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  1. Does anybody remember an 8 man tag with the Sid Vicious Horsemen? In it Arn Anderson lost a wrestling sequence and sold it silly like he didn’t usually do. It was something like Flair would have done, only even more silly like Steve Regal or Rip Rogers or somebody being just plain silly in the midcard. Him acting silly in that match was used in bumpers for a long time. I only saw the match 1 day at a friend’s house on what I think was actually the WGN Pro show but I could be wrong on that part. I know I saw it and recognized the Arn Anderson part after having seen the bumpers 100 times.

    Googling I found The Horsemen vs The Southern Boys, Tim Horner and Allen Iron Eagle which might have been it. I can’t find a video of it or any other Horsemen 8 Man’s from the time. 

  2. On 3/21/2023 at 1:39 PM, Zimbra said:


    I will keep pimping this match until it is no longer a hidden gem: Terry Funk, Dustin Rhodes, JBL vs Jerry Lawler & Too Much from Shotgun in 98.  10 minutes of near-perfect tv wrestling.

    That sounds good. I have a match that goes here that I posted before and called it the greatest TV match of alltime by definition of TV match, and not necessarily match that aired on TV in which was broadcasted lol! Aka 10 minutes.

    Young Eddie and Chris on a whole other level, if you can even imagine an upper level with them. They believed in WCW for a long time even though they wouldn’t admit it. You can tell here. It was everything possible within their 10 minutes. 

  3. On 3/17/2023 at 10:35 PM, For Great Justice said:

    My vote for “best non-formula match from a formula wrestler” might go to Goldberg/Steiner from Fall Brawl 2000. Holy shit this match rules at a time when neither guy did much out there, and is really the prototype for the last decade of Brock Lesnar main events. 

    I’ll also throw the Austin/HHH vs Jericho/Benoit tag a bone. That was four formula guys to a degree and they just go tear the house down in something totally unique. 

    I haven’t gotten around to watching this because I’d checked out by then but this match got repeated by somebody every week who came just to post about it on the old board and all the other old boards. Today it still gets talked about occasionally even. It must have been a killer match. I don’t doubt it. BPP was still good in the ring until the broken foot. 

    I also agree that heel Austin was good once they got over the initial let down. The Benoit feud in particularly was killer. I don’t quite remember how that ended because my life changed somewhere in the middle of it 🙄🙄🙄 then I don’t think I watched Raw again until Bret Hart came back. 

  4. Mahomes is a good comparison because of how he blows it up IMO. He wins, and while his his stats are insane, I don’t think them alone are the reason he wins. He wins because he’s clutch, because he extends plays, and because he takes chances. Not quite as many as Favre, but he’s closer to a Gunslinger than he is a safe player IMO. 

    I’m actually more and more on the fence about MVPs as years go by but not because I’m just trying to blow up everything you’re saying. I’m more on the fence about them for a reason you suggested. The voters are just so dang lazy and it seems like they’re even bigger homers than the fans sometimes. They don’t even look at the other guys on the field and they don’t even acknowledge how obvious it is that the prettiest little quarterback is about to go 1 n done so many times. Granted that wasn’t what happened this year but it was because it was Mahomes who everybody has pegged as the...aw you know lol! I don’t like saying it even now because of how many times I’ve been wrong myself. 

  5. I know this part of the discussion has been done to death but you have to look at the era. Stats are inflated and they haven’t even peaked yet. Rodger’s stats will be demolished by Mahomes faster than Montana’s, Favre’s and Marino’s were if it keeps going the way it’s going. We’ve seen quarterbacks with losing seasons in this era break single season records that those guys had. Then there’s the statpadding that goes on. I don’t know Rodgers to have ever done that but others sure have. The 1 record that doesn’t get smashed every week is the TD:INT ratio, but the top 10 single season bests includes Rodgers more than once, some Chiefs quarterback I had to Google named Huard, Josh McCown, Foles, and a recent Brady season. The alltime list is a little better but it has Cousin and Kaep tied at 10 and Dak at 9, and everybody else in the list are quarterbacks who have came into the league since. That’s not a coincidence.

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  6. Of course your INT % is insane when you don’t even throw it. He ran 4 straight handoffs in that Seahawks playoff game that the defense got him 5 turnovers in, that also saw Richard Sherman get hurt at the end. Favre attacks that as soon as it happens. Does he win the game? Possibly he does not and possibly it’s because he throws an INT but if those throws are there as a result of Sherman going out he wins it, and he wins it no matter what the wuss coach called to start with. If they’re not there he still atleast goes for it instead of just watching the collapse happen. The only plays Rodgers ever made out of nothing were Hailmarys against the Lions who he can’t even beat ever since they got a pulse. I don’t know who that actually makes the best Packer of alltime but it makes Aaron Rodgers an overrated fraud if you ask me, creep vibe attitude problems he has aside even. 

  7. 10 hours ago, LF2 said:

    He bleeds it so much he wants to swap the gold for white. That’s true dedication. I love how he thinks longest tenured automatically means greatest too. Like I love Kobe, but there’s no way he’s the greatest Laker ever because of that (I’d put him second behind Magic). 

    Another thing that proves how flawed his thinking is, using that logic Eli Manning is the greatest Giant of all time. As a Giants fan I can safely say that’s not remotely true. Just from players I’ve seen I’d take LT and Strahan over him every day.

    Rodgers isn’t even worth bitching about. He has such basic bitch takes, and he repeats them just so he can hear them in his echo chamber of sorrow, though it’s a teeny bit less sorry as the average dunce like that because he can just blame some random person for him not walking into the enzone or for him not audibling to a pass in a 4 down turnover sequence. 

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  8. There’s always been a guy like Peterman around throughout history. It just doesn’t seem like it because they didn’t become what they now call a meme. You wouldn’t have to stretch it much to say that Kaep was the guy before him for about 2 years.

    As for Rodgers. I’m still speechless. I can’t believe that quote that just came across my FB about him being the greatest Packer ever and bleeding green and gold. 

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  9. Sid’s as a face in WCW wasn’t terrible. Everything around it was, which in turn made the run terrible but him walking down the aisle to cheers wasn’t what I’d call terrible. Granted that was after the Pandora’s box containing all the ways to make a lead face out of dominating figure had been opened a long time ago. And either way it wasn’t the same as what they were doing with him in 1991.

  10. I’m not 1 of the people who thinks for a minute that Bill Belichik is washed but for meme’s sake, is the AFC East about to have washed Bill, washed Rodgers and washed Brady next year? 

  11. I actually left out 1 additional thing in response to @JohnnyJ’s post about flimsy ratings numbers. I was done spiritually with WCW after Starrcade 97, but I kept watching Nitro because if I didn’t everybody in the entire world would have asked me what was wrong. A few people might have even thought something that would have made them say “it’s always the quiet ones” was wrong. That’s not only how big of a fan I was, but how big of a fan I was to everybody. Sounds dumb now of course but to a teenager etc etc etc. We don’t choose the best lines to walk straight and narrow but we stick to the 1 we choose. I finally quit in 1999, a few week’s into Vince Russo. 

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  12. Doing tag teams is harder than doing 1 wrestler at the time, or quarterbacks. What no way right...to me it is. Look no further than the first reply in that Twitter thread. Guy says it has to be the Road Warriors if...followed by a big if that you really can’t go 1 way or another all the way with. Kayfabe still can’t be totally ignored, and it can’t be bought all into no matter how hard you try 1 of those ways or the other. Isn’t it just great lol!

    You have teams like Williams and Gordy who people refuse to ignore. Why should they ignore them? Well because...shoot I can’t do it either. 


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  13. I didn’t get to watch much of him or Boyd Pierce but the fact that they both came up in this fashion proves that there was something great to them. Look at Lance Russell or Gordon Solie who everybody just loves as other examples. There were not the world’s most exciting announcers, but they were the best at announcing. One reason why was their timing, and their gnack for playing cool off of the color guy’s hot. Boyd and Bill had some of that going on also.

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  14. It’s been about a year since we lost the great Scott Hall and he was on my mind today on a Sunday afternoon like the kind of afternoon I used to watch rasslin. I was thinking about the convo he had with Sting that’s been repeated many times and that everybody knows  about, which led to The Crow Sting.

    That convo captured everything about WCW and about Scott Hall in a nutshell each. There you had Sting, WCW’s baby, thinking about a new gimmick or atleast some kind of change. He had pretty good idea to wear black because black was cool in the late 90s and you had to be cool to be cool. Or something. WCW had alot of good ideas, as we’ve discussed. They’d even go as far as to stick them on TV and see. They would never have a foundation to work from though, and they would always be expected to produce returns right away. Sting deciding to wear black and look tough would have been no different than...say...Van Hammer deciding he was a hippie. 

    Then there was Scott Hall, who Jim Ross said was 1 of the best wrestling minds. The convo with Sting proves it. Sting told him what he was thinking about doing and it was Hall who told him basically what I said above. He explained that it had to have a foundation to spring off of, and that it had to be all out. Not just changing ring clothes and acting different for no reason. 

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  15. 22 hours ago, The Natural said:

    About fucking time. Fuck Hogan and fuck Bischoff.

    Wow...I have to see this. Eric Bischoff burying Hogan actually gave me goosebumps. I thought I’d never see it like I thought I’d never see so many things I’d never see in wrestling again. And when the goosebumps are gone I’m going to mark tf out lol!

    So did Nick Patrick really screw up you think? There’s no need to lie about that if he finally let go of the Hogan lie. Of course the quote on Patrick there is still kind of vague. Maybe he did come clean. I’ve said it before that I always thought the whole ending went as planned, just that the plan was really freaking dumb. Eric tried to keep Hogan from losing while also having Sting win clean and they came up with...that. And also good for Nash for chiming in with the truth for once also. He can still kiss mine to for his own little stunt that night but atleast we busted through to the light on Starrcade finally. 

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