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  1. Soul Train Jones was solid in the ring back then. Then I wasn’t the biggest WWF fan but Piper cheering on Virgil in that match at that moment is right up there with Hogan slamming Andre in the minds of those fans, even though it went flat down the line.

    Wiki says he had a degree in math? And taught highschool? He looked as much like a teacher as Ole did a wrestler, Ole of course being on the GOAT list of wrestlers who look like math teachers along with Arn, Larry Z, and more otherwise bad ass mfers. 

    Also was the Sting injury match Ole’s last match? That would be even more ironic than the teacher thing for a reason that’s…..ironic 🥴🥴🥴

  2. I’ve only ever seen the word “casual” in this context on internet message boards. To me it was a compliment because it meant “person who doesn’t know as much about this subject and doesn’t spend as much time here because you’re usually somewhere with girls” lol!

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  3. 31 minutes ago, Log said:

    A couple of my favorite all-time matches were just matches that got booked because it would be cool if the two wrestlers faced each other. Kobashi/Joe and Necro/Joe jump to mind immediately. Hell, in Japan there for a while, we got all kinds of great shit because someone decided that Hashimoto wrestling Kawada would be cool and stuff like that.

    I'll take "Danielson vs random Japanese legend announced two days before a show" any day over "guys fighting because of a fake shampoo commercial snub" or "week 189 of one of the Usos feeling conflicted about Roman Reigns", personally.

    WCW could have got by filling 3 hours doing just this if the wrestlers were behind it. That would have involved selling and doing business so that obviously wasn’t happening. Furthermore it never occurred to anybody in the first place. Whenever it did happen it was for some other reason like to punish Flair or to give Goldberg another one for the streak.

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  4. 13 minutes ago, Nice Guy Eddie said:

    Doesn't the story go that firefighters thought they heard a child inside, but it actually turned out to be Frankie? I don't want to think about what an awful death that bird suffered. 

    I read that it was a neighbor who heard Frankie, and tried to get in but couldn’t. Frankie was saying “let me out.” Ugh…but I promise that bird’s in heaven and will be there to tell Koko that it’s ok. I had a small animal for a long time and I won’t explain but I promise.

  5. I don’t know how I missed this but I just read about Frankie the Macaw’s gruesome, sad death in 2002. I didn’t know he was always the same bird, or that he was Koko’s normal pet first before he was even in the WWF. That means he was with Koko through it all, every night for all those years. 

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  6. Michael Hayes was definitely trying to look more dorky than cool at times to get heat, and he did that as well as he did everything else. To do that you have to look like you’re still trying to look cool or tough or whatever the heel says he is. Hayes did that well too. 

    For anybody doubting that that’s a thing, Jim Cornette recently said that BPP did that. He said he’d still mess up talking, but then roll with it as if he’d messed even worse. Then do it again next week. 

  7. He doesn’t know it, but he was the incidental embodiment of WCW. He was a wrestler who was given a ring name that could have been the name of a normal person, like a plumber, and told to go out there and get over sometime in the 3 hour of Nitro vs a wrestler nobody cared about like that’s the easiest way to get over. If that didn’t work lose to Goldberg.

  8. 30 minutes ago, Hamhock said:

    Just my two cents, but I feel that the best of all recorded Flair vs. Steamboat matches is the one from Boogie Jam ‘84.

    I think they’ve both said their best matches were from back then (didn’t say which) but they don’t repeat it because the 1989 match has immortalized them and they know it lol!

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  9. 1 hour ago, Cobra Commander said:

    Random bit of drama for me watching Chi-Town Rumble today

    Seeing three consecutive finishes where the referee had to raise an arm to clear up the winner (Rick Steiner pinning himself, Windham/Lugar back suplex, and two pinfalls at the same time in Road Warriors/Varsity Club), and forgetting if the first Flair/Steamboat match also had a back suplex almost a double pin finish.


    I’ve never seen this show, only the 1 match that has always been talked about from this show. What bothered me the most about Starrcade 89 was the ref’s crap job at selling the finish to the Road Warriors/Steiners. That means I didn’t have a problem with the finish. I had a problem with the ref just counting and declaring a winner like it was no big deal, like that kind of thing happened all the time and it was on to next. But apparently WCW did alot of this that year??? Wtf

  10. 2 hours ago, Robert S said:

    On a quick glance - just from the couple of lines I have read so far about the case - it might be a completely different situation. His wife was 85, suffering from dementia and Haynes was taking care of her. In cases like this the likeliest scenario is that Haynes was overwhelmed with the situation, could not see any other way out resp. forward than murder-suicide (the stand-off with the cops might have been an attempt at suicide-by-cop) and in the end did not go through with the suicide. Still a very tragic situation, but not in the least comparable with the Benoit case. Trying to understand the Benoit case inevitably leads you to think about concussions, steroids, other drugs, friends dying left and right and yes also previous behavioural problems that pre-date a lot of other issues, the Haynes case on the surface does not require that, it seems rather simple and similar cases happen often enough that it is barely news-worthy (though, again, still tragic).

    Of course, I could be completely off trying to read what happened why and the case might be very different.

    That would be giving Billy Jack a whole lot of..I don’t want to say credit…but Billy Jack has done his share of steroids and other drugs. He’s also lost people too. I believe his stories about child abuse which isn’t the same as concussions but both things can royally fuck up a man’s brain. Even if he’s full of crap there it’s no question that there was always something wrong with his head for some reason. I could also see him coming up with the scheme he might have come up with yes, which is something Benoit also did.

  11. I’ve been thinking about Billy Jack and his situation is right up there with Chris Benoit. He freaking shot his wife. Maybe it wasn’t as much of a shock to hear about this coming from him and maybe he has a whole other shit list of things, which makes it seem like less of a deal but is there much else really that comes close? The answer is yes I know but that also doesn’t make this any less of a tragedy IMO. Also this list of what else isn’t that long. I feel sorry for the guy and I always have for similar reasons that I felt sorry for Chris Benoit. I’m not necessarily excusing him either which is a discussion we’ve had about many tragedies but I thought I would go ahead and say that before he dies and it sounds like I’m looking back with rose colored glasses. He can’t have long himself. 

  12. I’m a huge fan of a certain HBK vs Hogan if you couldn’t guess. HBK was like a cartoon Rambo in that match. He wasn’t a turdhead anymore like Rambo wasn’t a killer anymore. Then somebody actually deserved it came along and tried to fuck with him again and he said hold my beer. I hate that phrase but it’s perfect here lol!

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  13. Kelce is an idiot and Burelson is something worse than that. Good grief 🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮.

    The armchairs are all blaming Purdy but I blame the same ole same ole, and I don’t know how you can argue it when the result is the same. Those overthrows under pressure were actually good plays. Anybody else would have tried to hard, knowing he was open and turned it over. Meanwhile there’s also what was actually the difference in the game - the same ole same ole. They abandoned the run until the end and left Kittle to just block, which amounts to nothing when he’s not blocking for the run. What good is a TE blocking when they play is on the other side of the field deep. 

  14. Oops.

    This is a good game. It has big hits and people flying around, and more defensive plays than offensive screwups. It will bust open in the 2nd half I bet. This is a better situation for the 49ers. Kyle has to open up, which means him doing so won’t be the disaster that it has been before when it wasn’t necessary.

  15. 1 hour ago, JLSigman said:

    It's been on Broadway forever

    And I guess now it’ll be sympathetic meme of her smoking a cigarette in an alley like the last couple. Or maybe a vape this time.

  16. Was the Indiana Jones show bad or is it associated with whiny critics who didn’t like ToD and the least hyped SB ever? A game that lived “up” to its “hype”?

    I’m still pulling for the 49ers. Hot dang they just deserve it. I thought they would finally break after last year. The workhorses on that team had carried and carried. I thought no way they can do it again. I was wrong, and the fact that they got CMC to lighten the load and Brock who is the best quarterback they’ve had since this started doesn’t mean they haven’t still been carrying a load.

    I was wrong about the Chiefs too who I thought would still come back as late as December before I still gave up and said they were done. I think the Bills were going to beat them if not for etc etc etc but not because they were just finished. The Eagles were finished. The Bills still had to take it from the Chiefs and didn’t. I hope the Bills aren’t broken now. They deserve it too and I’ll watch them close next year like I have the 49ers. If the Chiefs win now I’ll be a little mad over the Bills game but besides that they’re not somebody I hate or am even annoyed by like others are. There were other chances to take them out and nobody else could even come close.


  17. Dang I would have liked to have seen that. That kind of stuff is my jam and we haven’t seen enough of it since we lost Steve Sabol. Brent Musberger is a GOAT and to just not be hated by everybody would have been a miracle in the case of 1 of his runs, which was when he replaced Keith Jackson. “This…could be the greatest comeback…in Florida State history”…might be my alltime favorite call including wrestling. 1994 Choke at Doak.

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  18. On 1/26/2024 at 5:16 PM, Cobra Commander said:

    The Tenta episode feels like "here's a break from all the really bad stuff".


    This would be very appropriate IMO, and it would make an episode out of something. I agree that wrestling will never run out of tales from the darkside, but it will run out of episodes, if that makes any sense.

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