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  1. This thread has reminded me of something I learned not to terribly long ago, but not recently either. I haven’t seen most matches on any greatest matches in history ballot even though I’ve seen a ton of wrestling. When I first started collecting I spent all of my time tracking down stuff that I didn’t think would always be available like TV matches and...well TV matches. Unfortunately collecting didn’t last for the typical reasons it didn’t last for anybody else. I still have my collection and all but haven’t added to it in forever except for the occasional WWE DVD.

    Here’s a short list of some of the GOAT TV matches I’ve seen.

    Ric Flair vs Ted Dibiase Murdoch Incident

    Both Midnight Express vs Fantastics matches from WCW TV

    The Rock n Roll Express vs the Russians from the 1st ever episode of Worldwide

    Tons of Puerto Rico TV and old Japan TV with Flair, The Steiners, Wild Pegasus etc.




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  2. Sure they were. Flair was also getting cheered against Tatsumi Fujinami even though he’d beat Sting. I’m talking tweener, not face. Obviously there were boo birds and examples where they were hated like Arn vs Bobby Eaton. 

    BB it looks like I was mixed up about Brian Pillman. The Loser Leaves Town and Yellow Dog storyline, and Pillman’s contract behind the scenes were actually the same thing as the whole storyline happened to comply with his decision to stay or leave as his contract was up. I just looked it up though and that didn’t happen until after Superbrawl.  

  3. I’ve never seen a WWC match that wasn’t amazing lol! If Brody hadn’t happened there it would be remembered so much better.

    Did they actually call the FMW match a Texas Street Fight?

    There’s a match out of this mold that I saw live at a TV Taping between Doom and Arn and Barry. I can’t find it on YouTube but it had to have been on TV because if it wasn’t then they had the match for no reason before the feud was a thing. I remember being confused that the heels were fighting but it was just the craziest brawl after they’d all been working as heels all night against everybody else.


  4. I’ve seen alot of people referring to Windham as a face and Luger as a heel since GAB 91 over the years. They’d started trying to turn Barry subtle like since before GAB 91 but it never worked. The Horsemen were actually tweeters at worst, feuding with Doom. Brian Pillman’s contract and that whole thing happened so they had to have their rematch at Superbrawl in spite of everything, and Barry went over clean. He was a heel after doing that no matter what WCW tried to come up with. 

    As for Luger I could see it coming as a fan getting older and everything but he was still getting cheered after GAB 91. The double whammy only finally happened when Luger rubbed Barry’s face into the concrete on WCW TV.

  5. I remain fascinated by anything Muta and Sting. Is there a shoot or anything where they talk about each other? They’ve worked together their whole lives similar to say Sting and Flair but it was minus the fluff. Every match they ever had against each other meant something, and that was the case at the beginning of their careers when they wrestled every night at the end of the era where every match every night was important. So they’re a rare case of 2 guys who wrestled every night yet didn’t just do it by the numbers, and never had a meaningless match. 

    Sting has never done a shoot and seems to keep many opinions to himself on WWE shoots. Muta’s English is spotty or brilliant depending on who you ask. There’s probably something out there that he’s done that I don’t know about though. 

  6. I love Muta, Gary Capetta, Jim Ross and Missy. They were just great. Even though there are no NWA Champions or anything in that list, you can’t talk about the old NWA without talking about them. They were each part of the glue that held it together.

    Missy was always working out there, not just standing there, and she was good at it. I want to say there was a hilarious skit on ECW TV that climaxed (no pun intended) with the kind of joke @Jingus is talking about. I can’t find it on YouTube but it involved Tajiri complete with his hilarious facial expressions lol!

    Jim Cornette said they actually considered turning Muta face for a second after the reaction he got at Clash 10. That wasn’t all Muta though, as that reaction was for everybody against the Horsemen after what they did to Sting similar to what Dick Murdoch did to Ted Dibiase. BUT...Muta definitely had his fans and I was 1 of them! The first time I saw him was on TV in a squash and he did a spinning karate kick and the mist. I got VERY UPSET when he went on to wrestle Sting lol!

  7. Nice ^. Scott pulled off the overhead belly to belly on Big Maxx. On commentary they mentioned the special Tuesday Nitro. Those were good but those hour long Nitros that came on twice those few Mondays, with both hours being separate episodes, might qualify as C TV lol ugh. Same for the Wednesday Thunders.

  8. This is a skit but I wanted to post it somewhere. This is the 2nd time I’ve found Terry Funk hitting below the belt on a smart level on old WCW TV. The other time was when he said the Road Warriors couldn’t actually wrestle, meaning work. Anyway the TV Title is obviously something I have good memories of but you couldn’t have came up with a more generic, $10/hr fabricated thing. They named it after the “TV” so it could stay on “TV.” It was wrestling’s TV movie to Gone With the Wind. And Funk just says it here lol!


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  9. A good match is a good match. See the death match thread. If I like Chamber of Horrors when I watch it I’ll be proud to like it. 

    Raven vs The Pitbulls

    Terry Funk and Stevie Richards vs Cactus Jack and Raven

    That whole series of events from Starrcade 91 involving Abdullah the Butcher that spanned over a few matches

    Wow I better be careful before I give away how much fun Abdullah the Butcher in WCW was for that 1 year


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  10. I haven’t seen Chamber of Horrors but I’ve seen it called the greatest Wrestlecrap match ever. The Sting vs Abyss Casket Match dethroned it for a short while but most everybody went back on that. I have seen that match btw. Definitely an alltime great clustermess match.

    You could make a big list of junk from any territory that ran long enough to be remembered, let alone a nation promotion. Also some of that stuff ended bad after starting out as a good idea, and some of that stuff was good ideas that happened to late as the 90s were coming.

  11. Whoever the episode revolved around would usually end with them staring out the window at these cavemen, and the gag part was that the “men” were the animals and the “dinosaurs” were human in that TV world. Then whatever the men happened to be doing at that time was linked to whatever the episode was about. Sometimes it was funny and sometimes it was heavy, and sometimes it was both. 

  12. We might as well include barbed wire matches in this as the great ones are also great and the bad ones are giant messes.

    Is there a Damian comp or thread around here somewhere? He’s underrated. That match above with him as Ultraman is cool because it reminds me of the stuff I watched as a youngun that made me think somebody was going to die. And of course at that point you were scared and rooted for it not to happen unlike when we became teenagers and...well lol! And the little things going on in that match like the dim lighting, invisible but loud crowd, and whatever that noise is? Still love that match either way.

  13. I haven’t seen the season finale but have read the spoilers and I’m so mad that I did. I watched the show every week but don’t remember how I lost touch with it. It moved or something and as a child I didn’t have brains enough to figure it out, or it moved to the Disney channel maybe which I didn’t get. I rewatched some of it on cable when I got older and alot of it was pretty heavy but still funny. Great show imo. Imagine the outrage online if that finale happened today lol!

  14. I’ve seen Headhunter A vs Headhunter B. Great match. 

    There was another 1 that dances with straight garbage wrestling but it’s what I’d call a good death match, that’s stayed stuck in my head. I want to say it had several guys in it who went on to become serious wrestlers like Rey and Psichosis. Konnan was the promoter maybe I read? It was a cage match and I think it was a Fan Cam that I saw on VHS back in the day. Somebody told me if I liked that I’d love the ladder match from around that time with Ultraman and some others.

  15. Loving this...most of these sound familiar. I can’t believe I forgot to atleast ask about the Duel of the Wilds match. That’s obviously not the first time I’ve heard it proclaimed as better than the Kawasaki Dream match. 

    The Swimming Pool match and the other FMW match ring a bell and I’ve heard the ROH/CZW match mentioned in all kinds of posts, YouTube etc.

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