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  1. I’ve seen Headhunter A vs Headhunter B. Great match. 

    There was another 1 that dances with straight garbage wrestling but it’s what I’d call a good death match, that’s stayed stuck in my head. I want to say it had several guys in it who went on to become serious wrestlers like Rey and Psichosis. Konnan was the promoter maybe I read? It was a cage match and I think it was a Fan Cam that I saw on VHS back in the day. Somebody told me if I liked that I’d love the ladder match from around that time with Ultraman and some others.

  2. Loving this...most of these sound familiar. I can’t believe I forgot to atleast ask about the Duel of the Wilds match. That’s obviously not the first time I’ve heard it proclaimed as better than the Kawasaki Dream match. 

    The Swimming Pool match and the other FMW match ring a bell and I’ve heard the ROH/CZW match mentioned in all kinds of posts, YouTube etc.

  3. This will sounds weird but a quick bit about wrestling growing up...there was often 15 hours worth out there yes but it never came in regular doses. It was like afternoon cartoons. There would be 15 hours worth for a while, less than that, and sometimes only 1 hour before it would change up again. Wrestling never quite had Wheel of Fortune level syndicated show status anywhere but TBS lol!  

    There was also the other similarity it had with cartoons. Even when wrestling stayed on the air, it was never in both the same place and time frame. 1 show would replace another sooner than later. And whatever show stayed would get put on Saturday nights at 1am or something. 

    There was something fun about it though. Finding a wrestling show on at a random time was mark out moment alone.

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  4. Funk/Jack is the good one I referred to. It’s slipped into the cool to call overrated list by certain nerds but I don’t think that at all. Nakamaki/Jack was also a good match from that same card imo, overshadowed by the main event. I wonder if Nakamaki/Ohno was any good. For some reason I don’t remember it but it’s been years since I sat down and watched the show. I distinctly remember the second match mentioned because those were the sickest nail board bumps I’d ever seen.

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  5. One of my favorite threads ever was at the old Crazymax I think, but it might have been at the old green board. It wasn’t just a list of the bloodiest Death matches or the most explosions or whatever. It was about which ones were truly great matches across the board. Psychology, build towards the explosion, etc. Somebody should restart that listmania. I’m not qualified to do so as I’ve seen very few of these and only 1 that real wrestling fans like. I’d like to atleast have a reference thread again for when I get around to watching them. Or maybe somebody has a link or a file somewhere of the old thread?

  6. On 1/23/2020 at 2:34 PM, cwoy2j said:

    There was an episode of that old TGIF show "Dinosaurs" where one of the characters gets in trouble for being sexually inappropriate. The media nicknamed him Al "Sexual" Harris because the term "sexual harassment" hadn't been invented yet and the gag was that's how the term originated. I always thought that name sounded like something Russo would give to somebody.

    Added trivia bonus--Al "Sexual" Harris was voiced by Jason Alexander.


    This show was ahead of it’s time. It reached greatest South Park episodes level of sharp humor mixed with topical issues that would hit you like a brick when you got the gags.

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  7. The Headhunters are 1 of my alltime favorite teams. I read their first gig was as cousins of Abdullah the Butcher. Then they were on the cover of PWI, then the business changed and ginormous black guys were out, even if they could do moonsaults. I also read that Paul Heyman said they weren’t hardcore enough (what!) but I think he thought much of the above and didn’t want to take a chance. While they did work for ECW they were just kind of there.

    Anyway the TV match they had against Nakami and Ohno is 1 of the funnest brawls ever. I had to track that down from tystates years ago, as it was available but only clipped on bloody matches comps. I’ve seen a couple more matches between those 2 and the match they had against each other. I’m probably behind on these guy’s matches the most out of all my favorite guys. As fun as their death match stuff was, they belonged in the old school. They could have been alltime greats.

    They really wrestled Bam Bam and Vader? That’s a dang dream match lol!

  8. I absolutely loved SMW and learned so much from it. Jim Cornette was like a football coach on a team full of bums who he got to 8-8. He got the most out of every resource he had.

    What was so frustrating about WCW in 1998 was that they had a dozen or so SCSA sized pops just waiting to happen but they just couldn’t do that. And when they did it on accident they buried it. 

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  9. We’ve talked about Flair many times here in regards to how his best stuff is lost in the shuffle. Both him and Steamboat said their best matches were way before 1989. His peak was actually the early and mid80s, with his last couple of years being slightly sabotaged by only wrestling Dusty, Ronnie and Nikita. So when what does everybody who learns about this stuff do? Go watch Flair/Race and Flair/Kerry Von Erich. Those matches just aren’t that great. He had a ton that were better including ones against those guys. 

    As for the OP, I think there was a forever pages topic about this on the green board. The Corpus Christi Clash is a good show to watch from the POV referenced in the OP.

    There have been so many good ring psychology guys, some of whom are judged wrong by smarks just because they upped the ante from a Jake Roberts stare down or Arn Anderson missing a move the 2nd time he tried it. 

    ECW had tons of good psychology and so did WCW over the years with the younger guys in the midcard. It wasn’t always textbook but it was there.


  10. I wish they would have given the SST another shot. They wrestled a dark match against Stars and Stripes in 1997. Heck them too lol fun times imagine Benoit and Malenko mowing over them on Nitro. And The Steiners to the SST just for the belly to belly suplexes. The Steiners belly to bellying giant fat men is the greatest visual in wrestling imo. A face turn or a tweener 1 off like the Faces of Fear had against The Outsiders would have been cool too.

  11. On 11/5/2019 at 2:44 PM, AxB said:

    The blue one looks like a play pen for infants. Might as well be plastic. Steel cages are supposed to suggest an animalistic savagery, not please buy the action figure version (figure sold separately).

    This, but I’ll say this much, that it was typical WWF fare that somehow just became acceptable because it was the WWF. Kind of like unclean finishes to end every good match WCW ever had (exaggerating...but not by much).

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  12. On 10/25/2019 at 11:17 AM, Log said:

    Man, sometimes I really wish I never heard stories like that.  Just makes me sad for what could have been.  It's amazing how many awesome things in wrestling have been killed by dipshits running the show.


    I might have posted this before but this blew my mind when I first heard about it. This particular video is loaded with Jim Cornette fluff dialogue but he gets to the point. I think the video I posted before was a different one but this is the story anyway.

    I remember hearing stories about Meltzer calling the WCW Saturday Night match the greatest angle in years. I mean it was ok...greatest no way. Then I heard about what was really happening years later through Jim in 1 of his shoots. Not knowing it was soon to be axed, and that they weren’t going to get as violent as planned in the meantime, I would say Meltzer was right. That would have been an amazing story!


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