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  1. 13 minutes ago, John from Cincinnati said:

    Not sure why you have time and energy for this but nothing for rich powerful abusive perverts. Strange priorities. 

    That’s hardly what I meant but anyway what are you going to do yourself today to take down Vince McMahon then...

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  2. Man they screwed Baker IMO. He wasn’t the reason they didn’t top 2020 other than him not sitting down Favre style. They should have made his ass sit and told him his job was safe even though he had a GOAT backup quarterback in his place. I don’t think even he would have went undefeated so there would have been no quarterback controversy. 

  3. 39 minutes ago, John E. Dynamite said:

    I hope tonight's Vince segment is ludicrously tasteless. I hope he gives a coked-out, completely kayfabe promo where he yells about his penis and little else. I hope they show footage of every tasteless Attitude Era angle, every tongue-wagging sexist interaction with talent, the n-bomb, putting himself over God, the Steroid Trial, everything. An unending Who-Blew-The-Whistle? angle involving every on-screen talent. I hope he gets storyline shot by a sniper like in that Great Sasuke commercial tape and the whole night is run as a tribute show while his corpse lies in the middle of the ring and everybody has to wrestle around it.

    If this is truly the end of the Vince McMahon character, I want him to die as he lived. As a leviathan of entertainment, sinking to the bottom of an ocean of ignorance.

    I can’t bring myself to hate the guy just like I couldn’t ever do it to the Dynamite Kid, Jake Roberts, Warrior, etc. 

  4. 35 minutes ago, Greggulator said:

    The article and the quote from Vince’s lawyer reads as if Vince wrote the check himself. It would be a whole other thing if it came from the WWE. 

    But giving a paralegal a raise because she was in a relationship with Vince? That is something to be worried about. And there are also other NDAs being investigated.

    I’m not saying it’s not shady and sleazy. Just that it’s really only an issue because shareholders are worried about their money. And if it came out of Vince’s personal account then what should anybody care. 

    Now as for the shady, sleazy, gross etc part of all this...I really don’t have the energy to be grossed out anymore. Or surprised. Or the time. I’m not always sure where my next $100 is coming from let alone what some rich person is doing with his millions over affairs. Alsothings that are PC are just as fucked up if you ask me. I wonder if she got Vince pregnant.🙄 

  5. I read a bunch of this thread but not all of it. One more thing about Sting’s justification is that Savage’s history, like Luger’s was a part of the whole thing. Savage and Luger feuded in 1995 then made it a point to patch it up before 1996. Normally they would have just ignored the past there but that was a good touch. The fake Sting really was 1 of the best executed angles in history. 

    Michael Hayes is the most underrated complete professional wrestler ever. 

    Hogan’s heel turn wasn’t justified but since it came up it was also great. It being so great is a reason people hate him in real life. There was no payoff to it and it ruined WCW.

    Eddie turning heel in WCW is when this happened. He kept getting blamed for screw ups that weren’t his fault and kept getting accused of trying to steal the Cruiserweight title when all he was really trying to do was keep Syxx from stealing it. 

    I want to say there was a good reason Raven hated Dreamer but I’m not the ECW historian. 


  6. Does anybody remember this music being used for a year or so after GAB, on WCW TV when they did those taped voice over promos? The promos where they ran down upcoming shows, houseshows and all? If anybody has a link of 1 of those handy I’d like to see it. Or atleast the name of the guy who did the voice overs. Maybe then I could find one. 


  7. Wow the Dory Funk Jr 1wrestling column. That was many people’s first dose of old wrestler who discovered the internet medicine. RIP Adam Windsor. I remember many of those columns being ignored on that very busy message board except for those. People sure said what they thought about that situation.

    Is Don Lebarba still around? 

  8. https://www.detroitnews.com/story/entertainment/2022/04/20/bay-city-wwe-hall-fame-scott-steiner-never-stopped-flexing/7365699001/?fbclid=IwAR0vVOO2HlGtEl_00Hc4zp4PdW-9BRUgXp5ViRp9CP7X0jyZf5m7lp1fOiQ#l2dlawgtgn9zk88zdib

    So Scott really has conceded the whole BPP gimmick. Wow. And in this article he even talks about how it was just a gimmick with little bits of frustration poking out, like most wrestling gimmicks. That article is the most words I’ve ever heard Scott the actual person say, even more than in his shoots (he was still protecting his character then). 

    And to my point about just how good BPP was. Even Jim Cornette goes right to BPP when the question is about the Steiner Brothers. BPP was so good that his alltime great tag team is an afterthought in comparison to that character.

    I’m saving the induction for a rainy day along with The Undertaker’s. I saw the Tweet with Vince above. That’s 100% appropriate IMO and just plain great. I love the WWE HoF I don’t care what anybody says. They run the mfer like they want to and it’s great. The Skysrapers and the Steiner both in on the same day wow, yet they’re both overshadowed by their next gimmick. 


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  9. What’s everybody’s opinion on the last Doug Gilbert promo in Memphis? I won’t post it just in case it’s to much but I only recently noticed that Tommy Rich mentioned something we recently made a list of promos with that was overshadowed by what Doug said. That thread was locked but we were listing promos that mentioned steroids lol! Tommy Rich with a bomb before the nuke. 

  10. On 8/29/2013 at 10:18 PM, Territorial said:

    Was watching this a bit earlier and got nostalgic for the bad promo thread. 


    From USWA, the video debut of the Dream Warriors.  Three awful promos for the price of one.



    Bumping this up laughing after this thread was referenced in the “worst/family” thread and I came to check out post number 1. I always thought a clean cut tag team called The Dream Warriors that came out to the Dokken album version of the song would have been epic. 

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  11. 6 hours ago, clintthecrippler said:

    My favorite variant of this tried-and-true joke was Paul E. in WCW 1991 during a WCW Patriots match:

    "Mr. and Mrs. Chip had nine months and the best they came up with was FIREBREAKER?"

    I remember Paul E. singing a song that Johnny B Badd wrote and it was hilarious. You read right. Paul E...singing...Johnny B Badd. 

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  12. On 10/18/2013 at 1:56 PM, cool arrow said:

    No love for Doug Gilbert?

    Is he hated because of what he did in 1998 during that interview? I always thought he was great. He wasn’t that different from Eddie who just happened to be who caught the break booking for Bill Watts. That was really the only time a Gilbert ever stayed in one place. Them boys just didn’t do that. 

    EDIT: reading through this thread I think it’s obvious that a bunch of these guys were great. It was just a matter of catching the break or not back when brothers rassled everywhere. 


  13. I just heard about Rocky King. He was also in a current storyline once more than mentioned IIRC with JYD vs the Horsemen. He was special because he was one face that a certain group of fans saw every week, whose faced scratched that rasslin itch. That group of fans was.........us people who only got Worldwide and the Pro lol! And a great guy by all accounts. Obviously that article covered it but he also comes up in shoots and podcasts sometimes. 

  14. If anybody has been through all the FB, Twitter, etc comments...like it or not Big Poppa Pump is even bigger than the Steiner brothers! Everybody goes right to BPP. Me included. My first thought was Scott with a live mic holy cow. Then I started thinking that he had to concede the character for this to happen. Then I started thinking crap I hope he’s not about to die like the Warrior. I would pay $100 to hear a live BPP pipe bomb, and I don’t really pay for wrestling related things of any kind anymore. BPP was that good of a heel and if he does concede then double cross them on the mic when he gets it in his hands he has a case as a top 5 heel ever IMO.

    Now...saying he was bigger than the tag team isn’t a knock on the tag team. I freaking love the Steiner Brothers. So many great matches of so many kinds, wild promos even back then, comedy relief, scared the Road Warriors off of whatever continent they were on for all those years. I mean how badass is that? 

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