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  1. On 1/8/2024 at 9:46 AM, Dolfan in NYC said:

    I'm not a fan of football at the moment.    Though the other fun fact about this season is the three Lake Erie teams (Detroit, Cleveland, and Buffalo) have all made it to the playoffs for the first time in NFL history.

    This is the least interesting group of storylines and they’re trying so hard to sell them like a big deal. They do seem almost scripted, but not dramatically scripted towards any kind of climax. More like WCW Lethal Lottery 1996 scripted where you could tell they all just sat in a room and wrote down matches where every pair of guys were either feuding or had recently rassled each other and been really really mad during the match. It’s a shame because it’s otherwise going to be great when everything comes out in the wash like always.

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  2. Lane Kiffin is the Invader 1 of football. Or Buck Zumhofe. Or Abdullah the Butcher. Or…shit those really aren’t good examples. He’s as dang slimy as they are, but for some reason I don’t want to choke 2 of those guys myself in spite of everything like I do Kiffin. And the 1 that I’d be down to choking to death myself doesn’t have the ability to say he was always somehow mildly relevant through lying and and causing trouble without getting in trouble the way Kiffin has. And he was never really good at what he did, or was supposed to be doing or…Idk. I can’t believe he keeps going around and coming back around somehow. He’s the worst coach ever but every few years he’s in the discussion about being the coach at whatever major school has an opening. And he just looks like a pile of slime. I can’t believe football players take him seriously.

    I can’t believe we lost Saban, Carroll, and BB in the same few days. That’s like 75% of all of football of the last 20 years. I wonder if Saban is going to the Pats. One of the more wilder, but still repeated by some, conspiracies is that Saban carried Bill in Cleveland. 

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  3. Does anybody remember Don Lebarba? He was the only guy whose columns I used to make an effort to read every time (I read others, but only when I had nothing better to do). He had one that made people’s heads explode about backyarders. He explained that they all started out innocently, pretending to be wrestlers the same way we pretended to be football players. That was true and ignored especially back then.

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  4. Jim Harbaugh is a total jock dunce who doesn’t know what day it is half the time but he’s a dang good coach. Also he deserves it because he was a good player who didn’t get some breaks. I’d go as far as to say that he was the 2nd funnest guy to watch after Favre for those 2 years he was the guaranteed starter.

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  5. 2 hours ago, Curt McGirt said:

    The best True Life was The Travelers. It introduced me to Tom Waits, train hopping, squatter culture, pill abuse and severe alcoholism... so a couple things. In fact those last three might just be the same thing. It was also funny as shit and beautifully sad in its way. The main folks documented in it were wearing Bathory and Hellhammer (and Dimmu Borgir, ugh) shirts so I was like WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS and was pretty mind-blown by it all. You can find it in a couple parts on Youtube. 

    EDIT: Here's part 1, you can go from there https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FPf6ghoB1no&pp=ygUedHJ1ZSBsaWZlIHRoZSB0cmF2ZWxlcnMgcGFydCAx

    I completely understand the fun and beauty that you speak of in situations like that, and that’s what made that show and the others great. The most true to life parts were those parts. They were like the Jed Clampett bum from 1 of the best Andy Griffith episodes. He laughed and was beautiful somehow, and you understood him perfectly. I want to use another example citing Robert Clampett but I better not lol!

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  6. Straight out of Marino vs Kelly. They never gave up on the run, and the quarterbacks sligned it when it didn’t work which was most of the time besides 4th down, but the reason it worked on 4th down was because they were fresh for the clutch play from continuing to keep trying to run it. There were turnovers and the game ended in a turnover because the guy who turned it over was trying to win. That’s how it was back then and that’s why Marino, Kelly, Favre and others are judged to harshly on GOAT lists. There was a special teams play that made a difference. Hitting. Defense. Low scoring but not necessarily low offense. Such a fun game. 

  7. Wow I stand corrected. The Bills have a chance or 2 yet. It’s only because the Dolphins went ultraconservative though. 

    EDIT: punt return for a touchdown! 

  8. Dang it looks like they’re not going to make it. They made a good late season run but they’re just not good enough which is a shame because it wasn’t the players or their will to win. They had a bad offseason, relied on pure talent, seemingly didn’t even coach, and they probably won’t recover now. 

  9. The Bills offense has actually been perfect besides throws to the endzone. The first 2 endzone throws were INTs. The 3rd was a touchdown but only because the Dolphins player who touched it that time didn’t catch it. The 3rd was a dropped touchdown.

    Don’t go to the endzone anymore and you can win Bills. Lol what??? Stick with the slants and the screens down there. And run the ball. And that should be enough to win. 

  10. Allen is great and I’ll say that for atleast 40 more years after watching the TD:INT king not show up in big games. That’s how I want a player to play in big games. 

    That last touchdown was awesome, except for the fact that it pleases Cris Collinsworth. When he smiles I cringe and when he laughs I puke. 

  11. I thought Mariota was going to be good, and I’ll still damage control about a little bit. He’s not bad because he’s not-good. He’s bad because he’s a lazy and doesn’t care. He’s just cared and never cared that he doesn’t care. He’s 1 of those. 

  12. The Saints with Brees were such turd shoveling statpadders and I still hate them for 2009…but ROFL at the Falcon’s coach. That’s not exactly what that was. If you don’t like it stop it. 

    My last take on Bill B is the same. Only his muleheadedness is stopping him. That will be enough to ultimately stop him IMO which is a shame because other than that he’s still the same good coach. He doesn’t-not-know that they suck, and he doesn’t-not-know that his solutions to weekly problems weren’t going to work. But he was the boss and that wasn’t going to change.

    If I were looking for a coach I would get Bill in the office and ask him if he would be interested in coaching Marty Schotty style. If he said no I would say ok how about Bruce Arians? Where you coached and called plays during the game but let the others do work during the week? And I would add that he can’t hire yes men for coaches. That would work IMO. 

  13. The Colt’s coach did a better job than he’ll get credit for yesterday. They were stuffing Taylor every time on 1st down late in that game which is why they ended up in 3rd and 5+ twice in a row. The Colts converted those 3rd down with Taylor because coach knew he could get it as long as the defense wasn’t sold out to the run. Other coaches would have threw it atleast once, and probably twice. They were only in a position to win because of that good X and O coaching. Then came the call which is east to rip in hindsight. I thought it was the right call because the Texans were sold out to the run again. Of course maybe Taylor still could have gotten a yard but they probably had more than a yard and maybe a touchdown had they caught it. I also thought it was a better throw than it looked like. He couldn’t lead him to much with everything being so tight down there. Also, he overadjusted on the try at catching it. All he had to do was catch it. He didn’t have to turn and try to reset his feet. He just had it so easy which is so rare and he screwed up which is what happens in those situations sometimes.

  14. It sounded like the announcers were trolling Pickens to me, but that would probably be a little too clever. It was also realistically game over either way and they had to talk about something.

  15. Willie Taggart is the Raven’s RB coach.

    That is why they can’t hold on to the ball and that is why the Ravens have the worst rushing attack in the league if you don’t count Lamar Jackson’s yards. I appreciate the Peanut Tillman references by the announcers but naw…what I said lol!

  16. Did Watt’s knee bend like they are saying? I thought it just banged the other guy’s knee and that maybe he just got a really bad contusion which hurts but isn’t fatal. I know from experience lol!

  17. Aaron Rodgers is a great teammate when everything is working against some 2010s 2-14 NFCN team, or when he’s able to bask in celebrity who does nothing status. I mean when he’s in a situation like he’s been in this year he’s like a male Mrs Muffet. So nice and sweet as long as he doesn’t have to do anything but look cute.

    I expect this Ravens vs Steelers game to get competitive but until then the Ravens look like they’re not even trying and if that doesn’t change well…yeah.

    I don’t even know anything about the Texans and Colts anymore. I was going to watch the game and pull for who I thought deserved it. Do we still root against Irsay just because or is that old potatoes? 

  18. 5 hours ago, Mister TV said:

    Former WCW announcer and anal wart in human form Mark Madden started this rumor.


    I haven’t seen a picture of him in a long time but the last 1 I seen he really did look like an anal wart. Dude is just gross. IIRC Vince Russo has a cousin who’s a local sportswriter or radio host or whatever they call themselves now. He looks more like a talking male body part than he does a wart last I seen him. I think he was on that NFL Top 10 show for a while.

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