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  1. 4 hours ago, Curt McGirt said:

    You really should watch Tanaka/Awesome and the main if you ever get a chance. The former is an insane sprint and the latter is a quintessential ECW style tag brawl that works despite being technically face vs. face. I blame the flaming table, which was perfect. The Paul E. shoot is contrived but honest enough, I guess... I mean, he's not gonna throw himself under the bus, is he? 

    EDIT: Tanaka/Awesome is also great for drunk JBL being an asshole in the stands; I think the DVD even has a separate commentary track that's just him and the stooges around him. And of course then he shoot beats the shit out of Blue Meanie in the brawl at the end.

    The Blue Meanie thing holy crap I forgot that was on this show. Spawned 1 of the greatest shoots ever if nothing else (Smothers). It’s on my list of things to watch. I was lucky enough to see Awesome/Tanaka TNN match live at ringside. Mike Awesome’s finisher on a another giant was probably the coolest single thing I ever seen live. That was a hell of a show, and by main event time (this match) I thought O I’ve seen this before, it’ll be good but we might ought to go home and beat the mob. Wrong...they killed it on a show that had a Balls Mahoney match with fire, tacs, and the biggest chairsshot ever. Super Crazy almost killed himself on a table leg, Dusty Rhode’s return to Tallahassee, and a ton of other good matches.

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  2. 2 hours ago, (BP) said:

    I heard a clip from Cornette’s pod on YouTube with a write-in question about Bret nearly signing with WCW before his first WWF title win. For his part, Cornette had no recollection of this and said Bret wasn’t really on his radar and he had no opinion on him until he saw his match with Hennig at Summerslam 91. 

    There’s some confusion about when this was supposed to have happened and the specifics. First they mention 89, then it’s early 92. There’s also supposedly talks Bret had in 91 where Flair promised him money he couldn’t actually deliver on from his bosses. 

    The weirdest part is that Meltzer mentions this in the Observer from January 92 as Bret being ready to not only sign but bring the IC title with him instead of dropping it to The Mountie, ostensibly as a receipt for WWF doing the real world champion deal with Flair. Meltzer said the only reason it fell through was that Bret didn’t realize his contract rolled over and he hadn’t gotten out of it in time. 

    I find the whole thing suspect, especially because I’ve never heard about the IC title thing, and if this was common knowledge Vince and co. definitely would have used this as a defense of why Montreal was a necessity. Does anyone know anything about this? 

    I recently listened to this and that was 1 of the few times Cornette didn’t make alot of sense lol! So we’ll probably never know the answer to this one.

  3. On 2/6/2020 at 10:48 PM, Mike Campbell said:

    Because I'm still pissed off that none of Fit Finlay's UWF matches seem to have made it on tape, even the handhelds that Jeff Lynch has available are Finlay-less ?




    I’m looking for another theme out of this mold. It was an 80s sounding guitar driven theme that somehow got played all over the place in the 90s, not just WCW. The only thing I can name it being used for though was Mike Awesome’s first WCW theme. It was WCWSN jobber music before then and promo music a time or 2, and I heard it here and there out in the world. I’m positive it was Mike’s first WCW theme for a few weeks.

  4. I haven’t seen ECW ONS. I am aware that there are many fans of the show. Heat was off the charts for the whole thing. In spite of the forgettable matches, it basically delivered through the no BS promos alone the way I hear it. 

    Did Eddie and Chris even wrestle in ECW? Dean would have been everybody’s pick for an Eddie match. Chris’s match might have a few wildcard picks but I would think everybody would have wanted Al Snow.

    If I were to make a dream WCW card that would be where Eddie and Chris happened. Those guys were WCW TV. They had more dang good WCW TV matches than Ric Flair had good headlining matches against Dusty, Barry and Ricky Morton combined lol! 

    My favorite was the 1996 match with the armdrag sequence. Only Benoit could make an armdrag stiffer lol! And Eddie went through them like lightning.

  5. I obviously understand Malenko but I always thought that had everybody else did business right that night, he would have to. You had Hogan up and quitting, Nash, and Raven. So Malenko said f*** it me to I’m ready to go home and see my youngun. None of those guys have ever admitted it but they were all in in WCW until that night. 

  6. Another factoid about that theme is that it’s...I don’t know the word but I bet there’s a word that means what this was...recorded into the VHS version of GAB 90 like music on a music video tape. Most of WCW’s themes were just there however loud they happened to be on camera. 

    I should add that when I said “WCW” I was referring to the time Jimmy Hart was doing themes. The mid90s stuff with the house band wasn’t to bad (Steiner Line, The Man Called Sting, etc). And WCW from 88-90 was the GOAT theme music. It stinks that they had to scrap name brand music because they had a bunch of good themes nailed down character wise.

  7. I don’t remember the other name but I know that happened. The singles matches in squashes part I might have dreamed up. 


    Came along a little to late. They would have been gold in the old days. I used to have the bad assest pic of them in an old magazine whose name escapes me. It was the coolest pic right up there with the Freebirds painted up pic, Savage elbow pic etc.

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  8. 11 hours ago, Nice Guy Eddie said:


    I haven’t seen any of Marty’s ECW matches but he was still good in WCW so they’re probably worth checking out if he ever wrestled anybody any good. ECW in 1995 hadn’t quite shifted toward better wrestling just yet. Lots of hardcore and brawling which was fun but probably nothing Marty went out and was great in.

    I also remember a good Dean Malenko vs Brad Armstrong match from Nitro in 1997 that was a good mat wrestling match. Obviously Brad was always good but I would have guessed that he would have moved as crisply on the mat as Dean for 10 whole minutes.

    Nitro is also loaded fun inside gems that I probably haven’t discovered. 1 example is Nash’s Master Blaster’s reference during a Goldberg squash vs Al Green. I was to say the Texas Hangmen wrestled 3 times in 1 night but I can’t find verification anywhere. They wrestled as the Hangmen, some other thrown together tag team with masks, and as each other in squashes. And somewhere in the middle Bobby Heenan was making jokes about it.


  9. I think Mankind vs The Undertaker HIAC belongs on both lists. It wasn’t a death match but because somebody almost died twice it was the greatest death match. It wasn’t the greatest match in the history of wrestling but because it was the the greatest death match it was the greatest match in the history of wrestling. That makes sense as long as I don’t have to explain it lol!

    But really I feel the same way everybody else does about that match. We all had our bloodthirsty streak which in hindsight had more to do with coming of age than it did what we were watching. The 2 things just mixed together crazy like and what you got was a rabid wrestling fan. Now we distance ourselves from that match because we’re all grown up.  Some of that is maturity and some of that is peer pressure (I thought we were grown lol) whether people admit it or not. To admit you’re a fan of the match gets some people all stirred up about many sensitive subjects. I don’t know if I buy them either, like people think they have to be offended and stuff but anyway that’s the final result sincere or not. 

    Now the other side of that story is that that was the greatest match ever using the most basic formula and I don’t know how people can ignore it. The heat was off the charts for that match. They built towards it, promoted it and everything perfectly. Then they did the same thing in the actual match. They built towards the 2 bumps and they delivered at the perfect times...like in a properly worked wrestling match. Everybody thought Cactus Jack was dead. That’s what wrestlers have tried to sell since forever. It doesn’t sound good saying it flat out considering some of the accidents that have happed but it’s the truth and they did it.  



  10. I was searching for something randomly and found this thread. I read the first page and I remember the WCW All Nighter. That was a rare well done look back by WCW who hardly ever did such and butchered it when they did. And the comedy mentioned in between was actually funny. 

    I don’t remember Joe Leduc but I learned about him in a funny way. My old boss used to call me that because he said I looked like him. I checked and...yep lol! Then I found the axe blood promo lol!

    I have a ton of stuff running around in my head that belongs here. I’ve posted some of it in the Old School Questions thread like the NWF stuff.

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  11. Florida blazed more Sports Entertainment trails than many people remember and I think at this point it’s the best stuff WWE has that isn’t represented correctly. My old man swore Pak Song vs Dusty Rhodes was the best match ever and while I haven’t seen it yet, I’ve obviously read up it. Their matches were definitely wild at the time and I also obviously learned that Dusty in FL was the equivalent of Hogan in NY. The Kevin Sullivan feud just wow. I’d give anything for that comp. Matches with Terry Funk. And a midcard that included Windham, Muta, Lugar, all the good southern tag teams etc and a ton more. 

    I haven’t seen the Crockett Cup 88 but it’s 1 unedited Holy Grail show I’m still hoping for. You could argue that it was the beginning of what we knew as WCW with Luger joining Sting at the last minute and them beating the Horsemen. Granted that’s an accolade that could be spun into a negative more than a few ways but I can’t wait to either see the show 1 day or see what’s out there. I was recently told that the edits were a rare case of WCW editing wisely and including the best matches. 

    I haven’t seen the Sheephearders match that’s highly regarded either but I have seen some of their stuff. They weren’t technical masterminds or anything but they were wild brawlers who made fans think the faces were in real danger when they wrestled. Got heat, looked tough and got it done. 

  12. Broadcast WCW TV had been on an extended squash match exclusive streak for a long time until Brian Pillman started wrestling Horsemen members seemingly every week. Definitely gave me a boost as a youngun. 

    Flair/Fujinami from SB was bad. Really bad. Not only was it pointless, Flair goofed the whole thing, and goofing up with the blade is something he never did however bad he got in a few other areas. It’s a shame to because their match from the NJPW/WCW Supershow was good. I’d go as far as to say that it’s in Flair’s top 10 postprime singles matches. 

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