he had few catchphrases and he didn’t put himself out there as flamboyant.  

    Rapping (or singing) is not cutting a promo,r Cens and Mr Caster, they are both more charismatic speaking like a normal overgrown teenager would.  Hopefully Caster does more of it…unless it is one of their music videos from Dark.  Those spots actually get the feud over.


    The funny thing is a lot of western NJPW fans are mad at EVIL right now (for reasons other than being a shitty Memphis heel), he apparently used a gay slur on Shingo recently.


    Caster's raps got him over, Caster and Bowens are greater than the sum of their parts, they're a much better version of the NAO.  I do think we're getting a full video on the Blondes since that is going to be built up.


    That said, I'll take Caster's in-character cringe over the Blondes IRL cringe any day of the week




  11. 22 minutes ago, LoneWolf&Subs said:

    Hopefully they cut the shit, and  it leads to a blood feud with the Varsity Blondes. Both teams need a major program of their own. I wish they can use this to further their careers.


    I think this is going to be the pre-show match or 2nd match on the PPV as a tag eliminator.


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  12. The Acclaimed aren't big enough stars to get away with anything that would cross the line.  If they're told to stop it, they will.

    They probably would need a talking to at most- the Biles stuff was in bad taste to me, the rest of it was fine and within the bounds of the gimmick.





  13. 3 hours ago, Craig H said:

    Yeah, the Acclaimed have always been heels in AEW. Even still, if Michael Che was a piece of shit then Max Caster is just as much one. Shit, are we sure he just didn't directly lift all of that purported promo from Che?

    I like Max Caster, but man, Michael Che is such a smooth brained idiot and that is not who you want to say, "hey, he's got a point!"


    The only time the Acclaimed were faces was one match vs MJF and Jericho.


    The problem is people love the Acclaimed too much for them to stay heel.


  14. 21 hours ago, Spontaneous said:

    I'm a little concerned that we're headed to a repeat of that weird period from April 2020 where there were no fans again. That was rough. I was thinking during the NJPW today, didn't Tokyo just post a record number of new cases in a day?


    We're not going to lockdowns unless Delta hits a 5% lethality rate or something.  Mask mandates will likely return for a bit (and already have in safe blue areas), but we're reopened, even if it's a new normal, I don't see us closing down again, especially since the vaccine is widely avaliable and makes COVID about as risky as the flu to vaccinated folks.  (The flu can still kill you too)


    I could see attendance taking a hit if people get scared, while Delta is raging I don't want to travel to any big events/shows , and I am looking at cancelling the thing I was planning in November, which saddens me, but I get a few more months to work on myself which is good.


    BTW- please get vaccinated if you haven't!


    Japan might shutdown briefly, but I think they'll reopen once they get a good amount of vaccinations- vaxxing has picked up in Japan, and I think all the NJPW and DDT/TJPW folks have gotten their first doses at least. 


  15. I do think there would be a real risk if Page beat Omega at all out that his reign would be overshadowed by Punk/Bryan, ironically CM Punking page where Punk's WWE reign was treated as midcard even though he held the belt for a year.



  16. 2 hours ago, Dog said:

    Regarding Page and whether or not delaying his title win makes him look worse:

    What if Omega puts Punk down, then loses to Page? So Page beats the guy who beat Punk?


    I'd be fine with Omega losing to someone else, then Page beats that someone, but has impostor syndrome because he didn't beat Omega.



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  17. 26 minutes ago, Craig H said:

    Greatest Cub goes beyond the stuff on the field. I don't recall Sandberg doing as much community outreach and charity work as Rizzo. Plus, while Sandberg softened in his old age and took the time to sign a bunch of autographs while managing minor league ball (and you can even mail him stuff directly and he'll sign it and mail it back to you provided you include a check to cover shipping costs), he wasn't the most outgoing Cub when he was actively playing. Rizzo was practically the John Cena of the team, giving himself to everything and everyone. Hard to not appreciate that.


    Ernie Banks?


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