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  1. It should be the 4-17-00 Nitro for the Mike Awesome theme. Of course knowing WCW and my luck, for all I know Mike Awesome could have been like Saturn. They had him rushed in so fast they didn’t have time for theme music until week 4 or so lol! In other words, no theme music at first.

  2. On 4/30/2020 at 11:51 PM, Peck said:

    I remember one of Lex Luger's themes being used for highlights on Baseball Tonight and Sportscenter, which shocked me because I didn't know most of WCW's themes in the mid-90s were stock music. I think this was the one.


    This has made some rounds. It’s the menu music on a Poison (the band) DVD I have lol!

  3. I want to say that in an ironic turn of events, the great Flair/Piper match from Mid-Atlantic belongs here, with the 1 odd part being a move Flair might have done 0 times besides that match - the dropkick lol! Then by rule their match from 1998 belongs with no odd stuff thrown in because it was nothing but punches. Unfortunately that match wasn’t great because all they could do was punch.

  4. 13 hours ago, Curt McGirt said:

    More Captain after the "match", which involves a certain prop mishap. Also Jimmy not even stopping for breath once. "Ted Turner can afford better!"

    Okay, he does stop once, to keep from laughing directly into the mic. Another classic line here: "I wanted to see if he'll hit a woman; his wife says he will!"

    That actually might belong on a GOAT squash match list. They never broke sequence. They were wrestling from start to finish. They didn’t stall, stop to taunt, etc and they fluently mat wrestled, then brawled then ended with the big move. 

    And Jim Cornette how dang great is he I could watch him for forever. He sells legit rage, jokes, and pouting 1 after the other in random order. 

    I laughed at Murdoch threatening to whop Misty because I used to watch around this time and wonder why somebody didn’t just whop Missy, Woman, etc after all the times they cheated. The first time I ever heard a face make the threat was, of all people, The Patriot in WCW I think. I can’t remember who he was threatening but I clearly remember him saying it because I’d never heard it before.

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  5. Also whether The Big Show deserved what I’m about to say or not is irrelevant to the OP’s question. Anyway he altered wrestling history minus some of the drama that usually comes with it similar to Sting. He was just playing basketball 1 day then he was in the Halloween Havoc main event. 

    Then I would go as far as to say WCW might not have survived without him carrying the jobstrap for the next 3 years. Seriously did he not lose to Goldberg every week on Nitro for a year? Sure seems like it but it can’t be because I remember just as many throwaway matches against Sting and Luger. 

    But shoot obviously 1 of those doesn’t happen without the other so if The Big Show never happens, does WCW even reach it’s peak? Hogan was already getting stale and The Giant saved all that for a while even if it did still take a shit. Had Hulkamania not survived until 1996 I don’t know that WCW would have ever been more than a rasslin show that the guy who owned the station owned.

  6. It could be argued that Sting getting fucked altered wrestling history...twice. And not just this guy got the belt instead of him kind of altered. The entire sport blew to pieces twice because of 2 freak accidents he was in. By that merit Sting is the choice over Jericho. 

    He’s also the pick over Jericho by the typical comparison but Jericho  is a hair away from beating Sting here, and a few hairs away from knocking many many more guys off the mountain.

  7. I’m watching “The Monkees” which was a hilarious TV show ??? Apparently what killed the series wasn’t it’s lack of quality, but the fact that people turned on it when they learned that The Monkees didn’t write their music and really weren’t even a band.

    Watching shows like this that I remember from around the same time that I used to watch syndicated wrestling as a youngun, especially with it being Sunday afternoon, takes me back. And today is the first day of the time change which makes it a little more dramatic for some reason. Low and behold if Worldwide magically came on this TV next I might cry lol!

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  8. BPP was awesome in TNA. Jim Cornette was good to. Sting accidentally bleeding buckets every week was good to. Much like WCW though, they didn’t know what to do with good things that happened on purpose or by accident. 


    Here’s the full version of this. I’ve listened to this dozens of time now and I really think Luger says the F word lol! 


  9. I admire the shit out of David Schultz. There were alot of guys out of his mold whose career ended because of that type of a fuck up and they just pissed away. He kept it together and made a life for himself.

    That Nancy Sullivan pic is creepy for a different reason I’ve mentioned before (but not since their death I don’t think and probably shouldn’t now).

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  10. Also I don’t think “fire” is the thing that Bret didn’t have that kept him from wrestling in the NWA or WCW. He might have lacked fire in some situations, but only because he knew a trash heap when he saw one and he just flat out wasn’t 1 to work under disorganized circumstances. The 1 exception is obviously WCW at the end but that didn’t exactly last and that was a desperate reach anyway, and his last. I loved the NWA but on it’s best day it was never as organized as the WWF. And WCW lol yeah right. 

  11. Michael Hayes had IT. 1 of the most underrated guys ever imo. I don’t have all of those dates organized in my head but I think the original Von Erichs/Freebirds feud goes unaffected. Then obviously the second feud doesn’t happen. Unfortunately I don’t know if much changes for the Von Erichs. The territory perhaps dries up without even being salvaged for that short while with Jarrett without the second Freebirds feud to keep it alive. 

    Piper was great but when he lost it in the ring it was a pretty drastic change, not like some of the others from his mold who slowly lost it and worked around it. I could see his career being similar to most guys like him who didn’t get the break in the WWF. A WCW life in limbo, a guy who bounced around, who knows. He’s the wildcard in this what if. 

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  12. 3 hours ago, Elsalvajeloco said:

    If you're going to scream your ass in a promo, this is how you do it.

    Man that’s a goodun! That promo could have been plugged in any time Arn Anderson was scheduled to do an interview for the rest of his life. It was his life as a Horsemen in a nutshell. And what a cool shirt. I wonder if there are any left anywhere.

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  13. I don’t claim to remember this but I think I remember this music from somewhere. Any info on it would be appreciated. Literally any...name, production company, where else you heard it etc as I think this might be from another weekly wrestling show that I used to watch but can’t figure out the name of. It’s been 1 of the things I’ve been trying to figure out the most since growing up and trying to piece together these good memories.

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