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  1. 1 hour ago, JLSigman said:

    It's been on Broadway forever

    And I guess now it’ll be sympathetic meme of her smoking a cigarette in an alley like the last couple. Or maybe a vape this time.

  2. Was the Indiana Jones show bad or is it associated with whiny critics who didn’t like ToD and the least hyped SB ever? A game that lived “up” to its “hype”?

    I’m still pulling for the 49ers. Hot dang they just deserve it. I thought they would finally break after last year. The workhorses on that team had carried and carried. I thought no way they can do it again. I was wrong, and the fact that they got CMC to lighten the load and Brock who is the best quarterback they’ve had since this started doesn’t mean they haven’t still been carrying a load.

    I was wrong about the Chiefs too who I thought would still come back as late as December before I still gave up and said they were done. I think the Bills were going to beat them if not for etc etc etc but not because they were just finished. The Eagles were finished. The Bills still had to take it from the Chiefs and didn’t. I hope the Bills aren’t broken now. They deserve it too and I’ll watch them close next year like I have the 49ers. If the Chiefs win now I’ll be a little mad over the Bills game but besides that they’re not somebody I hate or am even annoyed by like others are. There were other chances to take them out and nobody else could even come close.


  3. Dang I would have liked to have seen that. That kind of stuff is my jam and we haven’t seen enough of it since we lost Steve Sabol. Brent Musberger is a GOAT and to just not be hated by everybody would have been a miracle in the case of 1 of his runs, which was when he replaced Keith Jackson. “This…could be the greatest comeback…in Florida State history”…might be my alltime favorite call including wrestling. 1994 Choke at Doak.

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  4. On 1/26/2024 at 5:16 PM, Cobra Commander said:

    The Tenta episode feels like "here's a break from all the really bad stuff".


    This would be very appropriate IMO, and it would make an episode out of something. I agree that wrestling will never run out of tales from the darkside, but it will run out of episodes, if that makes any sense.

  5. The 49ers have looked flat in big games but I’m about ready to write it off Bill Belichik style. If it’s, I don’t know, 28-3, the 49ers don’t panic. They just keep playing and usually win. If they get blown out they go on to Buffalo. Only a Kyle Shanahan X and O disaster can stop them IMO, which I wouldn’t rule out even though he does seem to have learned.

  6. Purdy stepped up and ran for those first downs in that game which is something I’ve seen recent MVPs refuse to do with the game on the line. Then blame the coach. And more recently I saw Dak do something similar. I don’t care wtf else he does or doesn’t do, it was a breath of fresh air to see a quarterback do something he doesn’t normally do to help win a game. 

  7. What were the first few times in wrestling where it was suggested that the female valet or manager was banging her rassler? I know male managers straight up said it all the time, but they weren’t talking about their wrestler unless you count the times it happened in women’s wrestling. I didn’t notice it until ECW but of course I was young.

  8. I’m not saying fire Dan Campbell, just like I never said fire Kyle Shanahan but dam that was alltime Kyle Shanahan level clutch situation stupid. That decision was right up there with his. There were 2 things they could have done besides what they did. They could have ran the ball or kicked the FG. Instead they did something that indirectly, but ultimately, yielded -14 points.

  9. Purdy will get blamed for shit like no quarterback struggles under interior OL pressure. He’s actually doing well considering how bad it is and compared to others. The difference in this game is actually the 49ers defensive line. The Lions have control over the LoS before the RB even gets the ball. The run is just a formality. It’s 4 lineman, none of who ever move around the field, against something like 800 Lions OLmen. If the 49ers don’t do something about that this game is over. 

  10. The whole thing was a crapshoot. The Bills would have won that game last week if not for etc etc etc. No I can’t prove it but dam we all saw it. And the Ravens probably would have beat the Colts but if you remember how that Colts Texans game ended that just says more about it all.

    This makes it sad that somebody has to lose the NFC game because they both deserve it. 

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  11. Bad decision but the rest of this game wasn’t on him IMO. He extended plays all day, but coverage and to many situations where they needed more than a few yards didn’t allow him to further make them. The Chiefs were playoff ready like I swore they would be for a long time this season before I went back on it. They really looked done.

  12. 12 minutes ago, Brian Fowler said:

    It's funny. Jackson isn't having a good game in any way, shape, or form, but he's made like three or four different plays that just made me go "oh damn" out loud.

    If the Ravens were to come back, and they do seem to be chipping away at this, but if they do come back and Jackson goes down the field for the win I’ll give him the same credit I gave Purdy last week.

  13. LOL dang wow.

    One more batch of thoughts before it all goes down. I can’t decide who I’m pulling for between the 49ers and Lions. They both deserve it for their recent history alone, without even getting into the Lion’s longtime history. The Lions stuck with their new coach. Many coaches doing as good of a job as he did would have been judged for underachieving in the second year, missing the playoffs, fooling around and losing to the Panthers when they still had a chance, etc. They would have been fired. The 49ers also deserve it. The guys out there in the trenches have busted their asses every year with no support from that 1 position that’s supposedly who makes all the plays on winning teams. I like Purdy but the guys are still carrying the weight. Also when I say trenches I mean everybody. Kittle blocks as good as he does everything else. Deebo is a WR but he runs like a FB, which is where he lines up at sometimes.

    The Ravens also deserve it. They are The No Name Defense II. Most people don’t know any of their names but if any of them went down the team would be in trouble. Lamar Jackson also deserves it. 

    I’m pulling for everybody in that order with the Chiefs dead last by a mile. I think the Ravens will win but if I smell the tiniest whiff of bullcrap at any point in that game they can forget it the way it’s been going with the refs and the Chiefs. I have no clue who will win the NFC game.


  14. Scott Hudson being great has been discussed many times IIRC. 

    Lex Luger, whose greatness has also been discussed, missed the boat on 1 thing though. He could have had an Iron Shiek or Terry Funk sized postprime career if he would have had brains enough to capitalize on his gaffes. “I DON’T KNOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWW!!!” was right up there with “make you humble” and others.

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