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  1. 1 hour ago, Godfrey said:

    Also, where are Starks and Cage? Still recovering?

    The parts of AEW that are great remain great week to week so I don't want to complain too much but damn some of these issues are glaring.


    I think one of AEW's COVID strategies is to keep a certain percentage of talent, including pushed talent, off the show every week, just in case there's an outbreak, so they can keep going what with they have left.


    You'd probably see Ricky and Jungle Boy go 20-30 if Jericho infected the roster last night.  And that's the reason folks are so mad as Jericho- they feel he endangered the promotion with the Sturgis stuff- it's a legit reason to be mad.

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  2. On 8/8/2020 at 8:57 PM, odessasteps said:

    If I was Tony,I’d discourage him from doing, 


    As shitty as Jericho being there is, I get the impression he was nowhere near the fans.  Perhaps he was able to avoid too much contact, but he needs extra testing.

  3. 13 hours ago, Craig H said:

    Maybe I'm reading too much into things, but I wonder if Capcom is at least going to be the distributor for the AEW video game. The only reason I say that is that they've partnered with Capcom in the past and now they have those Capcom t-shirts.

    As for who actually develops the game, who knows.

    Oh, and I would totally be down for Kenny the Cleaner being a DLC character in Street Fighter.

    There is a mystery new character scheduled for the next season of SFV DLC.

    Very, very unlikely since Capcom doesn't do guests the way other franchises do  (my fighting game of choice has 3 guests)  , but just  saying...



  4. 8 minutes ago, BrianS81177 said:

    Did 10/Preston Vance legit injure his arm during or. before that match witg Moxley? Because I could swear he was advertised as being part of the match last week. 

    Before.  The arm break was to write him out of in-ring.  I think he's come back but it still pretty limited.


  5. Remember, Okada was huge friends with the Bucks and yelled Scooby Doo in a match- this is going to be stupid as hell.

    Okada has the soul of a DDT wrestler, and probably secretly wishes he could have been around for HUSTLE's heyday so he could give birth to Yoshi-Hashi.


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  6. On 7/23/2020 at 6:39 PM, Custos said:

    At the risk of descending into ratings nerd territory, AEW number 1 for male 18-49 for the night. I do think it’s relevant to the discussion, not in the ratings wars sense, but consistent and proven viewership in the right demo and the promise of big bucks for the next TV deal may be the only hope of keeping the lights on through the pandemic for the promotion that has become a favourite for many. 
    Obviously I’m not intimate with their business plan but PPV buys and online merch sales must barely make a dent in the lost ticket and in-person merch revenue. 

    Apparently the TV deal allows them to break even right now.


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  7. 5 hours ago, Doc Townsend said:

    Does anyone watch AEW who isn't fairly familiar with indy wrestling?

    I dug KIngston's appearance last night, but I was wondering what a causal fan who doesn't watch much indie wrestling would make of him.  His only nationwide tv appearances have been TNA, right?  So unless you're streaming (or buying dvds of shows) Chikara, CZW, etc., you may not know much about him.  If you weren't really familiar with King, you probably saw a pasty fat guy in jobberish ring attire and wondered what the h*ll was going on.

    Then again, a casual fan probably would be bewildered by a large chunk of AEW;s roster.  Lucha Bros, Orange Cassidy, Best Friends, Player Uno, the Japanese women, etc.  I hate to think what you make of Evil Uno if you didn't see him and Stu Grayson in the indies ten years ago and build up some goodwill for them.

    I guess my question is: Is AEW attracting causal fans who didn't watch indie wrestling before it got a time slot on TNT?

    (I would guess the answer is: even fewer than WWE, which I doubt attracts a lot of casual fans anymore either.)


    it goes seem to have a millenial fanbase- a webcomic I read that is very girly loves Orange Cassidy.  (They had a girl named Cassidy with an orange color scheme that might have influenced things)



  8. 4 hours ago, Death From Above said:

    After a week down a bloody lucha rabbit hole I want it to be old man LA Park if we're gonna ask for old WCW people, him and Cody just beating each other's ass with weight belts. Not gonna happen sadly.


    Parka's kids are more likely than Parka.

    I wouldn't mind seeing Wagner's kid in AEW though, he seems to be better than Parka's kids.


  9. On 7/15/2020 at 1:54 PM, Curt McGirt said:

    Digging the 'showcase' nature of the TNT belt. I've heard it denigrated as "jobber of the week" but to look at it cup-half-full, it gives different talent a platform to do their thing for a title and are guaranteed a good match pretty much. 


    I thought the NWA's Lucky 7 concept, minus the fact that draws counted as wins and the 6:05 time limit, would be great for the TNT belt, and a way to get around Cody's stip if needbe.

    How I'd do it, perhaps after Cody loses it:

    Every week , folks interested in the shot enter their names, a name is drawn from the hat (can still be someone "not in AEW" if you want to debut someone)

    That person gets announced on Dark, the match is on Dynamite

    20 min time limit, you win, it's 1 notch towards 7. 

    You draw, no time limit rematch to open the show the following week.

    You get 7 wins, you get to automatically face the champ the next opportunity that's avaliable and you vacate the title (so if the champ has a match scheduled the following week, you get it the week after, though you still vacate the belt)

    A vacated belt is decided in a battle royal the following week.

  10. 48 minutes ago, Craig H said:

    Cody vs Sonny should be pretty good. I think Sonny could develop into an outstanding talent with some more experience on this level.

    As for Moxley vs Cage, I still think Cage is winning. You can do the story that the announcers or others make excuses for Moxley losing the title because Renee was sick, he had to quarantine himself, he hasn't been as active as he wanted to be, etc. and then Moxley can rail against that and say there's no excuses and challenge for the title again at a later date. It would feel incredibly rushed to move the title onto Cage so quickly though. I just hope they have a good match.


    NJPW considerations might also come into play- Mox prob has to drop the US belt at some point as well.  I'd talk to NJPW and ask maybe some exchange/concessions could be made.  Mox drops it to Jay or KENTA on a NJPW-USA show,  maybe AEW gets Narita for a year as Narita's excursion (NJPW-USA can still use Narita for Lion's Break shows too) , something like that?  Treat Narita right, give him lots of ringtime on Dark and some on Dynamite to build up goodwill?  That's what I'd offer if I was Tony Khan.


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  11. Will, that main event was something.  Dean's gonna be happy for who popped up mysteriously.





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  12. Given that Jay/KENTA/Fale are going to be gone for a long while, they need somebody, and someone who can talk a bit, so SANADA's not an option. 



  13. On 7/9/2020 at 6:35 PM, grilledcheese said:

    Maki Itoh goofed on him a little bit on twitter, because why wouldn't she? She's fucking ruthless.



    Didn't AEW try to get Maki?  I think she'd get over though she might use up the swear jar, and Chris Brookes wouldn't be a bad addition either.

  14. Apparently the new 4th member of Injustice is already gone (Saieve el Sabah) , as he was complaining about MLW's use of Chasyn Rance (aka the pedo who was involved with CEOxNJPW).

    Using Rance at this point is completely inexcusable- he's a known pedo and people still give Kenny and Jebailey shit for their accidental use of him.

    Pillman Jr is also trying to leave over it (or more likely to go to AEW to get paid)


  15. 15 hours ago, FluffSnackwell said:

    I don't see why not to be.  The hugs are immaterial to them being shitty jobbers that just happen to be fond of hugs. If C.M. Punk was skinny fat, then that makes Chuck Taylor skinny morbidly obese and Trent Beretta is a homeless fentanyl addict's Juice Robinson. 


    Trent can legit go and is fine.  I saw a ****+ Trent/Juice match, Trent and Juice to me are about the same overall, I'd only take Juice cause he's younger by a bit.   Chuck is just mediocre at best outside of his piledrivers.


    There's a few folks in AEW I actively don't like - Chuck, Hager, and Jimmy Havoc were top of my list.


  16. 13 hours ago, OctopusCinema said:

    I think it’s fair to bring up both points. Total viewers and demos to create a full picture. That full picture? Kenny may be the Omega, but Sasha is the ALPHA. All hail the Boss. Winner of the ratings war. If Stone Cold and Hulk Hogan had a baby it would be Sasha Justine Banks. 


    Karl Fredricks is the ALPHA now.


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